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    The Console Commands of Reflex

    Update: For the latest Alphabetical List of Console Commands see the wiki! There does not seem to exist a text version of the console commands. I put it together, mentioning default values and bindings I use (as inspiration). In many cases I added short descriptions, seeing all this as a possible starting point for a future wiki... There are many commands marked with ???, where I have no idea what the command does. Will be updating the below "raw" edit, as things get along. If anyone knows what the commands do, or has tips, post them in this thread. Edit: Moved the keylist here, to shorten the main post of commands: // Keylist // ------- ... valid <key>s and their names used in "bind <key> <command>": a to z // letters, (German keyboard: öäüß fail!) 0 to 9 // number keys . , [ ] / ; " // other keys, [ ] / ; " fail to work on DE keyboard mouse1 to mouse5 // mouse buttons 1 to 5, if available mousewheelup // the mouse wheel mousewheeldown numpad0 to numpad9 // numbers on numerical keypad numpadmultiply // NK * numpadadd // NK + numpadseparator // NK Enter ??? numpadsubstract // NK - numpaddecimal // NK . (US) or NK , (DE keyboard) numpaddivide // NK / up, down, left, right // cursor keys f1 to f12 // function keys ctrl, alt, shift, capslock // modifiers, rebinding alt & shift is not recommended! tab enter backspace space pageup, pagedown // key block above cursor keys end, home insert, delete
  2. The reflexfiles.com sites are up again... and so is the wiki. You seem to have done a really good job updating the wiki, using my e.g. console command templates the way I initially used them. Looks good. Nice work!

  3. AEon

    Reflex Map Editor Tutorial

    Just a few comments from an old-school mapper: * It might be helpful to mention that another way to get rid of vertices, e.g. when creating a ramp, is to "hover over them" in vertex mode and simply delete them. (Unless that has been removed?)... Merging vertices on a grid to remove them, what seems to be happening in your video, is something that would make me nervous. * Regarding snap distance: For older games like Q3A the snap distance choice had to do with optimizations in the map compile code (thus the multiples of 2, IIRC). I am not quite certain how far that still applies to Reflex. But as a good and still pertinent rule, try to use the largest grid you can for what you are doing. E.g. If you are blocking out a layout using a 64 unit grid for your main floors and walls etc. can help you avoid fiddling around with "small grid" blocks (brushes) early in the mapping process. This will help to quickly layout, only then go in and use smaller grid units on your details. Some old-school mapping tip there :). Q3A's GTKradiant also uses the 8 unit grid by default... and that has worked very well over the years. I still try to avoid using smaller grid sizes if possible. * On rotating brushes, e.g. 45°: I am probably a burnt mapper... rotation of brushes used to be a huge issue when trying to properly align brushes i.e. when trying to make a map "watertight" for vis e.g. under Q3A. This is no longer an issue for Reflex, but rotating brushes will very quickly get the vertices off grid, and trying to then nicely align them, as in clean mapping that lets you fix things later, one I should avoid using rotating brushes copiously. For meshes, that will usually be "smashed" into geometry, this is not so much an issue though. Bottom line: the more you can stay on grid the easier it will be to change and edit things later on. * Jumppad targets... the direction of the target entity is ignored, differing from the way the direction is important for teleporters. Just as a clarification, should anyone wonder. * Use of clip brushes... it is a good idea to keep the clipping logical, i.e. when you add a mesh then make the clip pretty much as large as the mesh, that way the player can predict the extent of the clipping. Nothing is more confusing than when the clipping is very much larger for no apparent reason. Nice tutorial... I have not mapped in Reflex for over a year, and the reminder of how things basically work it useful. P.S. and off topic... what happened to the edit buttons for forum posts? I.e. set color, add links and the like?
  4. AEon

    [Significant Changes] xy3 - "Leuko"

    Very nice colour theme... very subtle. I love the tiling detail...
  5. AEon

    Gorge (CTF)

    Reminds me of Hauteville in the Blood & Wine DLC from the Witcher 3. Nice...
  6. AEon

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    promEUs, those shots all look really beautiful. I love the theme. And the "dig" / mine shafts look very convincing, neat.
  7. AEon

    Reflex 0.41.0 - Boxes of bullets

    Whee... ammo as deco in the maps... yes... I see it as the first stepping stone for better bot navigation in maps...
  8. AEon

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    nyro, I really like the lighting on the vertically aligned corrugated metal walls, works really well with the clean walls and looks quite intriguing.
  9. AEpyraR2 (r78), a sunny, fun FFA/Instagib map with Egyptian style architecture, using meshes. Description: A pyramid with jump shaft, faces a temple with tall obelisk. A set of jumppads (layout reminiscent of q3dm17), ledges, and bridges connect these structures. Technically this is a space map. Many parts of the map have been clipped off to keep the map fluid, and also to reduce the number of places where folks can camp. This was done with instagib in mind. The jump pads are very high arced, again with instagib in mind. The intent is to add as much "bounce" to the map as possible. Items: 3x Rocket Launcher, 3x Shotgun, 2x Chain Gun, 1x Ion Cannon, 1x Bolt Rifle, 1x Stake Launcher 5H x40, 25H x6, 50H x5, 100H x1 5A x16, 25A x4, 100A x1 1x Quad Damage 9x Spawn PointsDownload: http://reflexfiles.com/file/409 Any feedback on the map or general comments are appreciated. Thanks. Update: revision r78 Updated the map to better work with the new Reflex version 0.38.The map now uses the new map info fields: author, long map name, min./max. players...The no longer existent editor_nolight texture references have been removed from the .map file. These caused warning spam on the in-game console.New .preview file added.Update: revision r77 In the east of the map, the clipping at the base of the trees ended up being difficult to read in-game. Refined the clipping and then added railings to make clear where you can move and where not.The pyramid flanks now are clipped, letting you slide down the sides again.Some of the fog clipping has been fixed.The RG bridges now uses red meshes on the flank.Update: revision r75 Based on AEpyraR r39... now using Reflex 0.36.4 meshes to add detail.Layout was slightly compacted, boundaries of map have been better delineated.Arena floor now defined by stepping stones.The pyramid now has a back side, and no longer is cut off.Added significant amounts of extra greenery.Light compile time was very high: 128 min.
  10. New PC and this map from: Win 7 Pro, Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz, 6.00GB DDR3 @ 534MHz, 1024MB ATI Radeon HD 5850 to Win 10 Pro, Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz, 16.0GB DDR4 @ 1068MHz, 6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti (Gigabyte). Running about in this map I got 50-70 FPS with gfx settings pretty much up there, but with the new PC all settings at maximum at Full HD, I get 330-360 FPS... woha! Oh, on lowest gfx settings the map runs at ~1300 FPS... Map compile time used to be 23 minutes, with the new GPU it's down to about 2 minutes. So there will be no more whimpering from me about FPS and Reflex... on the contrary... Reflex is running too well
  11. AEon

    Reflex 0.40 - Statistically insignificant

    That should really help some of the out there mappers. I only did a very little mapping, and really missed this. Whee... Great work on all the other updates...
  12. AEon

    0.39.3 Point Release

    Actually, playing against bots was pretty much how all my map testing happened in the past 10 years for Q3A. Since the likelihood of playing the maps online for custom maps was pretty remote, even when the maps were very well made. Though adding bot support would be opening a huge can of worms, Q3A pulled it off well enough for FFA, but for other modes like CTF less so. Ideally, bot support would work in real time (no compiles), and would go beyond what Q3A had. I.e. that the mapper could drop "AI hints" into his/her map. E.g. hint at Rocket Jump opportunities, TP jumps, strafe jumps etc... that would be clearly understood paths for the bots. Ironically that would make the bots better at this than what I could pull off most of the time ;). I would very much not want a pathing system like in UT2K3+... i.e. bot support should work for every map out of the box, no explicit basic pathing would have to be added to maps to make them work. But additional tweaks could be done if needed.
  13. AEon

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Interesting to see that there seems to be a trend towards more abstract and geometric designs, away from the meshes in the latest map releases. Nifty design there tehace.
  14. AEon

    0.39.3 Point Release

    Interesting... I know from GTKradiant one would have to manually miter brushes to reduce the number of vertices. Do better modelling tools have a function for this? (e.g. "Reduce number of polygons") I'd imagine some manual editing would be required, i.e. to keep detail and look but using less polygons to keep the look. Just curious.
  15. AEon

    ATDM Titan

    Very stylish, I really like the colours and the design ideas here. The brighter cream corner pieces made of stone are unusual, but OK I think. Basically mixing "Gothic" stones and very modern and streamlined geometry will tend to looks out of place, slightly. IMO, especially on the far grey wall it looks a bit weird. I may be wrong but when using stones in the map, those should probably be used in a as clean and consistent manner as possible, i.e. in pristine sort of way, to fit with the clean design. So the cream corners seem fine, and also the straight up dark grey stone pillars moved into the wall on the very right. The more splotchy cream stone on the floor as deco, IMO less so.
  16. AEon


    Creating depth in a map's view using even more of similar geometry is really appealing. One used to avoid that to not boggle down the FPS, making your map unusual in that respect. But Reflex seems to be better at coping with so much brush-based geometry. Very elegant.
  17. AEon

    0.39.1 Point Release

    Hmmm... prior to .39 the fog was pretty much a brush-based hack used in the race maps IIRC. So I added it brush-wise as well to AEpyraR2 and it looked nice. Though it was strange that the fog brushes had playerclip. Then with .39 suddenly the whole map was covered in fog, not based on any brush entity as far as I can tell. So how does one control and apply fog properly? Letting folks turn off deco fog is a so-so thing. But to start knowing how to properly use fog would help, IMO. Thanks.
  18. AEon

    [0.39.0] Game crashing on startup

    Seems there was some sort of messup in either your config files or worse in your LUA custom scripts so that a manual delete of the deinstalled folder (and that would contain exactly those files, i.e. leaving them behind) helped. I'd recommend very carefully reintroducing LUA scripts and the contents of the config files. I recently did not have issues with either, so after a reinstall over the left over definstalled folder worked right away. But I don't use many LUA scripts and don't mess around with the config files to the extreme either. My gfx settings are pretty maxed out though.
  19. AEon

    Reflex 0.39 - Arbitrary gibberish

    Never liked that map. Before Q3A came out, we all had fantasies on how volumetric fog would work, and how it might be used tactically. As it turned out it was just an annoyance, a frame-rate dropper that cut into geometry, when used for anything but ambience in low map areas or outside the playing area. Just my 2 cents. Again... nothing against fog used as deco, I used it in my own map too and liked that. But flooding the whole map with it is not so great IMO.
  20. AEon

    Reflex 0.39 - Arbitrary gibberish

    I have to admit that I was not quite clear where the fog came from in my AEpyraR2 map. At first I thought is was a side effect of the "fog wall" brush I used on the map's floor, i.e. adding more hight to it covering the map pretty much. Apparently that is not it though? Strange... some sort of engine optimization, like a "wall of fog" sorta thing?
  21. AEon

    Reflex 0.39 - Arbitrary gibberish

    Wow... you guys really have been working. Neat update. Still rooting for bots and even more so level editor editing tools updates .
  22. Well, I made a duplicate of the reflexfps\ folder under Steam, then deinstalled the local content. This leaves behind any custom files (e.g. maps or .cfg files). Then reinstalled Reflex again on the "test -" beta tree. Download was just 346+ MB or so... (strangely). The game runs again. Apparently none of the maps, even my own ones are accessible any longer. Running a custom server, does not load (download actually) a Workshop map, it just exists to the main menu. Oh... this is 0.39.0test4. Hmm... Update: Using the above method, my development map files are still there, so running a map from the console, map AEpyraR2 works. (Suddenly that map has everything dipped in fog though... interesting.)
  23. Today Steam was trying to update Reflex with a 119.2 MB download, and got another Disk Read Error. The last time that happened it was related to the Reflex\ main folder being called reflexfps\... so I had to do a deinstall and reinstall to fix it. What's the problem this time? Hmm...
  24. AEon

    Workshop Test Branch

    Ieek... it begins... I really like the idea of the workshopScreenshot... that way one can put some effort into the screenshots once, and does not need to manually place them again. Nifty...
  25. AEon

    I made a shipping container (prefab/asset)

    Good point... I was wondering if the Reflex engine was starting to treat polygons any way they come, so that the distinction between brush and mesh would only be in how these can or cannot be edited, i.e. brushes let you change them, meshes are pretty much the way they are. I hope this can happen at some point in the future. A middle ground would be to have prefabs actually be made up of brushes but as prefab converted to "meshes". (Though I do see an issue of unmeshing a prefab back into a set of brushes.) So that the prefabs had the flexibility of brushes, but the GPU efficiency of actual, meshes. Well... not sure that is even possible... but I like the elegance of the idea.