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  1. aliasedfrog

    Crosshair for each weapon

    Updated with 'new' defaults and worked around so it won't force a fresh install into default x/y/z and added a 'default' button to options if you just want it set back.
  2. aliasedfrog

    Crosshair for each weapon

    ​I will get it updated to not change the weapon position unless you set it in the options. as far as defaults. unless they changed in recent updates it set's to 'default' by default.
  3. aliasedfrog

    Item Timer Trainer

    easier and does not require your fps to stay stable. self being the widget's table so it's stored between draws. self.time = (self.time or 0) + deltaTimeRaw; -- increment a timer. local seconds, minutes = math.floor(self.time), math.floor(self.time / 60); --create seconds/minute values nvgText(0,0,string.format("%02d", minutes) ..":" .. string.format("%02d", seconds)); -- print it in the middle of screen.
  4. aliasedfrog

    Crosshair for each weapon

    ​There is no default zoom to make that a decent option to add, would be nice though i agree =)
  5. aliasedfrog

    Crosshair for each weapon

    ​Yes depends on the stock crosshairs widget, most likely why nothing is working =)
  6. aliasedfrog

    Simple ZOOM

    ​Looking through the last one i played with i did not include any sensitivity stuff. this one by Quartz works well from what i can remember and has auto sens & some other options http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/2548-zoom-script/&
  7. aliasedfrog

    Simple FPS Widget

    Someone requested this in IRC Quick, Simple, Accurate. draws your FPS place where you want, it's dead center by default (haha) http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=5dCnPqPS
  8. aliasedfrog

    ServerBrowser Filters

    SMALL change, added a drop down filter for game modes and a check box to remove all empty servers from the ServerBrowser. alot of copy paste in there, just added the 2 elements and table stuff to remove anything filtered. it will still query all servers. sorry no screenshot on this one, I think you know what the server browser looks like by now. last updated: 6/20/2015 http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=fzcz1zF1 INSTALL: goto above link, SAVE AS - "ServerBrowserFilters.lua" in your "<steam>/reflex/base/internal/ui" directory or sub directory for custom scripts. play. enjoy. UNINSTALL: delete the above said file from directory or sub directory.
  9. aliasedfrog

    Crosshair for each weapon

    try saving it again from the pastebin link and just rename it from .txt to .lua as you save it. if that doesn't work When you open it in option menu and it bugs out, open console & see what the error was, should be something like. 'lua: filename.lua:000 : error name' where 000 represents the line number that caused an error, and grab a ss of that.
  10. aliasedfrog

    Crosshair for each weapon

    ​Odd, I just saved a new copy from the pastebin and it worked as expected. did you copy paste it into a .lua or save it from browser? I would recommend saving it from the browser as 'filename.lua' somewhere in the '<steam>/reflex/base/ui/' directory.
  11. aliasedfrog

    Crosshair for each weapon

    ​Added, NOTE: this will probably function poorly due to fov not changing until the weapon has actually changed and the fov change being instant and not 'tweened'
  12. aliasedfrog

    Crosshair for each weapon

    ​Updated widget to include those. the cl_show_gun is kinda 'meh' since it waits on the switch/reload to finish before triggering you may see the weapon for a sec then it disappear.
  13. aliasedfrog

    Ardunio Reflex

    I'm guessing here, but i'd bet he is reading the game.cfg and saving a new copy thru some if statement.
  14. aliasedfrog

    Current height?

    Self.* is short hand for the widget's table, so i just created a prevFrame var on the that table that will persist across the draw()
  15. aliasedfrog

    Current height?

    Try something like this if player_is_not_on_the_ground == true and self.previousFrame_player_is_not_on_the_ground == false then player_was_on_ground_and_now_is_in_air = true; end --last call of draw function. self.previousFrame_player_is_not_on_the_ground = player_is_not_on_the_ground;