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  1. 0.29.x - Arena modes!

    wooo thanks
  2. [Feature Request] Snow.

    snow pls
  3. Jump videos, collected

    thanks for the mention
  4. Eldrek's Aerowalk

  5. POV

    Yep, that's exactly what I wanted to read
  6. POV

    The sooner we can get POV spectating the better in my opinion, not only is it fun to spectate your friends dueling but for the exposure of Reflex, it will mean the community can host its own tournaments in which people can drop into the server to watch and even better then that we can have tournaments casted, meaning more hype, more sales and ultimately it will be great for everyone, developers and players alike. Has anything been said about this already, do we know? If so sorry but I am just excited. (thread shoutout to WARHURYEAH)
  7. How many people did you infect?

    Ive got 3 people so far but im pushing others
  8. small jump video

    I figured you could do these jumps as you are very active around the forums and irc
  9. small jump video

    Thanks chaps, i'll get working on that! Benz, this isn't really aimed at experienced Quakers
  10. small jump video

    Hopefully this helps some people struggling and also promotes reflex somewhat: Link
  11. Eldrek's Aerowalk

  12. Bright coloured players instead of outlines.

    havent read any of this thread however, +1 bright player models
  13. Announcer

  14. discotdm1 (WIP) download