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  1. Control Shift sounds great.
  2. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Have You thought about making top header widget with duel/team scores? I really like Your hud but it kind of lacks mini-scoreboard thingy. Something like QL style would be amazing.
  3. Reflex Monthly Cups

    Can I be approved to spectate/cast aswell? I had a healthy Polish playerbase on my streams, pretty sure they would like to watch best players compete again in reflex.
  4. Reflex 0.49.0 - Matchmaking refinements

    Can you add possibility to watch mm matches when in queue?
  5. Reflex 0.48.0 - Matchmaking + Ironguard + more

    I have some questions. - How to build a party for comp duos/ctf? - Why ctf is 5v5, not 4v4? - I think, report player option would be good to implement when matchmaking is released. [harrasment(?), team killing, cheating etc.] It's just a matter of time to see bolt rifle aimbotters, wallhackers etc.
  6. Bolt Instaswitch (100ms)

    I see 2 problems of bolt and 1 can be solved easily (maybe put it to experimental plox?) A. Low Damage, 80 dmg is not that rewarding when you have fast rockets/grenades/melle with 100 dmg at direct B. Switch delay is colossal, if someone miss using bolt, he is basically fucked and can't survive. Main reason why people don't want to use it. Smaller delay but same reload speed is good compromise imo.
  7. Reflex 0.45.0

    If we can get new skins via drop system, what is the point of level up system? I always thinked, it will unlock cosmetics/matchmaking in the future.

    What about quake style static nickname when I'm aiming at someone? I think something like that should be possible.

    Is it possible to somehow add player nicknames above hostiles? For modes like ffa/tdm/ctf to get more info, with who am I fighting
  10. Menu Pop up is broken

    So, screenshot shows perfectly where is a problem. I just downloaded the patch and map chooser window is on wrong position.
  11. Reflex in eSports?

    ​It won't happen because they don't have money to do this. Even if the game will have a decent amount of players, it will never reach the same level of majority like Quake does.
  12. ​I will do comentary in Polish. Streams: http://twitch.tv/zdobywcygier http://hitbox.tv/zdobywcygierOfficial http://youtube.com/zdobywcygier/live
  13. Can I stream this cup to my viewers or it's highly prohibited? (Not in English)
  14. 0.29.x - Arena modes!

    I can't open new test branch
  15. 0.28.x - More light, less crash.

    I always have in mind sentence that it's not possible to make all people happy