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Found 16 results

  1. HaraldQuake

    bad performance

    Hey guys. Since the new update I get extremely low fps (~25 fps). Any ideas how to fix this? My guess is that it might have to do with the new texture streaming or sv_pure? I uninstalled all addons and the problem still exists. Is there a way to disable texture streaming?
  2. Hey everyone, here's a full race movie featuring top records on maps with weapons on them! I had a bunch of fun running these maps and editing this video, and I hope everyone can enjoy it as much as I did creating it. I'm open to any feedback/critique from anyone
  3. Ammazzabanane

    Chunky framerate issue on 1080 (???)

    Hey Reflexers, this is just a quick issue that im having, and that hopefully noone else is, that i wanted to point out and hopefully someone is going to help me fix it! I haven't been able to play reflex properly lately because since i changed pc it hasn't been running as smooth as i'd like it specs: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6800K CPU @ 3.4GHz, 16 GB of ram, 64 bit OS and x64 processor As you probably can tell specs look very good, i've been able to run the new DOOM at max GFX with 120-180 fps but on reflex i get a very wonky framerate, a lot of frame spikes, especially in big ca games and big maps, by taking a look at r_profiler 1 the CPU seems to bottleneck a lot because it keeps on jumping up to 100. Anyway the game gets decent framerates at times but the variation is way to large and the choppiness of it really pulls me off of playing it, altho i'd love to. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'd really appreciate any help, Thanks in advance and sorry to bother you!
  4. I've been a long time CS, Quake, Unreal, etc player and my favorite shooter was an arcade arena shooter called "War: Final Assault". While I also enjoyed the arcade game "The Grid" and Dreamcast's "Outtrigger", War: FA was King. I played this game often in 1999-2000 with 2 other friends on 3 cabinets though there were up to 4 linkable cabinets. A co-op mission mode is also available. There's no footage of good players playing deathmatch in 1st person, but here's a video of a guy roaming around the deathmatch levels of the game, mostly in the awful 3rd person view. This video should give you an idea of how the game works. Reflex could adopt some new ideas to separate itself from Quake, make the game stand out, and become popular. The guns and gameplay got stale in Q3/QL and think the same will eventually happen to Reflex without expanding its arsenal. War: FA is one of games the devs should study because it is a favorite of the few who had a chance to play it. Suggestions I'd like to make: *Co-op mode vs. bots. I enjoyed the queued instances of Global Agenda for example. *Drops/Items/Levels. A system of leveling, drops and skins to give incentives for players to keep playing. *Less starting HP in its current state or more powerful weapons. *A variety of weapons and default weapons other than the burst gun. Machine guns, pistols, flamethrowers, heat-seeking missiles, mortars, etc. *Classes as in TF2. Different starting weapons, speed, movement, size, hitboxes for example. *Map design and more maps. It's good we have a built in editor for this purpose. The current maps are well designed. Most maps consists of narrow pathways, 2-3 levels, and numerous small rooms. Would like to see more open maps, 1-room arenas with some cover as seen in War: FA. Large maps supporting several players and gametypes. *Built in queue for 1v1, affa, ffa 3-max, 4-max, 5-max, co-op missions, server lists, etc. Support 12-32 players maps and game modes such as tdm, ctf, control points, bomb/defusal, etc. *Bunny hopping left and right is limiting in Reflex if you're coming from games like CS 1.6 or Warsow. Would like to see that style used in this game. *Team Competitive mode with objectives. Respawn and no respawn. Choice of preloaded weapons or other weapons system of some sort. *More powerups of various types spawned around the maps. Movement buffs, damage, speed, jump, health, weapon, vision buffs, etc. *Male/Female characters. Better customization. *Secondary fire and zoom weapons. Zoom for bolt rifle. *Last used weapon switch button "q". *Headshots with and kill streak announcements which and is missing in Reflex. *Weapon balance. Shotgun and burst gun feels underpowered. Hope the devs will consider some of my suggestions. Looking forward to the updates and official Reflex release.
  5. DEZ

    fps decreases while playing

    My fps decreasing during an online game, but it doesn't on a listen server and in the windowed mode. sorry for quality :S 166 => 130 in 5 minutes, => 120 in 10m. If I change a map and keep play, it will go on. After 3 games it will be around 55 fps. configuration: 2Gb 6770M (also hd3000), i5 2.3Ghz, ram 6Gb w7-hp, Leshcat’s Catalyst 15.11
  6. flightql

    Dont know why I lag

    Hey, I just got reflex and really enjoy playing the game, but I am having some weird kind of fps lag, I got around 190-250 fps all the time and around 30 ping. When I spectate I never lag but as soon as I join the game and the game starts I get alot of fps lags, why? My pc specs are the following: intel core i3 2100 nvidia geforce gtx 550ti 4gb RAM 1 tb hard disk So, I really need help! ps: could it be my config? I am using this config: http://pastebin.com/XrsmjDfd
  7. I4N

    Radiant support.

    I know you're still in development but as a temporary/optional working tool you should fix support for Radiant. The Reflex editor gives you the option to toggle between editor and in game, i think that's really great. Radiant on the other hand has more commands and features that makes your workflow way faster.
  8. thefox

    low fps

    Hi Does anybody know why I have between 10-20 fps although I have a decend PC? Here are my specs: intel core i-5 2.7Ghz Nvidia geforce 840m 8gb ram 128gb ssd
  9. Its mostly the shards but when I pick things up I get a hard FPS drop that really hinders my movement. Can someone name a fix for this, or tell me whats causing the problem?
  10. jjjuho

    [fixed] Low fps without lightmaps

    In addition to maxfps problems I figured out that I have this another problem with performance. If I play map without lightmap I get low fps, after i build lightmap fps boosts to normal stable 90. Got 580 gtx so shouldnt really be hardware related. Its definately a bug? [edit] Did some further testing and it seems than rather of low fps its just the same stutter i got with highres with no fps limit. This isnt as critical though. Basicly my is fps jumping +100 even if its limited to 90 and just like with that stutter this issue doesnt happen in low res, only in high res modes
  11. I present to you! Shub-Niggurath's pit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNkHOCGRxzs Short Trivia: Shub-Niggurath's pit is the final level of Quake. In Quake 1 there would have been two parts - A crypt and the part this map i focused on. Usually Shub-Niggurath herself, would sit in the center of the island surrounded by lava. However in Quake World, and now Reflex. You can challenge that player you love/hate to a deadly duel in the fiery pit of Niggurath. Usually the map is used for Player-Vs-Player. - with Rocket launcher as the main weapon. So Please, go-ahead! Practice your aim, or jump around in a modernized nostalgic experience. It's all up to you. - I think i derserve a like for the effort. Please note: This map plays differently in Reflex, and the scaling isn't perfect. Also all feedback is appreciated. I would also like to address a bug, now that i have the chance: When building an enclosed map (No open areas to the skybox), it seems that the lighting like to sneak into the map anyways. Giving an option to disable the natural lighting, could maybe fix this. Pictures: http://goo.gl/7sqXXS [imgur] Download the map: http://goo.gl/nbBwQr [Mediafire] Changelog: Update: 11th November 2014
  12. When I play in 1920x1080 @144Hz, my mouse movement, and character movement doesn't nearly as smooth as when I play in 1280x720 @144Hz. I cap my fps (com_maxfps 125) at 125 in both scenarios. I have tried raising it to 250, which helped a little bit, but not enough. My RAM (DDR3) will be @2400MHz when I launch a game.
  13. http://youtu.be/FGn9-FiRPss sucks that YouTube dosen't accept 480p@60 What's the max fps you can hit? I usually see 1000 - 1400, saw it hit about 2100 when looking at a corner *sometimes. Post yer specs and config! 7970 GHZ 1200 core and 1500 mem clock i5 3570k @ 4.7 com_maxfps 0 (obviously) r_bloom 0 r_dynamic_lights 0 r_dynamic_shadows 0 r_fov 120 r_fullscreen 1 r_fxaa 0 r_refreshrate 120.000000 r_resolution 640 480 r_showfps 1
  14. harmless

    [logged] 0 fps on fjorxtourney1

    When fjorxtourney1 loaded appear connection icon on top right and continuously decreasing my fps (all the way down to zero). Sometimes do this at orther map randomly (during match, etc) but fjorxtourney1 do this all the time. Any suggestions? Win7 64bit E6600 @3.06GHz 2gb ram EAH5770
  15. If i play on a server, and get connection issues (not anything on my side, i think), my framerate slowly drops from 125, my standard fps, all the way down to 1fps. The framerate returns to 125 when i disconnect from the server, or if the connection issues stops.
  16. Gasoline Based

    [logged] FPS Drops

    I've just gotten the game today and I was eager to play it, as I've followed the progress all the way. I was disappointing as I couldn't run the game at a decent pace. I have a quite powerful computer, and I have no problem running any other games, but this was somehow too much. I tried turning of dynamic lights etc but it didn't help. It feels like there is a big delay from my input to action, even on local games with no ping, and my fps drops quite a bit during the game. Curiously, it only happens at large resolutions, if I scale the window down it runs very smooth like I would expect. I'm not sure what I can give you to help, so just let me know what you want me to report and I'll get it for you