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  1. gojira_

    About replacing sounds

    I like the sounds. I like that they'll be improved. I especially like the killing blow sound. I even like how annoyed you are with everything.
  2. gojira_

    Why do you play Reflex?

    People play it more in Europe than in north America. I enjoy joining Euro servers as well as Australia. Is it worth it? For me it was more than worth it. I came from quake and am pretty one-sided when it comes to fpsers. I barely liked halo, I really don't care for tactical shooters, although I was into CS when it was still just a mod in beta for Half-Life. If you're an arena fps fan and you love good movement, and enjoy a challenge with duels I'd say it's definitely worth it. If you don't like thinking and prefer just jumping into an objective based game, maybe not. Tl;Dr Buy it anyways. Just make sure your system can run it. By that I mean use nvidia video card.
  3. gojira_

    [new gametype] CTF + basketball / football

    Yeah basketball was really fun on fortress forever (hl2 mod). Would be a good casual game that can be competitive as anything else.
  4. I love it. Gives us much needed features.
  5. gojira_

    castlerun racemap (Updated to new art assets)

    Very nice work!
  6. gojira_


    Looking good :^)
  7. gojira_

    thct7 - The Catalyst

    Such a great duel map
  8. gojira_

    Monsoon 1v1 map

    I am no good with all the jumps yet but I love this map!
  9. gojira_

    Video tutorial: How to use Prefabs

    Very useful. Thanks!
  10. gojira_

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    This is definitely my favourite thread. Love the new look, Def!
  11. gojira_

    0.36.3 Point Release

    Wow. Busy busy, Thanks!
  12. This was very informative! I'm sure the fresh blood and veterans alike will benefit greatly from these vids. Thanks Kovaak!
  13. gojira_

    Why do you play Reflex?

    I play because it's what I deserved from quake but they did not deliver. I play because reflex feels like qw on steroids. I play because the movement physics are more fun than quake and require more finesse. I play not because of duel, but because of community made maps, awesome devs and #1 the community isn't toxic.
  14. gojira_

    Christmas Tree Group Building

    Awesome job fellas! Love the art!
  15. gojira_

    [MAP] Hydro

    As usual your maps are astounding.