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  1. spent a couple days making this map, went over several revisions but ended up with this version, if you play it and have any criticism/thing you want changed let me know! http://reflexfiles.com/file/538 happy fragging
  2. Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/MaZZeLLL/ netherlands, EU online every day.from about 1 o'clock till about 11 o'clock skill: medium? honestly no idea.
  3. EU tournament sign-ups

    i will stream all my matches but i could spec and maybe commentate the other matches if need be. i've never commentated a match in my life so it will be a new experience for me
  4. EU tournament sign-ups

    good question, maybe we can add steam profiles to our challonge. or maybe there will be a central server for everyone to connect to?
  5. EU tournament sign-ups

    looks sick dude, cant wait! anywhere we can vote for the map pool maybe?
  6. my friends cant join my server anymore

    thanks a bunch this works, but why cant they find me in the server browser? also love the game, keep up the great work <3
  7. i mainly play this game with friends. i used to press start public match and my friends were able to join. but since yesterday they told me that my server did not show up in the server browser. i checked my ports and my static ip and everything was fine, reinstalled the game and tried again, my friends still couldnt find my server. can anyone help me with this issue?
  8. spawns bugged? maybe a feature?

    ah oke thx for clearing this up. keep up the good work.
  9. it seems that when you respawn in a duel match that the game always seeks out the closest possible spawn loacation to your enemy. i dont know if this is 100% true but i have had so many times now that i die i get an immediate return frag or i die again and it's the exact way for when i kill someone he always spawns right next to me. this isnt a whine post about getting spawn fragged because really i couldnt care less how many times i die, i'm having a shit ton of fun with this game but this is something that stood out to me. can someon confirm if this is true or not. thanks in advance