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  1. Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hi, Did you manage to sort the issue yourself, I joined with version 29.2 and I was able to play. Currently test and stable both run the same version I think, when I switch between the versions it still says 29.2 in the menus on both version. It could of been when I opted in for beta and then chose stable it may of kept the same version and not rolled back properly but I'm looking into it. I'm not 100% if stable and beta are running the same version 29.2 Regards, Liam Benfield Swiftnode.net Support
  2. Dedicated Server Hosting

    Slots are now $0.28 USD per slot. See opening post for more details and for enquires contact [at] switfnode.net. Regards, Liam Benfield
  3. Dedicated Server Hosting

    StillBlaze, A 2 slot srver is $0.40 USD. Each slot costs $0.20 USD Regards, Liam
  4. Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hi, Swiftnode.net does not provide any servers in Eastern US. In the US the available server location at the moment only Las Vegas. A Dallas location is coming soon. Here is the order page if you are still interested. Regards, Liam
  5. Windowed borderless mode

    Hi dmo, You can enter fullscreen by hitting alt+enter or bring down the console and type r_fullscreen 1. Regards, Liam VPP Community Manager