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Found 58 results

  1. Smilecythe

    [race] rr_smile3

    Some challenging and unique jumps. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1183487713
  2. lolograde

    Strafe Theory

    Ages ago injx wrote an article called "Strafing Theory" which is an explanation of how strafe jumping works. It takes some time/effort to read through but it is worthwhile! Thanks to @salakalastaja for digging up this link. Here's @salakalastaja demonstrating some of the types of strafing possible in Reflex Arena!
  3. Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=707554788 A race map for those that get a kick out of investing time in kz-style/technical movement maps that you just know has an intentional/unintentional skip that you're missing. This is in the same vein as reflexclimb1, rek-staro, rek-seraph, and @The Piep's rc_tpi_concentration.
  4. Hey everyone, here's a full race movie featuring top records on maps with weapons on them! I had a bunch of fun running these maps and editing this video, and I hope everyone can enjoy it as much as I did creating it. I'm open to any feedback/critique from anyone
  5. Smilecythe

    [race] rr_smile2

    WORKSHOP LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893207562 Lengthy technical map with 5 different levels, each of which have surf lanes of different steepness. No weapons. I also created a hub room where you could've teleported to each of the 5 rooms then a sixth teleporter that takes you through race start brush, but since the timer doesn't reset when you die - that concept doesn't really work lol. So it's sitting there now unconnected and I'll update the map if there's any changes to timer behavior.
  6. Hello. Recently played some race server. Saying as noob, so it will help huge amount of auditory, game can become fun as race game only imo. So, add savepoints, at least mapper editiable only. Like map is chain of points a-b-c-d-e. So, if u handling good enough a-b-c, but failing on d, why not add savepoint near and train that d-e way, but not just put player on that spot, but saving some his speed (or default one by mapper). Ye, sometimes high speed is not good, so should be selectable from upper to any lower (but it's details, I'm saying here about main idea).
  7. I've made a playlist for all Race Videos on Youtube. No Race Movies, just runs. Not all are records, but who cares. (Last Update: 20th March 2017) Hit me up if you miss anything. Maps so far: rr_bejzbob LA Rocket Hunt rek-downhill_ext1 rr_cubism rr_bejgreen ambrek-gren rr_rek-helios rek_halcyon_ugly LA Rocket Track fs_ecute Castle Run rr_bejred rek-mesa LA Dreams rek-real rr_hexrun bejrek-Sandzibar LA Darkness rr_bejskyfall LA Lacuna rek-stim-alpha fs_orangebud rr_rek-talos fs_xvc8 AD_One naughtysausage Lavarun Pornstar-Asspipes fs_cub The Edge Abyss Bull Straf rr_bejblue rek-inda_wip2 rr_rek-plato LA Tetris Strafes Fallen Fortress Wonky Owls rek-reserve Escape LA Frozen LA Nipponia rek_orion Doomed to Run Run robot, run! bull-highway rek-messiah-wip-1 Encounter the Monolith br-sonic rek-royal Morbus rek-rushed2 LA Red Gravity bej_black br-sonic (with weapons) rek-Staro ud-ritalin5mg bej_red (new) br-mint LA Hattberg br-drive br-vacation br-swift Dam r7-redd LA Lagoonia rrcup4 rrcup5 rr_efficia rflx_race1 wh1te-haze Aeronaut rdk-18 rek-royal tsar-tri Vortex
  8. 0100003040200

    Reflex Race - Movements x wh1te .

    So... I decided to make vol.2 of my race compilation. The runs were made over the past two weeks and Jaguar has definitely motivated me to do a sequel to the first movie Reflex Race - Simplicity x wh1te. I wasn't sure enough whether I had enough time to make it but I wanted to also extend my portfolio so I just sat down, thought of an idea and this is how I created this piece. I also took into consideration the criticism that Simplicity has received and worked on improving my overall edit which allows to make it more cinematic and using soundtracks that are not very distracting and go with the overall flow x wh1te.
  9. Eldrek

    Game Mode Problems

    So with matchmaking on the way, I think it's a good time to start talking about gamemodes and the flaws surrounding them. Right now almost every mode is seriously broken in some way. Let's make a list of the problems. I'll split them into two categories: flaws/bugs and missing features. Note that this isn't really the place to dream up new modes, its more focused on fixing the ones we currently have. FFA flaws/bugs Joining players are automatically added to the game, causing afk joins while they load the map. Disconnecting players are lagged out instead of removing them, causing afks and hitbox/model disconnect no autoremove for afks, again causing afk players.. missing features Gonna include workshop sorting issues here, because finding good maps is pretty important to the pub ffa experience TDM flaws/bugs No teamsize or lock team options. 2v2 does not exist in the game, despite having a 2v2 mapping contest.. pause match/timeout missing features Team info widgets in default hud is really important to tdm weapon drop CTF flaws/bugs Teamsize/lock team Arena mutator removes flags from map missing features team info by default again would be really important here callvote timeout flagdrop/weapondrop/quaddrop scoring for non-cap events Race flaws/bugs Weapon movement is terrible with ping spectating deletes score no option to hide other players missing features checkpoints leaderboards persistant records ghosts to race against, of fastest player or personal best Duel flaws/bugs spectators count towards votes Occasionally the order of the people in queue is mixed up. (Xytaglyph's post for details) missing items at start is still a thing changing name moves up in queue missing features Forfeit option while preserving stats All things considered, duel is the most complete mode I think. Would love to hear some issues others have with it.
  10. lolograde

    [lolo_race4] Aeronaut

    New race map. Still a little WIP. Planning on doing some more art on it. Thanks to @brandon and @bej for help/feedback. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=857182247
  11. This thread will collect all LA Race maps that have been or will be released: 1) LA GRID (strafe) First LA map. This map really needs an update and will than find its way to steam workshop (Download) 2) LA Tetris (strafe + plasma + rockets) This map needs an update too and will come to workshop later (its younger brother "La Tetris Strafes" is already on workshop) (Download) 3) LA Dreams (strafe) This map was made before the new sky system came to Reflex, so it needs an update. ( Workshop Link ) 4) LA Rocket Track (rockets) The intention of this map is to learn how to use multi rockets ( Workshop Link ). 5) LA Darkness / LA Blackglow (strafe) With the release date on April 1st, everybody thought this is a joke and nobody wanted to play it. Honestly, I think they all are just afraid of the dark, so there is a second version with more light (LA Darkness Workshop Link / LA Blackglow Workshop Link ). 6) LA Lacuna (strafe) This map was also made before the new sky system and needs an update ( Workshop Link ). 7) AD_One (strafe) The intention of this map is to practice A/D only strafes ( Workshop Link ). 8) LA Tetris Strafes (strafe + plasma + rockets) Little brother of LA Tetris, without the weapon part ( Workshop Link ) 9) LA Circuit A circuit parkour with the possibility to run eternal rounds ( Workshop Link ) 10) LA Frozen (strafe + ceiling jumps) This map's focus are ceiling jump. Workshop Link 11) LA Nipponia LA Nipponia has the purpose to be a more relaxed experience. You don't need to hit the perfect strafe angle, however it has lot of speed. The map is not on workshop yet (due it has no lightmap yet), but can be downloaded here: Download 12) LA Red Gravity This map is for racing with the low gravity mutator. Workshop Link 13) LA Hattberg (Workshop Link) 14) LA Lagoonia (Workshop Link)
  12. Kawumm

    Race Leaderboards Plus

    I integrated the race leaderboards into the <tab> scoreboard as seen in the screenshot. It uses the space which previously displayed your detailed times, which you can still access by clicking on your own name in the right side panel. This addon should become obsolete once the feature is officially implemented, but until then I find it neat to have. Link to steam workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821550833 Update log: v1.1: added diff times in brackets v1.2: internal installation procedure changed v1.3: minor bugfixes/adjustments
  13. Hello everyone ! The parkourstation_alpha can be found in workshop now! I leave the new parkourstation file in this thread for those who want to test the map however it isn't fully functional, use at your own risk! props to seekax, saboo, santile, smik3r, addictus, promeus, nathan, warlord wossman, def and all the people who has been testing and playing the map, thanks. (DOWNLOAD AT BOTTOM OF THE POST) parkourstation_beta6.map
  14. Race Checkpoints / Split Times - EXPERIMENTAL This widget records and displays checkpoint split times, speeds and distances in race mode. Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=825648470 Installation In the game, go to Options -> Addons -> Explore Workshop Search for "Race Checkpoints" Click Install Go to Options -> Widgets Go to "CheckpointTable" and/or "CheckpointDelta" widget and make sure the "visible" checkbox is ticked For the addon to work the mapper has to include TriggerVolumes which display the Messages "Checkpoint 1", "Checkpoint 2", "Checkpoint 3", etc. You can try the widget on any of the maps listed below. There is 1 storage slot for each player on each map. If you want to store the checkpoints of your (or the person you just spectated) active run, type ui_checkcore_store 1 into console (can also be bound to a key) after the run is completed. Use tips You can scroll through recorded runs by different players by using "ui_checkcore_next 1" and "ui_checkcore_previous 1" (can be bound to keys) If you don't like the Checkpoint messages and/or beeps you can deactive the original "Message" widget and use the "MessageQuiet" widget as replacement. Maps with Checkpoints Pines by Kawumm Afterglow by Mad-Jihad ud-ritalin5mg by donny & LULtra Bull Straf ported by Mad-Jihad from q3df Dam by Mad-Jihad pornstar-slopin ported by Mad-Jihad from q3df Settings CheckCore - Enabled: This is needed for any Checkpoint widget to work. Only disable if you want to turn everything off. CheckCore - Autosave faster runs: Automatically saves the newest run, if it was faster than the stored record. If you disable this you will have to store each run manually with "ui_checkcore_store 1" in console. CheckCore - Save runs to config file: Saves recorded data to your game.cfg, so it stays persistant even if you close your game. CheckCore - Strict checkpoint messages: If this is disabled the widget will accept every message event as a checkpoint. This will allow you to use checkpoints on maps which have a different message texts, for example "Hello! This is a checkpoint!". However it also allows for triggering a checkpoint twice or in the wrong order, and it makes it impossible to distinguish between checkpoint messages and non-checkpoint messages. So it's preferable to use checkpoints in a strict format. --- CheckpointTable - Show speeds: Display or hide movement speed. CheckpointTable - Show distances: Display or hide move distance CheckpointTable - Show delta times: Display or hide the current checkpoint data compared to the stored run. CheckpointTable - Use total measurements: If this is enabled, all measurements will be taken from RACE START to active checkpoint. If this is disabled, all measurements will be taken from last checkpoint to active checkpoint. CheckpointTable - hide during run: Hides the widget while doing your run. How to add Checkpoints to your map Decide where you want to have checkpoints, a good default would be narrow chokepoints of your map that everyone has to go through. Try to keep the map segments logical and not just put checkpoints in random spots. Also keep in mind that players can come up with crazy shortcuts. Place TriggerVolumes to mark the checkpoint zones. Make sure they are big enough so people don't run past them or (rocket) jump over them. Attach a "Message" to each TriggerVolume with the text "Checkpoint #", where # is the the number of the checkpoint in order of traversal, starting with 1. You can have 2 or more checkpoints with the same number, if you have alternative paths. Just make sure the player has to traverse the map from Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2 to 3 to 4 etc. without skipping any checkpoint number Merry Christmas!
  15. Kveikur

    Kveikur Neon

    Hello, few months ago I took a weekend for scripting my own custom UI for reflex, I always wanted to be able to do such thing in fps games . I created 2 widgets, one for health and armour, and other one for speedometer which expands in lightning kind of way to the booth sides as you go faster. It is highly customizable, from changing colors of all elements in rgba format like hp background, hp up to 100 line and above the 100 colors, changing size, bar size, bar width, font size and same for speedometer. Here is the result: More Pics: Gallery If anyone is interested in continuing this or contributing let me know. Kveikur_Speed.lua Kveikur.lua
  16. Hey all, I've been stuck at home with a cold for past few days and decided to make a race map. This is my first map: Encounter the Monolith. It is inspired most obviously by Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey but also by Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall (specifically, the alien structures and ruins depicted at various parts in the film). By design, it has a few shortcuts and one especially large shortcut that may not be possible at all. I see that as a challenge to the likes of @slobo^- and night. =) My goal was to make the map almost completely walk-able (no huge speed or trick jumps necessary) until the very end but also allow for enough freedom and possibility to make really fast times that require lots of skill to achieve. In other words, I want it to be a map where players of all skill levels can play it and be challenged by it. But, most importantly, to make it really fun to play even if you've completely conquered all the routes on the map! Thanks to all the help from various people who've visited my server in the past couple days to provide feedback but especially: @Claymation, @slobo^-, and night. UPDATE #1 (October 15, 2016): Changed some elements of the "secret" route. Not sure if I'll end up keeping the secret route but I'm more OK with the way the route works now. Added some additional structural features. Some areas were pretty bland. The map is still largely bland but a little less so now. =) Fixed a whole bunch of little issues with brushes (bad spacing, sizes, etc.). Added a touch of color w/ grass and weed meshes in reasonable places. I plan to eventually do some more work on the visuals (but need to ruminate a bit on how to proceed). Added "end" camera.
  17. I was talking last night to @htprankster and he said wh1te was going to organise a tournament, but has recently retired. I thought it would be fun, and good exposure for the race mode of the game. Not sure how to do it though so list your ideas below! New maps would be ideal, perhaps released a week before the competition for people to practise, then I an event with a timelimit and perhaps an attempt limit too. More maps would be ideal of course but a new map takes time to lovingly craft, right?!
  18. Hello everyone. I am sharing my work in progress - a co-op race map. 2 players have to work together in order to complete the race. The map is still in experimental phase, and there are few more ideas I'd like to implement before it is in its final form. In order to play it: callvote mode race callvote restart (sadly, there isn't another way reset the targets atm) Feedback is welcome, as usual. Hopefully, a few more people will pick up interest in making similar maps and we'll have a nice map pool to mess around with. For people who like a bigger challenge, or are just plain masochistic, I'll post a hardcore version (no checkpoints) at some point in the future. Thanks to everyone who tested the map and provided feedback. Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=755999594 Have fun!
  19. Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651920580 A fairly challenging movement map for race mode - More kz-style than traditional defrag. Your first challenge is to reach the finish line without putting your fist through your monitor. After that you'll find plenty of room to refine your time by flowing through sections of the map rather than stalling at individual pads. t7.night and t7.wh1te haven't tried this yet so the WR is up for grabs.
  20. So I'm setting up servers for each game mode, but my race server goes instantly from the countdown to the scoreboard. sv_timelimit_override and sv_timelimit_round_override are both set to 60000. This happens on my remote server and also if I set up a server locally. I think on my local server, i switched game mode to ffa and back to race, and it fixed the problem. But on the remote server it is locked to race only, so I can't do that. Hopefully someone here knows the solution to this already!
  21. wh1te

    The Edge Abyss [RACE]

    Here's a new race map from me out of at least 10 unreleased maps that I've been working on the course of one year. If you guys have any suggestions, bugs etc. just pop up either here or on dc and I'll make sure to take your feedback into notice. Thanks! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=706795253
  22. ParkourGrip

    More interesting race gamemode.

    I have a suggestion/idea. I think that race game mode would be much more interesting if played in rounds where all players start at the same time. Here is a example of how its done in Trackmania: Basically make all the players on the server start the race at the same time and make them get the points based of the place they managed to take or time difference or something. When the first player crosses the finish other players have X time to complete the race. X can be constant for all maps or map dependent. They can play Y amount of rounds on the same map then the server shows the overall score and switches to next map or whatever. It makes the racing less repetitive to watch, more exciting, less about trying the same thing 1 000 000 times, more about consistency and you have the option to take the slower but easier rout on the map if you think your opponent will fail if he tries to go on the more difficult one. Maybe some of the current race maps are too inconsistent for that kind of thing but we can make easier maps or maps with possible easier but slower routs. Of course it would be stupid to delete a already existing race mode but i would call that mode timeattack and this mode race since it makes more seance. Anyway this is just a suggestion that I would like to see implemented but of course the developers know what is the most important things to do right now I just want them to take this into consideration. No problems if you disagree its just a suggestion
  23. LoubiTek

    Concept racing map

    Hi! I created this topic to help me in the design of a racing map. I would like you to give me your opinion and advice to encourage me and give me the necessary motivation to put this project. Here are some screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/dzlYb I also leave you the opportunity to test the map. Test.rar
  24. kRVRKV


    Started this map about a year ago and haven't touched it until workshop support has been added. Hope you guys like it. The average completion time is from 1 to 2 minutes depending on your skill (pros might make it under a minute). Beware, some parts are not noob friendly - that's why there are some stone-looking helpers scattered all over the map (except the lava crap). Get it on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=650114470 Don't forget to thumbs it up! More maps are coming soon. P.S. I'd suggest some of the devs to check it out as well, merely because it has quite a bit of light map problems, which could be taken in count.
  25. wh1te

    Race - Development.

    A few months ago I have created a proposal for the devs to look at. I will not discuss whether the changes will happen or not, but I would like to have some insight on what you think about my proposal. New command line for race mode – rc_ Raceghost/Raceghostalpha · rc_raceghost 1/0 – This command enables the player to change the opacity of all the players in race mode. · rc_raceghostalpha 0.0/1 – After enabling Raceghost, you will be able to change the opacity of the players. Availability: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1. 0 = No players 0.5 = 50% opacity 1 = No opacity Personal ghost – Probably waste of valuable time that is not meant to be spent on this function. · After achieving personal best on the map, this command will allow racers to see their own ghost. This will help them determine how much they have to improve on certain parts of the map. Timelimit – Not restricted · All of the race servers should not have time limit, map should be only changed when people will vote for another map. Randmap command · /callvote randmap · This allows the player to vote a random map that is available on the server/steamworkshop. Mute command · /callvote mute · Once you type this command and press enter, this list of players should show up e.g.: 1. wh1te 2. night 3. Guilt 4. memphis · This will then allow you just to type /callvote mute 3 or just press tab and right click on someone to choose mute option. !top database · All of the race players including me kind of miss the competition in race and would like to have a database for all our race records. · Once the !top 30 would be typed in the console, it would show all-time top 30 times, doesn’t matter on what server. · You can also just type !top if you are on a race map and it will give you the top 30 for the map that you are currently playing. Strafehud command – Making everyone’s life easier! · rc_strafehud 1 or r_strafehud 1/cl_strafehud 1 · This will quickly disable/enable the strafehud for the new players so they don’t have to look around in widgets and setting it up themselves. Start – Restriction · After leaving the starting line/base, the player will not be able to come back. This will be provided by invisible wall. This prevents from cheating on a race maps such as gaining more speed by coming back and starting over again while keeping the speed. Racerestart Command – Very important · /racerestart · This command can be only used when mode is set to race. · Once the command is binded e.g. “/bind n Racerestart” instead of killing player, it will respawn them instantly in the starting base. · It can be used whenever – No delay on usage, can be spammed as much as the racer want. · When the command is used, it will not show in the console or chat. Practicemode – Very important. - Too much like editing mode and too much hustle creating it. · /practicemode – command · This command will remove timer from the racer and will allow him to practice different stages of the map · Additional commands that will have to be used and can be only used after enabling practicemode: · /Noclip – The racer can fly to the certain stage on the map. · /positionsave – Allows the racer to save their current position whether they are in the air or on the ground. When then will get out of noclip, they can press Racerestart and it will allow them to start in the saved position. · /positionspeed – Allows the racer to start with the speed they need/want. Time. Own Best. Srv Best column – This will be done in a HUD. Oneliner – Top 3 Only. · After you will end up in Top 3, you will be able to use this command once · It can be only used once so be wise. It can be used again if you beat your personal best. · This command will provide a message next to your nick when top 30 is being showed e.g. 1. 00:09:210 – w1te – #rofl 2. 00:09:900 – night – ^ hax 3. 00:12:400 – random – I want to be top 1 L 4. 00:12:799 – Memphis 5. 00:13:415 – newborn 6. 00:13:635 – electro 7. 00:13:805 – shooter 8. 00:14:090 – guilt 9. 00:14:120 – qualx 10. 00:14:296 – quartz I have a lot more that I have came up with but for now I just want to know what you think. If you have any additional functions that you would like to see (without actually changing the gametype), please feel free to post them here. Thanks!