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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, Sorry for my absence, I had been hacked, I just started mapping the first new map of e-sport ATDM 16v16 players 3+3 coaches: aAa_Vil1HenHouse_alpha (from ra3map12, Arena: Hen House !) ! The finals maps will be X4 biggest than the classics Rocket Arena map from Quake III Arena Pack maps. First screenshots coming soon ! Remember: ATDM Vil1 pack map (at the moment): Vil1Overkill_alpha (work in progress...) And now: e-sport ATDM Vil1 pack map (at the moment): aAa_Vil1HenHouse_alpha (work in progress...) (aAa is just the actual 16v16 tag, of my project !) (Thanks to: lolograde for the conversion of: ra3map12, ra3map4, and ILP2001 !) (nota bene: sorry for my english, I am a political dissident tortured in europe.)
  2. Sharqosity

    Ammo balance in Clan Arena

    Hello=all, I am very happy that Rama ruleset is confirmed for 1.2. This will mean big things for duel, however it brings up an issue for the atdm gamemode. In atdm you tend to have rounds that last a while, and you need more ammo than duel, especially when you're playing a bigger game like 4v4 for example. I've found through playing that the ammo limits with the current ruleset are pretty good with atdm, however the new rama ruleset ammo caps won't give players enough options, especially with only 16 rockets. To fix this, I think voting on the arena mutator should change the max ammo as well. So, what should these new ammo values be? Here I've gathered the values of ammo caps for different versions of reflex and cpma: Current ruleset ammo caps: grenades - 15 rockets - 25 ion - 150 bolt - 10 plasma - 120 Rama ruleset ammo caps: grenades - 10 rockets - 16 ion - 150 bolt - 10 plasma - 100 CPMA CA ammo caps: grenades - 15 rockets - 50 lg - 150 rail - 15 plasma - 50 OLD Reflex ammo caps: grenades - 15 rockets - 30 ion - 200 bolt - 20 plasma - 200 Here's what I think the new ammo values for atdm should be, and why: ROCKETS: I think a good number of rockets would be 25-30, or more. With the current max, 25, I feel like I can comfortably rocket jump around and fight enemies, while still having a few left over each round. Rama ruleset's cap of 16 would pretty much force the player to save all of their rockets for fighting. Increasing this number will let players rocket jump more, which I think is a good thing. I personally don't like CPMA's cap of 50 rockets, because you can stand there and spam an angle forever - idk though, discuss this in the thread GRENADES: Grenades are pretty much only used for spam in atdm, since you should always have enough rockets if you want to directly fight somebody. The current max of 15 grenades is fine, but I think it could be lowered to 10 without changing too much, while also limiting the amount of spam that can come out. ION: The current cap of 150 is enough to take out another player in a prolonged 1v1 ion fight, plus you will have some extra ammo left. I think this cap should stay at 150. BOLT: The current cap of 10 bolts works well enough, however you could play +back rail for a decent amount of time with 10 rails, and most people agree doing this exclusively isn't fun. The rail cap could be lowered to 8, and it would discourage this type of play a little more. PLASMA: I don't really understand CPMA's CA cap of 50 ammo for plasma. In a direct mid-range fight, people will always prefer ion. In a long range spamming situation, it does very little damage, can be dodged, and rail is probably more effective. Plasma sees use in atdm mostly when a player is fucking around, so I think you should be able to use plasma for as long as you want. Plasma's ammo cap should stay at the current value of 120. STAKE: Stake is the most skill based weapon in the game and requires 200 iq and knowledge of advanced physics to use. Please raise stake's ammo cap to 500. What are your thoughts on these values? Please discuss below
  3. Sharqosity

    CoCA 1.2 - Cup of Clan Arena

    Edit: The tournament is over! Congratulations to team Owl & Sharq, who placed first after all of the round robin games! Also thanks to Siro & Pattah for showing up last minute, there would not have been as many games without them! Here are the VODs of the matches that decided the winner: game 1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/182246500?t=44m33s game 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/182246500?t=53m47s CUP OF CLAN ARENA 1.2 A casual 2v2 clan arena tournament! Game mode tdm, mutators Arena, ruleset competitive Who Anyone can join with or without a team. PM either me (Sharqosity#0314) or fragile (/fragile#0514) on Discord to sign up, and tell us your team name and partner. Don't worry if you don't have a teammate! You will be paired with someone on the day of the tournament. What Best of 3: The map pool is still flexible - tell us your suggestions for what would be fun! When This Saturday, the 14th at 9 PM CEST Where The tournament is open to anyone, but will be played on EU servers; feel free to join if you are from any other region and don't mind playing on high ping. Links Bracket http://noobschleuder.challonge.com/fxx2ey0h Discord Server https://discord.gg/JErsCCp Noobschleder Replay Stuff (player rankings)
  4. Game Type: 3v3 atdm http://gentlyweek.tourney.cc/ Date : May 1st, 2017 Starting Time : 15:00 CET Signup close at 13.00 CET Checkin start at 14.00 CET Discord: https://discord.gg/wKE9sHM Map pool: Overkill, Ascension, Bazinga, sepulcrum, campgrounds Rules: - competitive ruleset - Bo3 -/roll 100, highest number wins, winner ban - loser ban - winner pick - loser pick - last map is tiebreaker
  5. HaraldQuake

    Reflex Teammode Ladders

    Hello guys, a few days ago a friend asked me to team up with him and play Unreal Tournament 4 in 2v2 TDM on Electronic Sports League (ESL). I think it's important for Reflex promo to have Ladders on popular leagues like ESL with competetive maps and rules (current experimental ruleset?) .. Personally I would like to play teammodes in a fix team and in a ranked system. I'm not experienced in Tournament organisation but maybe we as a community could suggest to add Reflex support on ESL and then somebody could be admin for Reflex Teammode Ladders on ESL. I think it's important to have some kind of 'open' mappool (like every team could suggest their favoured homemap from steam workshop when they register for the Ladder. If that map isn't already in the pool, admins should make a vote whether or not to add the new map to the competetive mappool.) What do you think about that? Is it too early to play team based gamemodes in a ranked way? In my opinion we already have enaugh duel touranments and we should push the interesst for teammodes a bit more.
  6. Grybzt

    ATDM Titan

    Hello, Not many ATDM maps are made for Reflex, so I am trying to make one. Map is focused for ATDM mode, so there is no pickups at the moment, might be added in future. Right now I just want feedback to improve map and make it fun and then make it pretty Download link: http://reflexfiles.com/file/533 Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608381356 New screenshot: I still consider this map unfinished, so I still want to hear feedback ! Thank you Tac, Zohd, Nemedian and others for help ! Change notes: -A lot of layout changes. Also scaled map a bit. -First art pass. Size of map is really a restriction for amount of meshes I can use ( I use my bad PC as a reference). Old screenshots:
  7. Ca_vil1Bazinga : my first original ATDM map. Also ready for TDM and FFA http://reflexfiles.com/file/534 Thanks for all the feedbacks I get. Special hug to Fragile for his help! Byebye Tac
  8. Zohd


  9. Please add rocket and grenade selfdamage to all arena gamemodes since I'm pretty sure it would make this gamemode a lot more tactical and less spammy. Only have no selfdamage in pre-round time to give players the option to position themself. Since I started to duel more, I can no longer enjoy ATDM and A1V1 because there is no selfdamage and it's cheap.
  10. Ohm sweet


    Hello, Download Biscuit Updated for 0.38! at last -upper some areas according to new player model -some minor changes Updated for 0.36! -removed stake -centered ga exit and fast jumppad exit as well -minor but major tweakings ... let's understand that statement... LAST MAJOR UPDATE = Thanks to Mad_jihad, i've broken and destroyed all prefabs in the map. Resulting gamestates amount= BEFORE 4.579.643 >> NOW 1.039.761 Smooth loading time and good for online fun Next update only when those meshes will have clip attribute available. well ... maybe new version of the map is on the noobschleuder servers [server number 16 is the newest and very stable] One more BIG thank you /Fragile a nice map made with the help of many testers. thanks to: sensit1ve and Nemedian for playing, testing, bringing some ideas /fragile for the feedback and the upload [of the first version] on the Noobschleuder servers finally OhhSeeBee for having pushed me in the right direction, giving more ways to escape and hunt. without him the lovely open area was in the pit of forgotten worlds. It was a hard time finding the right layout but the result worths the work I've put on it. UPDATE: Easy way to bolt is now really easy ! seeing it was really too tight to get it in fight situation, I raised up the block above the bolt and put some angle on the upper one to avoid being blocked by the brushes. UPDATE 2 : added some items suggested by quFIT. mainly life [25hp and one extra 50hp] added one stake gun and one more shotgun [= 2] Stake will be removed from 0.36 but it will come back one day, let's be confident. Fixed teleport jump for the one under the stairs. some ideas are great on the paper but real dick once you play UPDATE 3: fixed floor below lava [which has disappeared from the previous update... leading to instant kill - falling out of the map] the jumppad entry is now jumper friendly [raised up the height] added a triple jump to go on the upper tiny corridor without rocket jump. If you spot a player leading to this jumppad, you can embush him [I loved some fights in this sweet little corridor] Some OLD screenshots [NEWER are on reflexfiles] Last screenshot updated according to the last revision this map works really great in ffa and ATDM , action everywhere for 10 players have fun
  11. MuNgLo


    A high intensity duel map with a lot of verticality. Only having one YA to encourage heavy emphasis on punishing the opponent when they go for RA/MH. Seems to play really well when both players are about equal bad at the game. It is big enough to play 2v2 atdm on. 1RA 1YA 1GA + All Weapons ReflexFiles download Updated 22/11-15 MKV - Final version (hopefully) Changelog: MKV Few tweaks here and there. Should be the final version. MKIV The whole side with IC on the map reworked. Added alternative route to top corner there as well. A few fixes for flow as well as some trim on doorways for looks. MKIII YA moved and a bit more life placed. Also big overall tweaks to avoid light bleeding and added a bunch of stuff for looks.
  12. MuNgLo


    Smalish ctf map that should be ok for tdm and ffa to. Current state is just after seeing the first gameplay on it and made some changes. Looking for feedback on gameplay. Things like flow and pickup locations is the important bits now. Disregard blatant ugliness for now. There is a lot of work left to do. I hope the main routes/chokes/angles are ok and enough. ReflexFiles download 16/11-15 Updated. Fixes tweaks and better clipping on cliffsides. Moved carnage to netcage.
  13. 7ep3s

    Cagedm2 - Seclusion Room

    Got bored with cagedm1 and decided to make another one, this is the result. Much smaller than cagedm1. HAS NO BOLT RIFLE. DOWNLOAD: http://reflexfiles.com/file/375 MORE SCREENSHOTS: http://imgur.com/a/hwuG9
  14. Keter

    Rocket Arena 3

    I have fond memories of playing the Quake III Arena mod Rocket Arena 3 throughout the early to mid 2000s. The intention with this thread is to help recreate some of that original experience. Owing to the creation of Quake Live and the subsequent disappearance of most RA3 servers, that original experience seemed to have been lost. Quake Live's clan arena mode is not sufficient, simply because only a few RA3 maps have been transferred into QL. There are a great deal more maps available, many of them being lesser known than Thunderstruck or Theatre of Pain. Here, then, are my efforts at bringing these fine maps to Reflex. [these will of course be updated with new light/mesh features once 0.36 becomes public] ra3map6 - Moon Man (Duel Arena) = DOWNLOAD ra3map12 - Smash (Duel Arena) = DOWNLOAD ra3map17 - Lurid Slumber (Duel Arena) = DOWNLOAD ra3map19 - Rooftop Rumble (Duel Arena) = DOWNLOAD More will be added soon. Thanks to chronokun for creating the Q3 to Reflex map converter. =====
  15. Addictus

    Vil1BlackMoon - ATDM

    Hi, This is the second map of our project (). Black Moon was one of the fastest maps for promode runners and of course we couldn't doing our project without this one. In a first time we tryed to completely re-create a new version but this map was one of the biggest map of CA, so, we converted it for the proportions and we worked on this labyrinthine highway : ~1/2 part of the map was re-created and the result is a really better labyrinthine highway! We haven't tested it in a serious train atm but our tests are clearly great! http://reflexfiles.com/file/240 Have Fun! Note : r_bloom 0 was used on and really necessary at the moment! r_dynamic_lights 0 is recommanded for keeping your FPS atm ; and attention this map is literally ardent atm!
  16. Addictus

    Vil1OverKill - ATDM

    Hi, Small presentation of the first ATDM map new generation if I may say. Indeed our project consists in proposing for Reflex some ATDM maps really built for the promode on one hand, and on the other hand which cannot be played without real difficulties in a static way. This first one map is not of course a conversion of Overkill but a complete re-creation which aimed to be a tribute in one of the best map of pm1ca by resuming on purpose some axes of her architecture. We tested the result during a serious training in ATDM 4v4 and the map turns out extremely fast from part the insertion of a structure of TPs wanted to interest the matchs on the model of the maps of Duel. http://reflexfiles.com/file/239 Have Fun! Note : r_bloom 0 was used on and really necessary at the moment! r_dynamic_lights 0 is recommanded for keeping your FPS atm!
  17. Hi, We have a french line up for ATDM right now so I just found a Steam Group for helping you to find partners (mates) of game who speak your language and so to form some line up of ATDM Clan War. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ATDMCW Have fun!
  18. Holi

    atdm thoughts

    Couple of things I noticed when I was playing a bit of atdm.. Spectating your team only should be something that's enforceable? And perhaps spawning close to your mates? At least that's what I'm used to in Clan Arena in warsow... Also seems like the stake gun is bugged still But I just think that's part of the fun right now seeing how hard it is to hit with
  19. Hi, With the Arenas modes and some new maps we began weeklies "rendez-vous" on our server (Vil1 Arena Server Exclusively : for playing them, enjoying and get acquainted. That is every thursday evening (GMT+1 for France, Germany...) from january and everybody is welcome. Our server have 16 slots, so if it's full we will play only two greats maps because they are our biggest : - ra3map17 revisited : Black Moon (Vil1mapCA4_alpha) - ra3map1 revisited : Theatre Of Pain (Vil1mapCA6_alpha) But if we are not more than 10 we have some choice... Remember the commands to be able to see clearly who is with you or not : cl_player_outline_colour_enemy 2 (pretty blue for me) cl_player_outline_colour_friendly 6 (white for me) And the command for following a player when you are dead : cl_camera_next_player The evening rendez-vous is from 20:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT and the first date is thursday, January 8th 2015. We want playing for the fun, I hope you'll enjoying. Regards