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  1. spessu_sb

    Making of the Quake 4 Reflex map remakes

  2. spessu_sb

    Making of the Quake 4 Reflex map remakes

    Joe seems to have some serious anger management issues because he basically only kept insulting me in that chat eventhough I had done absolutely nothing but released a map that was still in WIP state as I had stated multiple times. I could've been a jerk also and not release the stuff at all but this guy.. he is unbelievable What I got from that chat, is that he seems to think it's impossible that I made this stuff and that it must be a porting blabla.. This guy's life must be quite interesting that he steals maps and afterwards rages to the makers and not showing any kinda manners at all when being in a conversation. 60hr thing also pretty much proves that he has no idea about mapping because Joe, reason I did this map was because I wanted a map that I liked. Only way to have it is to make it because I'm not into the whole porting thing. There is one "porting" I have done and that's with cpm28 as I've stated. Tree originally had ported the map into reflex in back like 2015 but he had also abandoned it and left the forums. I liked the map and it was really outdated by 2016/2015/whatever, I wanted to bring it back and I had really no interest in making a total conversion so I took what Tree had done and added fresh coat of look to it.
  3. Here are videos of me doing the maps raw blockings of the basic level layouts. There has been some doubt about wether I made the Quake 4 map remakes, this is to prove also that I did make them. Phrantic Placebo Effect Armouredcore Lab The Lost Fleet Disclaimer: Below features a map stealing cheap degenerate fuck. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=788195198&searchtext=monsoon Map built from my geometry and brushwork, doesn't have the quake 4 geometry because it's stolen work and thus identical to my release, instead of the quake 4 release. @Joe http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151022705 http://forums.reflexarena.com/index.php?/profile/2782-joe/ Chat transcript showing crazy madness from verbal freak joe. Proof of my map not being 100% identical to work of Lukin because it's all handmade and not a porting. Main Atrium 8units vs 48units RA Room 680units vs 752units. RL Pad 440units vs 376units RL Stairs 132units vs 72units YA Hallway 832units vs 760units See joe, you were wrong as I told you.
  4. spessu_sb

    Thoughts on current stake gun

    Stake or gtfo. This needs to me more than cpma 2.0. As for how it should be? It should be so, that it is taken onto account that because its projectile-based weapon, it is alot harder to hit than say Bolt. Therefore it should deal damage around 100-120 atleast, because otherwise it's just useless. There needs to be some reason why stake should be used. If stake does damage low amount and is hard to actually hit with, why would it be used?
  5. spessu_sb


    @fht That's exactly my point. Reflex has more a comic look and XIII is quite good comparison. Sure there's some lighting effects but ultimately, it's not as shiny as q4 is. Obviously wether or not you like more realistic/serious look, is personal preference but admittedly q4 still looks better because textures give that extra detail to it, and because it also has lighting and shadow effects which look really nice (that img I linked, doesn't really do enough justice to it and if you don't know it how good it can look, then you just don't know it). @banReflex Missed the topic big time? I said all along that "obviously for the competitive play, ppl would still use picmip". Graphics would just attract the general public and would be nice for demos.
  6. spessu_sb


    Sure it is..
  7. spessu_sb


    I just think that it's fairly stupid that forexample Quake 4, a game from 2005 if fully maxed out, looks way more better than Reflex maxed out (Reflex 2014 arguably gave a good challenge though, eventhough everything was only placeholder level of stuff). Like I said already. Obviously the pro players would run it in the picmip mode but it's a fact that high definition visuals attract general gamers more than something that isn't "nice and shiny".
  8. spessu_sb

    Official 2v2 TDM Mapping Competition - Results!

    Seems like the comp went in a very ug way instead, where only a handful of inside circle ppl were involved.
  9. spessu_sb


    I don't think we would cry because indeed people would be running the picmic then who want the non-obstructed visiblity, but to general casual public the game would then also be alot more attracting because "graphics graphics".
  10. spessu_sb


    This will be very much missed.
  11. spessu_sb

    Reflex 0.46.4

    Nice but the ammo pickups are still basically useless because not only you get less ammo from them than a wep pickup, but you also have no wep pickup ammolimit at all. No wonder the game is very rl heavy because instead of you getting only max of 10 ammo for the rl from wep pickup, you get 10 everytime. Meaning, if you have have 10 and you take it again, now you all the sudden have 20 already :/ Reason Quake and CPMA have a system that limits/denies your max ammo when you try to pickup rl again when you have already 10 ammo, is because that system forces the player to keep eye on this additional aspect. "want alot ammo for that gun of yours so that you can use it effectively? better collect ammo then". Now its alot more easier to run fullstack in the game, because forexample only 2 Bolt pickups and you've maxed out the 10 ammo since you receive 5 ammo everytime from a Bolt pickup. I think it should be so that you get 5 BR ammo from weaponpickup and second time gets denied because then you are forced to go for the ammo pickups if you want that small extrastack of ammo.
  12. spessu_sb

    Firing LG under water should gib you like in QW

    Seeing that rust makes me think of Quake 4 and it's maps with rust theme, like AMCS. Reflex needs textures because having to manually recreate textures as actual 3d objects is bs. This is why I didn't really feel encouraged to finish my Q4 map recreations visualsides. Vertices are a real hell to work with tools that are available atleast at this point and why bother because the end result isn't even that good looking afterall. So might aswell do full picmip instead with no details at all..
  13. spessu_sb

    Official 2v2 TDM Mapping Competition

    Here's my entires for this event.
  14. spessu_sb

    Sterile by spessu_sb

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765270352 I will participate with this in the mapping comp.
  15. spessu_sb


    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=618548083 I will participate with this in the mapping comp