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Found 44 results

  1. This isn't meant to list all the unlisted effects and materials, only the ones which are useful. If you think some useful ones are missing PM me on discord with the info and I will update the thread. //Sounds industrial/sounds/sludge_bubble industrial/sounds/ambient1 industrial/sounds/ambient2 industrial/sounds/machine ancient_japan/sounds/wind-light ancient_japan/sounds/wind-heavy ancient_japan/sounds/water //Emitters internal/effects/steam/steam internal/effects/steam/steam_sml internal/effects/steam/steam_lava internal/effects/steam/dust_clouds_blow internal/effects/fluid/bubbles_tank_192 internal/effects/environment/snow/snow_192 internal/effects/bugs/bugs_flies //Random stuff internal/effects/godrays/godrays_256_64 internal/debug/primitives/primitives_sphere //Materials internal/generic/wireframe internal/effects/race/race_checkpoint internal/effects/race/race_finish internal/effects/race/race_start //Armor Hologram Materials internal/items/armor/armor internal/items/armor/armor_green internal/items/armor/armor_yellow internal/items/armor/armor_red //Ammo Glow Materials internal/items/ammo/ammo_rockets_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_bolt_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_burst_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_grenades_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_ic_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_plasma_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_shells_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_stake_glow //Powerup Materials internal/characters/common/characters_quad internal/characters/common/characters_resist internal/items/powerup_protect/powerup_protect internal/items/powerup_quad/powerup_quad internal/items/powerup_regen/powerup_regen internal/effects/powerup/resist/fx_powerup_carnage internal/effects/powerup/resist/fx_powerup_resist
  2. This is the feedbackpage for all of my maps, since i did not want to open a thread every single time. So tell me what you have on your mind - suggestions, advice, general feedback, etc. This is the place to do it. 2v2 sanguine keep http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894642062 isengard - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=828498657 FFA hades - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849065658 kronos - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=748809761 atlas - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=768731169 ares - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774142239 minerva - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=626520371
  3. At the moment the map editor lacks a few functions. This script pack aims to help with shortage of options. If you have any suggestion/request, share and I will look into it What it supports at the moment: Dial control - used for rotating various elements, including rotation, snap angles and daytime. Also supports mouse wheel scrolling. EditBoxExpand - when the current text doesnt fit entirely, when you hover over the control it expands accordingly. Multiple editing - you can now edit entities of the same type at the same time. (does NOT work with ColorPicker and ContentBrowser) WARNING: be very careful when editing multiple entities. Occasionally the game disconnects me because of some weird error. <removed due to instability with no solution in sight> Properties window can now be dragged. GIFS: Progress: repo - https://bitbucket.org/jankratochvil/editor-extended/src direct download - https://bitbucket.org/jankratochvil/editor-extended/get/master.zip
  4. Repro: Save map -> See spooky text fly across the screen for a single frame. It might have been introduced with training?
  5. TornadoStorm

    Do prefabs affect performance?

    As the title says, for instance, if I have multiple prefabs used in different places, would it have less of a performance hit than not using any prefabs, but with the same number of effect brushes?
  6. Hello everyone. I got two questions regarding the editor. 1) I've seen some seriously precise crafting in some maps like Ashur where some Worldspawn elements were modified to be extremely thin and so on. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do this and I can only create a minimum 16x16 square in my editor. Is there a way to make the grid smaller, or even better, to have a free grid, like point per point free movement to work on items and especially to be able to put effects easily without having to enter the coordinates by hand. EDIT : I found it, the command is me_snapdistance <#> to allow you to be as precise as you want to manipulate worldspawns and effects. 2) Is there an option to have the mesh blocking, like automatically clipped ? Just to avoid having to do precise clipping stuff when creating prefab out of meshes. It would be very nice to have an option to have mesh to "clip", "full clip" or "weapon clip" if it doesn't exist. What do you think ? 3) Is there a way to scale prefabs ? I created an item but with quite huge size because I thought it would be scalable afterwards. Should I create it small from start ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Infuscomus

    Texture / Material questions

    Hello. I am a total noob when it comes to mapping and I'm not always very familiar with the vocabulary so excuse me if I'm not clear or ask preposterous questions. I opened the editor today to take a look at it and to show it to a friend of mine who loves mapping for games in general and is curious about this one. When I looked at the material available for the different box I created, I've seen different names like "wood", "leather" and so on, but it seems it's just a uniform color texture without any detail. The only ones who change things are "glass" and "ice" for obvious reasons. Now, I know the art direction have changed in the past (0,36 or something) but I wasn't interested back then and I'm not sure I understood what was going on at the time. Basically, my question is : are these uniform texture the new art style that is going to stay for ever (so we deal with it and use a lot of effects to add some make-up), or will these material be worked in the future to add some more details to add some distinction between them ? P.S : I can't find how to turn the POV in editor mode, I can only move forward, back and strafes, but what are the key to use "mouse look" in editor mode or do "look up", "look down", "turn left", "turn right" with the keyboard please ? I've read on the forums that there is normally a readme file in the folder of the game but I can't find it... Thank you.
  8. Hello! The purpose of this thread is for mappers to share their knowledge and features of the map editor that might not be apparent for anyone starting out. This is not meant as a guide, more a resource for mappers to increase workflow and productivity. Alright, let's get started. To properly save a light map and making sure that it'll stay valid, make sure you have all the changes you want in before building the light map. Then you want to save the map, then reload the map, build the light map (r_lm_build), then save the map again once it is done. This is the easiest way I've found to be 100% sure the light map will stay valid. Preventing light leaking on outer walls and where possibly, inside the map. Making all of your outside walls and the floor 96u thick (closing corners off with 96u as well) will prevent any light leaking resulting from the light map. You can use the r_lm_showprobes command to see the light probe grid generated with the light map, these are separated by 64u. Working with the vertex editor. The general rule of thumb is to use the same or lower snapdistance than the lowest used to modify the worldspawn. There are situations where this isn't entirely true, but this is the way to modify vertices consistently and efficiently. If anything, snapdistance 1 will almost always work. EXAMPLE: So if you create a worldspawn brush with a snapdistance set to 64, you will be able to modify it with the following snapdistances: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 Likewise, if you then create a worldspawn brush with a snapdistance of 64, then move it using a snapdistance of 16, you will now only be able to modify it consistently with the following snapdistances: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16. It's a good habit to keep which snapdistances you have used in memory, and in general, only use powers of two to maintain grid accuracy and consistency across your map. In situations where the vertices simply won't budge or align, I usually place a second brush with a corner to where I want the vertices to go, this helps the vertices snap together. Working with snapdistances and proper binds to be efficient with editing. Personally I have bound 1-9 to snapdistances 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256 and find myself never manually entering a snapdistances into the GUI. I have also bound 1-9 on the numpad for my most commonly used entities (1 is worldspawn, 2 is teleporter and such) Optimizing performance with dynamic lights. For dynamic lights and point lights, make sure to adjust the far attenuation so the light will cover the intended surfaces, but not much more than that (use the r_showlights command to see where lights overlap). Overlapping lights can be a massive drain on framerate. You should tick off the 'Shadows' property some lights have unless they're casting a visible shadow on the surfaces around it (or the gothic brazier mesh). Keep in mind when you scale an effect with lights attached to it, you also scale the light properties. Optimizing occlusion is mostly relevant on larger scaled maps such as tdm, ctf or race maps. This mostly includes leaving out windows where you can see large parts of the map through. Example Here you can see pretty much all of the middle area and a bit into the opposing base through their window, and blocking this window off lets the occlusion work its magic. To edit an existing prefab without the already placed prefabs getting displaced you have to place a new prefab entity (not clone from an existing one) and NOT move it around. Ideally place it outside the map so you can easily drag select it when it is time to update the prefab (me_updateprefab) Making invisible water, lava, and glass. If you want to achieve the underwater effect used on monolith, avoid glass z-fighting on any surface it touches or simply want to conjoin two brushes without having them overlap their colors or z-fight, you simply have to set the color of the material to 000000 (fully black). This works with any material with opacity. The darker the material, the less opague it is. Powers of two. Using these numbers exclusively when mapping is a massive help to both vertex editing, maintaining grid accuracy and consistency across your map. I cannot stress this enough. That's all I have for now. Will keep this post updated with tips as I come across them (or remember them). Did I miss something? Do you have a trick you use when you're mapping? Share!
  9. Ammazzabanane

    "go up" bind for editor

    Hey everyone, quick question: I recently lost some of my editor binds and with them i lost the ability to "move up" (by default the jump button i believe), i cant find the bind name anywhere and even +editorvertical (witch i thought was the bind name) doesnt seem to work. What is the exact console command name? sorry for the potentially retarded question ty in advance!
  10. LoubiTek

    Keys + Editor

    I found a problem with the map editor. If using the "z" key or "q" and then you press "0". The direction is maintained and the only way to remedy it is to re-press the key again. It is also possible to maintain both keys simultaneously. I do not know if this has already had to report, but I look and I did not find.
  11. LoubiTek

    Need help for map editor

    I would like to design a map for the pleasure of learning. I know a little GtkRadiant because I used to inity me to create a map for Urban Terror. I wanted to know if it can be used instead of the internal editor. I saw that there was also a converter. I hope that in the future it will be possible mapped to an external editor. It would be easier for me. I do not fully understand the functioning of the internal editor and I was not the readme.html or editor.cgf. Are what the tutorial is too old, or at least was not updated? What I find unfortunate is not able to configure the buttons either directly from the interface or manually in a file. I do not know if it comes from my French keyboard "AZERTY". But I do not think. In any case, it is unbearable for me not being able to move freely with the "z" keys to the top, "q" for left, "d" to the right "s" to the bottom. I speak of the camera in the editor! I suppose it is possible with the binds. Not knowing what used file, I remain perplexed. Should you create a fichier.cfg it? Another thing, I wonder if we can start the editor directly thanks to a command in the paths either from the exe or steam. Already knowing all that, I would be able to start. Thank you for your help! Edit: I managed to take control of the map editor, this is the beginning of my map. http://imgur.com/a/dzlYb
  12. TornadoStorm

    Prefab Editor

    Hello, I came across an idea where there would be some sort of in-game prefab editor, where you can edit a prefab, similar to the blueprint editor viewport in Unreal Engine 4, or perhaps just toggling a prefab to be editable in sync with all other of the same name. This would make it much easier to edit large numbers of prefabs in one go, rather than deleting all prefabs and creating a new one from scratch. This would also make it easy to enable creating variants of one prefab, such as creating a prefab for a building, then duplicating it, saving it as a different prefab, then editing it again.
  13. TornadoStorm

    Meshs pls

    Hello, I feel the game is really lacking in terms of mesh content. It's difficult to come up with a full scale beautiful map full of foliage and all, without much for foliage meshes Could we please have a few more meshes? Personally, I'm only in need for a few more foliage meshes for a start, like coniferrous trees, large vines, logs, and perhaps flowers. Primitive shapes such as spheres, cubes, pyramids, or even 2D meshes like quads, triangles etc would be cool to have, to assemble together to make more unique shapes without the need to use laggy brushes. Edit: Other trees such as palm trees, jungle trees or even the tree that was previously removed from the game would be pretty cool too
  14. Quid

    Am i missing something?

    As i have been working on my first map for Reflex i have been watching some other maps (mainly Fusion) in the editor, and some things are really really complex, and i cant even imagine how many hours people have spent to create them. There is cracked walls, mesh showing through the cracked walls, debris on the floor etc. Is this all done by hand? Or is there some niffty tool that i havent found? Something i really miss in the editor is a carve function, but i understand that is something being worked on?
  15. You can drag the clip down with multi select but its not selected.
  16. TornadoStorm

    Quick question

    Hello, Is having 2 cube brushes just as laggy as having 1 brush with 16 vertices? I'm asking this because I'm wondering whether it's worth it for the devs to implement other types of brushes, or an editor of some sort, for brushes with more/less vertices.
  17. TornadoStorm

    Shield idea

    Hello! Got this cool idea that would add on to the game's tactics, shields! It's not a very original idea, but it would be pretty cool if there was a brush material that you can move through, but not shoot through. Came in my head once I looked at this image: It would mean people would need to be careful before going around corners through these shields, and would be useful for seeing enemies without the danger of being bolted from across the map xD
  18. TornadoStorm

    Editor browser memory

    Hi, Please add some sort of memory for the browser where it remembers what it opened since the last time it was opened, it's annoying having to always scroll down to environmental meshes or a specific folder every single time the browser is closed

    [0.38] Saving map file doesnt switch map

    Steps to reproduce: Go on empty.map change stuff around Savemap empty01.map move more stuff around Savemap (The latest edits will be saved to empty.map instead of empty01.map like it was in 37)
  20. TornadoStorm

    Jump pad arc

    Hello, quick suggestion, I find it kinda annoying having to keep doing trial and error to figure out where a jumppad would take the player and where the exact landing point would be, so I had a look a unreal engine 4's editor and saw something pretty cool. Wouldn't it be nice if a jumppad would visually display the arc which a stationary player, to land from above in the center of the jumppad, as the path of where the bottom point of the player would go? That way it would easily show the exact path, and exact landing spot.
  21. Make a bunch of crap 2D select it all Make it a prefeb Break the prefab (Sometimes this also breaks sub prefabs?) Now you have 2x of everything. If you ctrl+click items instead of 2D selecting it does not do this bug.
  22. arkore

    [Feature Request] Snow.

    I'd like to be able to add falling snow into a map. I'd be happy with using whatever stock implementation Reflex has for this. I imagine it would be it's own "createtype" of "Snow", similar to what we have for "Teleport" or "Jumppad" We would then draw "Snow" blocks in the parts of the map we want falling snow, so that we can control where snow is falling, so that we can control areas where snow should not be falling, e.g. when in-doors, or when standing under a bridge for example. Thanks,
  23. TornadoStorm

    [Suggestion] Night sky stars

    Hello, I know this is a fairly small feature to write a thread about, but wouldn't it be nice if there were stars in the night sky in maps? Just to add a little beauty and flare to night time maps in Reflex
  24. Ammazzabanane

    [editor] selecting multiple brushes

    So i wanted to create a few prefabs, the problem is i dont know how to (such a newbie) select multiple brushes at the same time, i've seached online but i didnt find anything, could anyone help me? ty
  25. Steps to reproduce: Have someone make a client hosted server thing, join them. Change the value of an entity to like 0.15 or anything that causes the floats to have an episode. This only works if you are not the one hosting it. Also, im assuming this other bug is known, picking up quad and then going spectator doesn't drop the quad and you can see the spectator has the quad effect floating around. Edit: Another one, if you die and go into editor mode before re-spawning others cant see your player model while you are in editor mode.