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  1. The Amphitheatre

    blasphemy !!!
  2. Ideas For Unique Game Modes? (Brainstorming)

    QW endif - mid-air / rl-only mode where damage can be done only in air. Points given by the height where enemy is killed (respawn in air). Maybe not unique but fun
  3. Request

    analize jumping on pads. it lets you know when you gain or loose speed for example
  4. Request

    Could someone write script/widget showing: - ups speed on landing after few last jumps (horizontal speed) - angle in y-axis for plasma climbing
  5. Race map editing and design guidelines

    i think racestart should make gl/rl entities dissapear to prevent restarting timer tricks
  6. instant weapon switch

    at times of cpm beta it was discussed many times, and after gameplay changes many players quit playing it (most of them from poland). buzz was about lack of tacktical edge in game and all about learning few weapon combos that let you win. i don't know any articles in english was writen but well know is "Nawrócony" by Krogoth
  7. New weapon concepts!

    don't be so sure. im 30+ player
  8. New weapon concepts!

    too many details at this concepts will make models hard o tell the difference what is what
  9. I have same issue with external usb dac. Before there was no problem. edit: after stoping music its ok edit2: problem returned, stoping music doesn't work
  10. Quakeworld Aerowalk remake (faithful)

    waiting on your dm4 :] ps. it would be cool to try to do some triple jump surfaces from rl-tele 2 ra