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  1. z13l5ch31b3

    config file

  2. z13l5ch31b3

    config file

    Hi folks, a long time ago I created some test maps for Reflex. Now I wanted to continue the work, but I can't even create a block, no mouse and stuff. Could someone upload a config.cfg (or whats its name now) which everyone can edit by her-/himself ? Thanks in advance!
  3. z13l5ch31b3


    Hi folks, what about to restrict some votes during the match. It's dissapointing to start a match, and after 5 min someone (best are players who join after start) vote another map. Or the losing team starts to vote a mapchange. Kickvotes are okay during match and makes same sense as the restart vote, but votes like mapchange are a nogo during match. A vote i miss is the 'shuffle' vote . Thanks in advance, me
  4. z13l5ch31b3

    flamed by gf for chatbeep

    - GameCOM780 - get older dude -life is about compromises. Better question is: 'What happens after reflex? ' Noone needs a gf with headache.
  5. z13l5ch31b3

    flamed by gf for chatbeep

    very thanks
  6. z13l5ch31b3

    flamed by gf for chatbeep

    I hope you can help me playing REFLEX a bit more often. When I play reflex, and my gf is sitting in the living room next to mine, she can't watch tv without getting stressed by the chatbeep. In quake I can disable the chatbeep, I hope you maybe think about adding this cvar here, too. Thanks in advance, z!3
  7. z13l5ch31b3

    actual ammo amount

    This thread is tagged with 'arena' .
  8. z13l5ch31b3

    actual ammo amount

    Hi folks and devs, pls think about a hotfix about the amount of ammo you got at start. For example the rocket launcher ammo size of thirty is very low. You can jump 2 rounds with speed in Vil's campgrounds-remix, after this you really have to deal with every shot, if you use them for covering-jumps, too. A size of fifty would be great. But thats one example, and cannot say something to the other weapons ammosize. Maybe if we discussed this this could be a useful hotfix wich improves tense and gameplay. cheers
  9. z13l5ch31b3

    [SUGG] a few ones for the A* mod

    I ' ve played the arena mode and would like to suggest some things: - the weapons are not balanced yet, but I think to got 200 HP and 150 (when not 200) armor at start would be better. Why ? Because if you got one or two rails, you 're almost down at the moment, which ends in quickrounds. - a propos rounds, for myself I prefer the roundlimit of 11 . Why ? After the fitfth scorepoint of the enemy you ll get mostly not the chance to overtake the match till the end. Often the teams are uneven at the moment, and its often that the score hits 1:5 . No chance for Alpha to get it, in 80% of the entire matches. - a 'shuffle' callvote would be nice, just to mix the teams quicker - a bigger '3..2..1..' match start would be cool, too ... I miss the match start so f*** often - the maps which are free to vote are hardly to see if they are displayd in line. Can you implement a maplist command or sort it vertically instead of horizontal ? -a bit more pressure when you make a rocketlaunch would be good. Feels like pattex (it's a glue) right now (/edit: but this is maybe because i have to relearn it for this game, so dont take notice on this one... -it's even more the 'shooting to wall and tryƮng to continue strafejumping after the shot) thanks for notice this, and don't forget, this are just things i feel for myself
  10. z13l5ch31b3

    Editor Suggestions

    Let's hope the best.
  11. z13l5ch31b3

    CA (Clan Arena) something new?

    Infinite ? No I don't think so. Would be a bit too lazy.
  12. z13l5ch31b3

    Performance, the quest for a higher frame rate.

    you also can enter 'cl_gibs_expiretime 1'
  13. z13l5ch31b3

    CA (Clan Arena) something new?

    I'm for 50 rockets,... because its what you are moving with. And 20/25 rockets for moving AND shooting the enemy is a bit rare. Of course all weapons, especially railgun. I don#t know why, but i can't arrange with the stake, gimme a steak. That I can handle 8) .
  14. z13l5ch31b3

    ClanArena mode

    But why punish 'only CA players' with this attitude ? I think there are ctf players out there who are not interested in playing the clanarena mod. And the word 'clanarena' has nothing to do with 'clans' itself. Like 'teamdeathmatch' , you know what i mean ? To the root of the discussion, I think clanarena has established itself as a legit gametype, and it's a great one (in my eyes). Focussed on other things like item controle. It's more sector controlled, thats why many people insult it as campermod. But its not just camping, like item controle isn't just running through the map. And to split the french/german faction from the rest of the quakeworld is an attack on my personality (and of the other players, too, i think!).
  15. z13l5ch31b3

    Premanent key configs?

    First times, I saved my configs in a serperate file , too... to load it when i need it. Then I noticed that the game.cfg will be loading quite often. Now, I ve overwirtten the game.cfg with my playcfg and all is fine.