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Found 1 result

  1. Lowrater

    Reflex on Macbook / with dualboot Win 8.

    So i readed that many Macbook owners is crying about it doesn't support Mac Yet. My solution and thought was always. "Why don't you just dual boot and support the devs in the mean time?" Or either run a Virtual machine? Anyways, since i have a Macbook pro with retina besides my main pc, i chose to dualboot with Windows and try it on. I can tell so far, that it runs smoothly on Low configurations with 30-50 fps. (Command: loadconfig vid_low) On low configurations, i find it annoying to level design because of the colours. you can't see the lines correctly either. It get a bit smoshy? With Medium configurations i get under 25 fps and not higher. For using Medium configurations i have to run the game in a smaller i window. I have to admit it get insanely hot, and even on other systems like a MSI gs70 laptop with 970M / i7 which i tried, it runs like a 'mofo' on any configurations. On laptops it isn't a nice experience, but well. It doesn't stop me for doing it anyways.. To get to the main subject about requirements, will the current system requirements fall so low-end and high end pc's/laptop's will run Reflex with less resources? In that case, less hot etc. For information about my specs on a mac, see the picture attached.