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  1. poub


    try tidying it up a bit, you have lots of very small level changes with just a few steps or ledges. work harder on removing dead ends in the flow. The map feels like swiss cheese to me but the shapes you use, especially in the center i like. generally wherever i was it felt more like i'm underway to somewhere than in a room. areas should probably be more distinct. could just be the very fractured blocking though. items and structure go hand in hand, if some area is hard to reach or exposed or tactically disadvantageous, make it matter by use of items. items make the player go around, they're in a way the central reason players move around the map.
  2. poub

    b0 - Movement training for Reflex

    Another update, see first post :>
  3. poub

    Map sector idea

    Come on, I did this for all my tdm maps But in general, the direction goes towards a wall-hacky teammate positioning display, right? I mean you have railguns, jumppads and can be reassembled, so why not have a HUD with the locations of your teammates...
  4. poub

    Reflex maps, analysis and discussion.

    There are a lot of reasons for maps being played/preferred. You can try to break it down by qualities like flow (layout), balance (dimensions, items), looks, but I can assure you, there is no formula or scheme by which you can reliably predict the success of a map. A factor that you shouldnt underestimate is plain old exposure or marketing (nothing negative!). tehace and def arent just mapping, they're very active in the community, integrate others into the making of their maps etc. I noticed that for some time between february and july there were tons of promising maps posted on reflexfiles, but hardly any got playtime. IMO this is due to the lack of promotion. Compare someone just uploading his map to reflexfiles and maybe starting a thread in the mapping forum to someone spending a lot of time playing, interacting with the community, involving others actively in the iterative process, putting up competitions with cash played on your own maps. The latter is just smart and a great way to produce finetuned maps BUT what about all the potential of the other maps out there? I suggest that there are a dozen juicy layouts on reflexfiles bursting with potential but with 5-40 downloads and not hosted on servers. How to milk that potential and have more variation... the duel map competition is a great start.
  5. poub

    Mesh wishlist

    AEon I proposed the decals as well, what I suggested was maybe make them dependent on the environment, scorched surfaces at lava, bubbly decomposure at slime. However considering the art style now it wouldnt look too nice to contrast "realistic" erosion/weathering/dirt with everything else that is cleanly unicolored... This could be solved by making the decals physical "deformations" instead. No idea how that would work technically though Thinking further: materials right now are cosmetic, newborn teased already that there would be certain behaviours associated to wood for example. So what about ice that removes friction, wind volumes that push you, gravity mats that make you stick to them. Interesting would be if there'll be shader-like adjustments possible to create our own materials.
  6. poub

    Future mapping mechanic

    what an awesome map in that vid <3 I'm waiting for some triggers, moving elements and messages as well, at least to get b0 back to the fun it was in cpm
  7. ​Holy shit. That's some seriously good news.
  8. poub

    Mesh wishlist

    More rocks and organic material to create contrast to the purely tech assets
  9. wrong the reason I didnt release it with the lightmap is that it didn't look good enough, it was glitchy due to the sheer size I suppose. b0 for CPMA had some pretty lighting, it looks smoother and simply better with some shadows, even when it's just from the sky.
  10. Interesting read, I was also hoping that someday there could be a volume-restricted lightmapping. For b0_reflex it takes 24 hours to compile a lightmap, which is hefty.
  11. poub

    Sacred remake

    Looking very compact, judging from the voo vs. fatality video i saw the other day the scale should be way bigger, no?
  12. poub

    b0 - Movement training for Reflex

    Small update, see first post
  13. poub

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    I'm not promEUs but I think I can answer that question: pretty easily. The map isn't really textured at all, it's basically all one material and already looks amazing on the contrary, losing the textures will make the geometry stand out more, which is this maps strong point judging by the screens.
  14. poub

    pdm1 - House of Shards

    Major Art and Layout Update, see original post!