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Found 3 results

  1. The primary color resets to red, and the secondary color resets to white. This is really annoying, does anyone know how to fix it?
  2. vollie

    Color blindness HELP !

    Hallo. I have a problem, i am color blind. (rip) 80% green / 40% red (that is what i am missing). My problem with reflex at the moment is that the weapon pick-ups look a lot a like. All the green and yallow stuff looks the same to my and i can only see what i pick-up by looking really close at the models. But when i am Bhopping really fast i cant really do that. In quake you can set the weapon icons as the pick-ups that is easy to see and is great for all sorts of color blindness. I hope this type of stuff can get in the game it will help my soo mutch. And yess i know when you learn the map you learn the pick-ups but for now i injoy playing new maps. Sorry for the bad eng. i am dyslectic and from the Nederlands. i know, i know i am really color blind and dyslectic f#*k my life. thx for the help!
  3. I was trying to replace some light textures by the glow and glow2 materials. unfortunately changing color is killing the glow effect. also on the light effects like for the new jumppad mesh, changin color of light works but doesn't change the color reflection on the nearest walls. EDIT update: it is also the case for ALL light meshes example: when I put a step light mesh it is now [since 0.36] glowing red. i can make it appear white and glow but the reflections on the walls are still red only workaround= I can [have to] copy previously made lights in the map [steps, round, anything light mesh related] and have a straight cold or warm white. BUT once I put new ones [since 0.36 update] they have forced color for the light GLOW material part and no way to change it. in the hope it will be fixed in a near future wish you the Best for all the hard work