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  1. ch1LLmA

    Issues launching from steam

    I have the exact same problem since the latest release. Used to work perfectly fine, now it won't even start. Done the reinstallations as well and updated to the latest GPU drivers. After many reinstallations, reboots and game file validations it magically started working... :]
  2. ch1LLmA

    My frag movie

    Glad to finally see some reflex action videos.
  3. ch1LLmA

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    Is this real!? \o/
  4. ch1LLmA

    #dp_one [EU+NA] possibly changing date

    Can't do 20th either. Gonna go to this metal festival and get wasted. 27272727272727272727272727
  5. ch1LLmA

    [logged] Fatal error: Failed to create constant buffer

    Getting this same error & reflex is not playable on my system.
  6. ch1LLmA


    bumb THC cup soon, need help ASAP! <3 "I installed over 100 windows updates and made some changes to my gfx card's settings. PROBLEM SOLVED. NO crashes today!" Too bad i'm late to participate on the tourney. Looking forward for the next one. HERE WE GO AGAIN, crashing all the time again. I guess i'm playing solitaire from now on... and work my ass off to get a new computer for next winter. Cya later community...
  7. ch1LLmA


    I got it when I was using the newer driver, did rollback to the older version and now my screen just goes black and I have to shut down reflex.exe trough task manager by pressin CTRL+ALT+DEL. So I can't really see it anymore. But I have sent the bug report when it happened first time. Will start my game and try to somehow get it. !! Maybe windowed mode will let me see it.
  8. ch1LLmA


    o_ After a random time of playing ( few minutes to an hour or so ), my game crashes and I get the error message "NVIDIA display driver stopped working" also "reflex fatal error". It has happened since the last two or three versions of the game. My GFX card is Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti. It is not overclocked, I have tried 2 different driver versions: "347.25" and "350.12" -which is the latest driver at the moment. Any suggestions how to fix this is greatly appreciated.
  9. Great map, sick jumps and one of my favorite songs. 5/5 Smilecythe.
  10. ch1LLmA

    tdmpickup-channel? +propz for newborn and team

    My suggestion for TDM: Enable weapon dropping! o7
  11. ch1LLmA

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    It was the quotes. Thanks a lot dnl, buddied, liked & loved. <3
  12. ch1LLmA

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Allright! Found the font and tried to change the line nvgFontFace(blahblah) to nvgFontFace(Volter__28Goldfish_29) on some widgets. Result: It removes the widget from my hud. Any help is appreciated. <3
  13. ch1LLmA

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Health/Armorbar/Weaponrack font! GIMME GIMME <3
  14. ch1LLmA

    Dedicated Server Guide

    Yes, up and running, tried to reboot it but still not working. Did a few more reboots and deleted my dedicatedserver.cfg and now it works!
  15. ch1LLmA

    Dedicated Server Guide

    I used to play on my own dedicated server on previous builds. But now after the UI update I get this instead: server: SteamGameServer_Init() failed, which means it couldn't locate your steam install server: failed to initialise steam, server will not be published Any tips?