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  1. rook

    f14p1 - Overdrive 1v1 (v3.3)

    One of the best looking industrial themed maps imo. Nice job! You didn't cut any corners with the tiling work, ceiling or unplayable but cool looking areas. If the devs decide to use community maps as official, this should be included.
  2. rook

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    ​Looks like you have a nice start here. Red base im assuming? Where is the flag going to be? Want to see new screens if Promeus is making something look cool .
  3. rook

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    ​Cool, thanks. I will give this a try.
  4. rook

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    ​Yeah, they do come in handy for that. Can you reapply it as a texture once a material has already been applied to a brush? Would be nice if there was a grid material that could be used as well. Lining meshes up with the editor sucks right now especially across distances. I hope it improves.
  5. rook

    Future mapping mechanic

    Looking forward to this as well. Quakeworld had a lot of scripted items in maps that I would like to see in Reflex. dm2 comes to mind (http://quake.wikia.com/wiki/DM2:_Claustrophobopolis) - Moving platforms over lava, areas you can get crushed in and the entire floor in one spot opened up to a lavapit. Only took ID software 2 decades to come full circle .
  6. rook

    Disorder 1v1 (v 0.5)

    ​Let me get back with you on this - I need a chance to run around the map again. From what I remember though, there were a couple areas on the lower floor that seemed a little too open/big. Having open spaces in a map (especially in this game it seems) that don't really serve a purpose (Ex. important item, positional advantage) just spread the map out and push players into exchanging bolts most of the time. Sometimes an area may just need more cover opportunities to push a closer fight rather then a scale change though. If a map gets too tight though, you end up with players constantly meeting in corridors which isn't good either. Hard to find the right balance... I'm still learning map making myself but I do try picturing how an encounter might play out based on the items, entrances/exits, cover and scale of the space. This helps me make decisions on layout. Please take all my suggestions with a grain of salt though - Some players may prefer more open maps / different play styles then myself.
  7. rook

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Looking much less boring now with more wood. Played with some diff lighting as well. A couple other parts (WIP). Going industrial for much of the other areas, especially the ceiling because there's more meshes to choose from to fill it out. Looking way too dark as well but will fix later.
  8. rook

    Mesh wishlist

    Meshsets: Cave/Mine theme - carts, railroad pieces, rock formations, scaffolding etc. Tesla/Steampunk - lots of interesting machinery and border/tile work. Gothic/Futuristic - something that's obviously unique from the Quake series though. Personally, im a big fan of the dark dungeon style look of quake1 probably because I played the game for almost a decade, haha. I would love to see a mesh set with a similar theme (I guess that's the Gothic one right now that is still WIP?). Sidenote: Devs - Please replace the plasma with an awesome nailgun that pins players to the the walls if you finish them off with the weapon :p. Would be a nice addition after ragdoll stuff is in. More flooring options across the board would be great - I dont care much for the industrial tiles (looks good on bdm3 though) or using 100's of brick meshes (even though that works on Ashur). The options are limited right now. How about some simple textured type flooring? subtle bumpy rocks? Something that's minimal/clean for gameplay but still looks textured.
  9. rook

    Disorder 1v1 (v 0.5)

    I like the layout so far. Seems to be scaled correctly for Reflex gameplay in most parts.
  10. rook

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    ​"Just listen to your girlfriend" - This is great advise and probably means your "happily" married :). She wants no part in this effort though! Especially considering all the hours I have already dumped into messing with the editor. Map building is a serious time sink.
  11. rook

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    ​So you think I should use a color for the rest of the environment that doesn't contrast so much with the wood floor color? A different shade of brown perhaps? I was trying to avoid everything looking like its just a shade of one color I guess. I do agree though that these colors don't blend well. A "cave mine" themed map could be cool. Sort of the look I ended up with on the left hallway minus the tele.
  12. rook

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Important question - Wood or no wood? haha gf says the map looks too busy now and is not a fan of how the wood plank meshes look here. What do you guys think? Clean look with minimal mesh work or go crazy?
  13. rook

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Agreed - An export/import option for prefabs would be very useful.
  14. rook

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    some progress - low mega/ya portal done. GL area mostly done. Cleaned up the rest of the map a bit. portal low mega/ya GL area RA top level top mega area / WIP still high mega
  15. rook

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    AEon, Yeah, the general idea was Gothic style interior with a futuristic look for things like teles, jpads and the innards of the walls. Went a little pipe crazy so it ended up looking steampunk. Not that many meshes to choose from yet so working with what I have :). Would be nice if we had a set of steampunk style meshes though (request to devs ;p). I used the water material for the glass looking windows/tele with a thin white glow border. The arcs are a mesh in the gothic theme. Just playing with lighting using them right now, rotated one and copied. Nothing has been grouped into prefabs yet because everything is subject to change.