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Found 55 results

  1. Im using this image as an example. Player is moving left to right. The first step is fine, second step you can not go over. I tested in q3 and the way it handles this issue is if you are going really slow it will stop you otherwise you go up like a normal step. Now you might be thinking but mad this isn't meant to mirror q3 movement 1:1. The problem isn't reflexs movement accuracy to q3. You are meant to walk up stairs, specifically you can step up/on on ledges even 16u high. The problem is when making stairs sometimes a step can end up off grid because of rounding errors. Even a teeny tiny rounding error can cause the step to be impossible to go up. Imagine the vertex by the red circle is off grid even a tiny bit and the rest of the verts are on grid, this will cause the step to be broken. I have seen this on a few maps now and only really figured it out a while ago what causes it.
  2. porkRaven

    3 man duel and matches interrupted

    So three bugs with matchmaking. Version #1.0.4 1. 3 man duels. Queued like normal, 3 accepted and everyone had their pick/bans. Match in question: The_Catalyst_under_score_Ezormer_13Mar2017_231715_0markers.rep I was sent to In Queue state after the game went live. Received a loss. 2. Being moved from an ongoing game to spectator in another ongoing game. No replays exist of the matches. Confirmed reports of others having this issue as well. Received three losses from this bug personally. Counts as a loss for both parties. Wish I had more info to give on this one. 3. This is more of a potential bug and might be due to connection issues. Join queue, pops, pick/ban, then does not load map or connect to server. Stuck on the loading screen. Received 6 losses from this bug. Again sorry for lack of information on this one.
  3. Lukie

    Audio bug

    Hey gamers, I'm having a problem with my audio. On my speakers (5.1) it's working fine but when I use my headset (jack plug) I don't have sound from behind. Got all drivers installed and have no problem with my headset on other games.. It's the exact same problem as in the topic's video listed below, it got fixed with a patch for them, didn't work for me though. Hope someone has a solution for my problem! Greets!
  4. Charnock

    [1.0] Audio Bug

    Edit: The patch which was just released has fixed this for me. I've encountered a bug in 1.0 that I have not seen in previous versions. My audio is acting very strange. It's hard to describe, so I've included a video. You'll notice the strange audio clipping when I pick up items, and also during the second half of the video when I listen for the impact of the plasma balls. I'm using a Razer Kraken USB headset, with the latest drivers. In Razer Synapse, I have tried setting Reflex to use 2.0 Stereo and 7.1 surround, but both yield the same result.

    [1.0.6] TeamHud lua breaks

    I was on my own client hosted game with bots, game mode was ctf, I was adding bots and it spit out this error when I kicked one. I cant repro it. lua: [string "base/internal/ui/widgets/TeamHud.lua"]:108: invalid order function for sorting I might have had show self off in the TeamHud settings. Another thing I noticed, if show self is off in spectator it wont show the person you are spectating.
  6. Add some bots and hit them a few times. Not sure if it works for all weapons but I know it works for melee and grenades.
  7. Hi there, First time got a huge problem with reflex version 1.0.3. Since last update I cannot host a game or play with bots. When I click START it returns me to the first screen of the game -> press escape to continue.

    [1.0.4] Training Scoreboard Tooltip

    In training open the scoreboard, hover mouse over someone who has a time from an old version, the tool tip shows on everyone else as well.
  9. ZEMOS

    [0.49.1] Full MouseWheel rotation

    Just picked up the game and was wondering if there was a way to make the mousewheel go all the way back around to first weapon or all the way backwards (like it does in quake)? As it is I'm unsure of a way to get back around to 1 without actually cycling though or pressing the 1 key. Thanks in advance, Z

    [0.49.1] Jump Height?

    Is jump height intentionally around 61u high? Its weird because you can go higher if you buffer your jump. Example: Try this on a 61u and 62u high brush. Move toward the brush, Jump once, then hold jump mid air and you go a little higher (1u) on the second one because its buffered. You can go 62u high with this jump but only 61 from a non buffered jump. Also after you get go up stairs your player ends up 0.13u above the surface, after you wait some time or jump to reset your player position you eventually end up 0.5u above the floor. You would think thats not very much but it does affect some jumps and consistency. I understand that there has to be some smoothing for stairs but it should reset faster. It would make sense that you can jump onto any 64u high block as thats what the grid is based off and its already almost there, only 2 or 3 units off from making it. Edit: Heres a demonstration of the stairs thing, the numbers displayed are player Y position.
  11. Hey, i just played a duel vs. @Stalast and we both got stuck in the end-screen after our match. Regards
  12. Repro: Load the attached map (warning its really loud) Go in spectator Look away from the effects and move away from them. You need to go a very long distance before the meshes are culled, im assuming this is the sound causing them to stay alive. r_stats 1 Notice that they jump from 600k+ to around 5k but only when you are like a mile away. Note: If this is the case its stopping a lot of lights from being culled because they have a humming sound. This could be a huge performance fix. soundocclusion.map
  13. Repro: Save map -> See spooky text fly across the screen for a single frame. It might have been introduced with training?
  14. When playing experimental mode, if you pick up a shotgun, you'll immediately get the low ammo notification for it.
  15. You know the little X marker decal for ammo and the "pucks" for weapons and armour.

    [0.46.3] Crouch animation loop bug

    Repro: Make two really tall wedges \/ and crouch on them, have someone else look at you. Jump and crouch with almost any weapon and it loops weird. It also happens on some guns when just crouching on the ground normally. Theres also an issue when crouch walking down stairs your front leg does a shoop-da-whoop.
  17. Repro: Suicide a bunch on empty, you will see blood spawn above the gibs.
  18. eruid

    Can't change gunmodel

    My gunmodel is currently set to be on the right of the screen, and when I go to change the model so that it no longer appears, the setting will show that it has changed in the menu, but as soon as I close the options menu and go back to the game, the viewmodel is still there. I go back to the options menu, and it goes back to saying that it is set to appear on the right. Turbo pls.
  19. Woeste Wessel

    Being in a server twice

    This morning I was playing rr_rek-plato on the 'Dank Disciple of Defrag -[Race EU]- server and I got stuck in a wall. This happens every now and then when playing Race, but this time was different. I tried to suicide. The message appeared "Woeste Wessel killed himself" (or something like that), but I didn't spawn in a different location, I was still stuck. I tried to spectate. Nothing happened I tried to reconnect. I succesfully entered the server again, however, my 'old' body was still there, hanging in the air. Reflex version: 0.46.2 Specs: I7-4770, gtx 980ti I took a screenshot as well. Just behind the scoreboard you can see my body floating. Also notice that I'm appearing twice in the scoreboard.
  20. When having a special character in your name (for instance, ™), this character and everything after it will not be displayed by any HUD element, including the non-widget ones. Also, interestingly, the character right before the special character will be bolded. As an example I've changed my name to "Snowy™ Skum", and took a screenshot of the chat window after loading into a map and sending a message: https://i.imgur.com/6mjnGSU.png
  21. Screenshot Even though I have the battle mace in my inventory, the ability to change melee weapons is not present. Any ideas?
  22. LoubiTek

    Error Map Editor

    I have a fairly serious problem! I can not access the map editor. I thought it was me (maybe) but I uninstall and reinstall the game with the same worry. So I do not understand from where it comes from, if it's really my fault or not. Thank you to help me, because it is quite painful not to be able to have fun with the editor.
  23. I can't seem to load into servers that have workshop maps. I'm currently trying to join any of the reflexfps.net.au servers that have the map Fusion or Ruin loaded on them, and they are simply not loading. This is as far as I ever get.
  24. Explosion effect seems to be showing at the incorrect position after a grenade bounces multiple times. I have attached a video demonstrating the issue. MP4 demonstration. I don't know if this was introduced as of 0.40 but I was unable to find another report on the issue. Connection to dedicated server with a constant latency of 13.
  25. You can drag the clip down with multi select but its not selected.