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  1. h0peless

    Jerkiness with certain values of com_maxfps

    Mine don't spike like that but here's my chart at 125: Then at 150: And at 300 (I top out around 160-180) The waves correspond to me moving the mouse around - I can't tell if it's quite jerky but it does feel like something is off.
  2. h0peless

    Jerkiness with certain values of com_maxfps

    Same problem. 125 feels great, 120 feels great, if I go to 150 or above there's a hard to pin down jerkiness to things. I remember build 29 I could crank maxfps to 250 and max out around 160 and everything look fine.
  3. h0peless

    Wallhacks on Radeon (0.29.2)

    I have started seeing partial outlines through walls intermittently with build 30.2 - also on a Radeon
  4. h0peless

    [MAP] Agrabah

    Had a lot of fun playing some FFA on this map. Few places that looked like you can go in them but were clipped out threw me off at first though, especially the area next to the mega.
  5. h0peless

    Mouse cursor locks up when alt-tabbed

    Went something like this: 1) Reflex running windowed 2) Callvote new map 3) while map is loading alt tab to Chrome 4) map loads in the background and my mouse cursor is locked to center of screen while in Chrome 5) alt tab to reflex, everything is fine Not really a big issue but figured I'd post
  6. I like the whole "broken robot" thing even if it is hard to pick up on at full speed, even just for the eye candy. Loadout does this, although being third person it's a lot slower on movement and you tend to keep enemies in your sights for a lot longer. But in addition to hardcore competitive FPS Reflex is going for visual flair and this could be a nice touch.
  7. h0peless


    Would love to see if anyone can record a run through with key-presses visible. To help us movement newbs.
  8. h0peless

    Christmas Tree Group Building

    So is this capped at 8 people - what will happen if there are more than 8 trying to get in on the action?
  9. h0peless


    That doesn't make sense... stability can't be top priority until things are feature-complete, because every new feature will probably cause shit to happen. That being said for pre-alpha this game has been amazingly stable for me all in all. Most of my crashes happen when I am quitting the game anyway
  10. h0peless

    Mapping Contest: new competitive duel maps

    I support what Benz is doing in theory here. I think y'all are just too used to your ways. We don't need a name full of meta contractions if there's actual metadata, and if Steam Workshop and the server/map browser have things like sorting by map type, author, etc. I'm looking at my Reflex map folder right now and I see bdm3, brcj1a, nbtj2b, thcdm3,4,6,xfdm2, etc etc. I refuse to believe that those names are easier to remember and to type in search boxes than english words. I really think that part of the reason those ones Tree typed in are so memorable is how much time you've spent with those names already. It's like memorizing phone numbers vs memorizing people's names.
  11. h0peless

    Steam 4 Player Pack?

    I did this - what happened was I got 4 Humble Bundle keys I could send out. Each key was then redeemable for individual steam keys. I don't think Humble gives out steam keys directly anymore - they want you to link Steam and then authorize in the background.
  12. h0peless

    29.0 key stuck after starting chat

    Example: If I'm holding F to move forward and hit T to type without letting go of F, I continue moving forward even after exiting chat window, until I hit the F key one more time. applies to movement, shooting, all keys it seems
  13. h0peless

    sub folders?

    As a counter, I often find it daunting when low traffic forums have dozens of sub-forums with just 1 or 2 active threads per, if any
  14. h0peless

    forum needs clean up ;)

    all hail shooter, getting things done
  15. h0peless

    [Feature Request] Spectator spawn-points.

    That is seriously awesome. I think it's confirmed that in-game walking-around type spectating is already a planned feature. Don't see why there can't be an area of the map only spectators can spawn to.