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Found 1 result

  1. Detailtextures

    Hey guys. I know this may sound retarded but is there any chance we might see some (scaleable) detailtextures in future reflex (for example wood, concrete, metal, stone/rock)? I just watched some of the old Reflex matches on youtube and the game just felt so much more attractive (less flat and cheap) with textures, more realistic colours and seemingly better looking lighting. I know this is the new artstyle and I guess it does it's job but really there has to be a way to make this game look less LEGO (less flat) and a bit more serious and "real". In my opinion the game looks alright as it is but you can see that it had so much more potential in terms of visual fidelity and I know quite a few people who lost interesst in Reflex since TP introduced the new artstyle. I guess there won't be a Reflex 2 too soon, so I really hope something more will be done on that front at some point. Edit: And one more thing that I just noticed again was the size of playermodels. It was discussed in some other topic (hight of rocket origin when shooting on the ground) and maybe it's personal preference but I must say that I really prefered the smaller models + outlines.