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    The identity of Garou EXPOSED

    Man this last part trolling czm was glorious. : D
  2. capodecima

    Thunder FFA #1

    Can some1 tell me how to make map rotation on reflex server without callvote for every map to change.
  3. capodecima

    Thunder FFA #1

    Yo welcome to FFA event. If you like FFA feel free to join and play. We play every week. Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018 Session Start: Central Europe: 20:00, United Kingdom: 19:00, Russia / Moscow: 22:00 Mode: FFA only Server: Capodecima's FFA server
  4. capodecima

    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Your guys could interview wrjthe/rude.
  5. capodecima

    Reflex Monthly Cups

    beat0n retired? xD
  6. capodecima

    Reflex Monthly Cups

    god rama
  7. capodecima

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    Pricing game 75% on sale every other week may be enough. Its too early addimg reflex free game on steam.
  8. capodecima

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    yakcyll is right about the "self improvement" factor in reflex duels. I mean its a lot hard manage and get some good and some satisfying rank. In duels you cant get lucky/carried/boosted like in team games csgo or overwatch. I saw so many high ranks LEM and more which were really just bad but somehow felt like they are the shit. In reflex its different hit diamond rank or more in duels is really a lot of work and practice/patience though the playere base is smaller now. I really wish i had more time to play now 1v1. Bcz this mode is just more about play 6 hours every other day to play good and shit. But its really so fun and make you so happy inside. Its not like CSGO ranks where even when you hit ranks LEM+ you dont feel so proud about it. (maybe for a min) Kids need to find Reflex 1v1 can make them better and succesful persons. I think if we really find some solution how to get the casuals to action. Make it fancy/enjoyable for everyone and behind you will have top players like kyto, kovaak etc with their highest ranks the game has really great chance and it can be one of the best game for 1v1 or 2v2. How you noticed i really talk just about duels more or less bcz find the fun/great gamemode for afps is seems hard. Some bomd/defuse when? But really reflex is great but its rather for older players or players which just say myself I hit the high rank, i have dosen of times, i just will make it. (1v1). But there is really not many players like dat i think. But edit ignore the but there i am done
  9. capodecima

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    Uh you are comparing gamepad game with afps. LMAO I mean when people go play games like fifa, nhl or even rocket league they are awared about the movement. I never played rocket league but i think the game will still less stressful and fun to play for newbies at start. The way only reflex can get more players is either make it perfect for CPMA players (but i think this is bad idea bcz they will complain about reflex and play cpma anyway) or make it more friendly for newbies. When they jump to game, they will have fun spend hours. But its probably more complicated...
  10. capodecima

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    Heh the problem is i swear to god on 99% only the complicated movement. I have not much quake background, i played a lot a lot unreal back in days, then doom cs 1.5. If you make the movement more easier somehow. You got the player base probably. Like i swear its not really fun practice some dumb jumps for hours. People want play and frag, kill . Movement is 99% in this game. Everyone can aim nowadays. Tell w/e you want about some strategies but the movement is everything here. And i told before, doing some dumb jumps for bolts for hours when you miss the pad by centimeters etc, is just dumb. You got later on somehow. But make the jump succesful on 99% all time is maybe 150 hours of reflex. 150 hours of just stress, nervous, and kill ratio 0.001, This is not fun -_-. We need just some good settings for people which want just play something new, with great netcode, different graphics. And then ofc have pure vanilla settings for "stuff". This is really not 2000 when ppl just grinded one game 14 hours a day to being best. People nowadays play a lot games. OW, csgo, h1z1, quake etc...
  11. capodecima


    Why not LAN in your house.
  12. capodecima

    FPS Benchmark map

    Its like i am not mapping the map or something. I am bad mapper and probably even more bad at lua , coding etc. Though i think it could be good idea having some perfomance map. Basically something like dat http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=czech&id=500334237 . When the bots are coming it can be helpful for maps like dat for sure too. It could be really nice see "accurate" fps benchmarks and see the people which fps they got with certain rigs...Discuss, discuss.
  13. capodecima

    Request for replays of good out of control play

    I think best is draqu at this which will run around map with 2000 ups and nobody catch him...
  14. capodecima

    Small/quick InstaCTF tournament

    What is it? Classic Bolt/insta CTF only melee and bolt When is it? THIS FRIDAY 24.3. (yes its day bfr the official normal CTF tournamen, by phillt), about 18 CET i want start i hope finish it to midnigh, we ll see Rules: - 3v3 (ye only 3v3 bcz its fun) -10 mins round limit - 5 flags score limit -bo1 , finals bo3 , its classic single elim tourney (win or die) - there will 3 maps, in bo1 stage every team drop one map (map left is being playing), in bo3 stage every team pick one map (last map is played if needed) Servers: I dont have yet, but it will be most likely EURO tounament (though if i got 90% NA registrations i will looking for server hosting in NY or something), i guess the servers will be in UK or DE Maps (opened workshop): Spider Crossings The Pit Twin Keeps Signups: The most important last! REGISTER HERE! I am looking for max 8 teams. You can register your team (you and 2 players). Where you can be the captain of the team and organize stuff for your team. Then its enough if only you register there. Just inform me when you register there and got team already, or if you are solo. (inform me here in thread, or on discord). Bcz the tournament is opened for solo players too. But ofc when you find your team mates or you want play with your friends its the best. Discord server: https://discord.gg/qqFDVKb for this tournament, if you want register team or got some idea, or you want play etc, just join or msg capo on discord reflex server
  15. capodecima

    Alternative statistics view

    Are you still working on this? Bcz its really good. Id use it a lot also noticed some mods on discord use it already for informations, seems like its becoming major thing. Its really good, i could like to see next. -best elo you got, and best elo you beat -ratio which maps you win most This two could be really nice next features thanks
  16. capodecima

    For nvidia users [not so much related to reflex]

    Ye but it sux on W10 i guess. It seems so heavy anyway. But thx for try to help me.
  17. This kinda drive me mad, i cant set my fps in nvidiaInspector to 300 fps, i tried the codes in decimals and whatnot, the tutorials are not working or just oldish... If you know the answer, thank you. Dont say me just use value 290 which is nvidiaInspector , i wont this, i play with higher fps in some games as well. I just need the tutorial make custom FPS in nvidiaInspector...thank you...
  18. capodecima

    Instagib only rocket

    Man do you mean direct rocket some1 in air only similar to endif in qw? I dunno who could practice direct rockets in normal game. I mean having enable only direct rockets in normal dm. It just totaly dumb and you are not practicing RL skills but only fuck them up. People are trying direct rockets mainly when is enemy in air , or on close distance. On long distance are rockets pretty much used only for spam and trying get some damage by predictions, or block enemy from taking items etc... I dont care, more mods, more fun but your mod if i understand it right will not fun after 3 minutes game i think...but i can be wrong...
  19. capodecima

    EU CTF Draft Cup: zombie edition 25-03-2017

    Your binds are WROING! I am at middle! Push up motherfuckers! Ive score for king! Much better...
  20. capodecima

    Alternative statistics view

    Dang russians slowly taking control over another AFPS with their sick coding abilities. Its really nice you are trying to improve the design and shit but i rather see something new instead of old qlrank page alike.
  21. capodecima

    [logged] Fatal error: Failed to create constant buffer

    Remember you can always refund but i am sure this may be fixed, I am sure the players above with this old issue play nowadays
  22. capodecima

    dp5 masters - March 17, 2017 at 6:00 PM CET

    bo1 and WB/LB format i guess its time to join tournament.
  23. capodecima

    Easy Race Maps server

    Is ParkourStation_Alpha considered easy, or its not "full" race map pack?
  24. capodecima

    Cannot host a game / play with bots

    Just try without bots. ALso there are some rules how the bots works i dunno maybe its bug? like fusion doesnt work with 4 bots but only with 3 in ffa. Happens the problem you described. Just try less bots and be sure you are trying actually map which support the bots. And tick or untick steam integration etc...
  25. capodecima

    Performance drop

    Ye but how are the jumpads culprit when the fps is ok in solo but bad with a lot players. Basically i played ATDM with 10 ppl with around 160 fps average, which is worse than before but not so drastical and it was on map full jumpads too. And then i was in warmup on simplicity which is basic map and textures and there was 13 players. I got 60 fps! I think the fps could always drop if only jumpads was the problem and not only with a lot people... End i just tested it (only with bots). There is biggest issuer the stuff on map. I mean items and guns. I tested with bots 4 player FFA on catalys got drops to 130 fps maybe fps avarerage maybe 180. Then switchted to AFFA. Where you got shit in inventory and there is nothing on map. Got almostable FPS all time even in fight. My capped is 250 fps...and it dropped max to 200 maybe...So there is problem with the world envirnoment and map more optimize it i think ...