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  1. ipx

    Build 30 HYPE

    [13:16:11] <@newborn> we're aiming to have the netcode build out in the next 48 hours This was yesterday, so it should hopefully be out within a bit more than 24 hours.
  2. ipx

    Build 30 HYPE

    Here, have a snickers!
  3. ipx

    Build 30 HYPE

    I need it!
  4. ipx

    Kovaak Streaming with Build 30

    23:38:58 < ipx> KovaaK: do you notice a big difference with the netcode? 23:39:05 < KovaaK> absolutely 23:39:19 < KovaaK> when both people are under 50ms, it's very smooth and you just aim lg with xhair 23:39:23 < ipx> cool
  5. ipx

    Competitive Team-Mode possible?

    Just focus on CTF!
  6. ipx

    Countdown Timer

    Yes please!
  7. ipx

    [Gathering] "French speaker" community

    Really glad to hear ra3map11 has been made for Reflex. Is it available publicly to download?
  8. ipx

    How many people did you infect?

    3! But I bought reflex for one of them.
  9. This is the exact message I get in the server console when someone intentionally disconnects from my server. I do not believe you should look at this message for the solution, it seems more that your friends clients are crashing for other reasons.
  10. ipx

    Can't host after forwarding ports / enabling DMZ

    Sorry I dont have any good explanation for that. If you have 1) a service running on a specific port and 2) the ports are forwarded to the right machine, canyouseeme.org should report that this port is open and active. I think you might be right that its something wrong with the website instead. I mean you have a server and everything is working...
  11. ipx

    Can't host after forwarding ports / enabling DMZ

    If you add your own local IP as the DMZ host, it means that ALL traffic no matter what port it comes in on will be forwarded to the DMZ host. To the top 2 comments: Make sure you dont have both DMZ and port forwarding active to your IP, Ive had issues with that before. Either do one or the other, preferably opening the right ports.
  12. ipx

    Game crashed

    Ive been getting random crashes like this aswell, and my friend also.