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  1. le lg

    I'd like to see the devs play around with rail a bit. I wonder if a 50 - 60 damage rail with a 1000ms delay would be the way to go. That way you could be rewarded for successful pot shots, but be less capable of shutting down a map like bdm3.
  2. WIP: cdm1 - derailed

    This is my first map ever. So far no playtesting has been done, but I'm looking to remedy that soon. Any feedback/comments on brushwork, lighting, or layout would be very much appreciated. http://reflexfiles.com/file/126/ Pickups include: 1 Green Armor 1 Red Armor 1 Yellow Armor 4 Armor Shards 1 Mega Health 7 5hp's 2 25hp's 1 50hp 1 Ion Cannon 2 Rocket Launcher 1 Shotgun 1 Chaingun 1 Grenade Launcher EDIT: Added boxes to the center room for more options to MH. Raised the RA platform and added a set of stairs from GL to RL. Changed a double jump in YA room to a jumppad. Changed HP placement around.
  3. [NA] Reflex Tournament: Sign up now!

    Thcdm13 is a fantastic map. I highly recommend giving it a few duels, or watch the ones that techace posted of Hal and rokky dueling. If you do end up taking username_dm1 off, bdetourney1 is a pretty good replacement as it's a similar style of map, but a lot easier to understand and move around.
  4. Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/kchonnne/ Kinda online whenever. New England, United States Been dueling for 6 months or so, so probably low
  5. [NA] Reflex Tournament: Sign up now!

    I'm down for a tourney. I hope there's a loser's bracket though.
  6. bdetourney1-b1 (1v1) - by Bjarke

    Liking the changes so far, looking forward to maybe dueling it tonight. A few more spawns would probably be a good idea (5 is kinda low), and would reduce the chance of spawning in your opponent's line of sight.
  7. bdetourney1-b1 (1v1) - by Bjarke

    Recently played a few duels on this map. This one's really good, keep up the good work!
  8. thcdm12 - Absinthe

    Great map! Awfully hard to decide what's wrong with it though, seeing as the damage through floors is still a huge obstacle. One thing I did notice dueling with aliasedfrog yesterday, though, is that you can pretty easily deny both rocket launchers from the area above mega. Item balancing aside, it's a fun layout to jump around with lots of subtle trick jumps.
  9. Noobs Anonymous / Noob Fraternity

    I'm pretty sure Valve tried that in TF2, with uhh, variable results, but TF2 isn't quake. But it would be great to have some sort of easy way of getting a mentor/coach for players who are new to duel. Maybe some kind of scheduled event that gathers a bunch of mentors and newer players? The organized tf2 community had a pretty great group for this that got a whole bunch of newer players and experienced players together to play 6v6 pickups.
  10. [dp4] abandoned shelter

    I've been having lots of fun dueling with aliasedfrog and kovaak on this map. Can't wait to test out the newest version!
  11. 28.4 Resolution Not Scaling

    Can be sort of fixed by changing my resolution and scaling setting via drivers, then launching reflex. This is an Intel graphics issue, and does not appear to be related to Reflex, but doesn't answer why other programs work completely fine.
  12. Combat Hall [Remix] 1v1 Map

    I'm down, I've got a whole bunch more done on Data Shrine. Just add me on steam as CONN
  13. 28.4 Resolution Not Scaling

    Oh yeah, and I should probably mention that I'm using Windows 8.1, if this somehow ends up being relevant.
  14. 28.4 Resolution Not Scaling

    I haven't found anything as far as display options go, save for changing my system's resolution (which didn't work because Reflex seems to ignore that in fullscreen). Other games work under smaller resolutions without issues.
  15. Damage through walls playing out well so far?

    I talked about this with someone the other day. I really like the idea of a material property of some sort that alters damage/knockback through walls or negates it completely. I'm not sure about how to implement this visually, but I suppose that would be up to the mapper.