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Found 3 results

  1. Roktansky

    Aerowalk v2.01

    all cretids goes to Preacher and Hubster Reflexfiles : http://reflexfiles.com/file/503 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMGSSrDJIUM UPDATE 2.01 -teleporter fixes // thanks to Eldrek and dansen UPDATE v2.0 "MAD_JIHAD performance update" -Jihad spend more than one hour for performance tweaks , Thanks ! -lots of changes cant remember anymore Update 1.04 Archways, ceilling and lights update // thanks to dream and CrazyAl some clips fixes again added steam effect to windows // thanks to HeadBox added little 3step curve to RA left and right elevator wall for simulate q3 corner glitch // thanks to Viscerated for idea Update 1.01 Fixed Clip near ya/mega // thanks to Smilecythe and Eldrek Fixed Clip near sg portal // thanks to Duck and chortas Fixed end Camera // thanks to chortas Fixed all teleporters // thanks to abigguy added jumppad like cpm22 adjust some lightsources toplight near gl-tele now smaller // thanks to dream probably i ll remake jumpad like original one, but jumpad clip still visible in reflex if you want to check untouched converted cpm22 : https://www.dropbox.com/s/m62m96yk9dt8cuu/cpm22_converted.map?dl=0 http://i.imgur.com/J0xGjHI.gifv Color palette
  2. So, I remade Quake 1's Aerowalk faithfully in Reflex. For now, I'm just tossing it on ReflexFiles.com, so here it is. Thanks to Praxismo for the help with the lights behind teleport destinations/under the wind tunnel, as well as under-weapon lighting. I'm still debating on whether or not I should scale this map up slightly to make it so that you can't jump to Red Armor in a single circle jump. Any thoughts there are welcome. Edit: applied fixes per Benroads. (Thanks!)
  3. Benroads

    cpm22b - A touchup

    Due to some fairly serious boredom and far too much free time I did a fairly large cleanup on cpm22a Here is a somewhat general "changelog" CPM22a-CPM22b CHANGELOG: -Removed brushes outside of the map -Cleaned up brushwork under the RA stairs -retextured most colored trim -resized and make teleport triggers flush -removed brushes at teleport exits -removed brushes under spawn locations -removed and resized brushes near the upper area near jumppad -added angled brushes near the jail bars -added trim to most of the map -redid teles to mimic q3 cpm22 -added semi arc things near lower RL -added semi arc thing near YA -added semi arc thing near RG -adjusted semi arc thing near upper jumppad -adjusted wall near GL teleport to fix alignment issues in the main atrium lower area -nolighted a large part of outside the map -changed trim around teleporter bases -added diagonal brush/trim near lg ammo spawn -rotated lg spawn -added trim around octagon pillar year GA/GL -made clipping cover whole RA platform -nolighted all (most?) outward facing textures -added some clip brushes on the bottom side of RA platform Due to lightmaps being frustrating right now I would avoid building them unless you set your texel size to 100000000000 or something so it'd basically just be a flat gray light on the whole level. I might update this in the future when lighting is more workable but until now I am probably done with this for a bit. I might work on cleaning up cpm3 to be a bit nicer looking at some point as well. I'm undecided about the clipped corner as I believe it makes the RA jump far too easy but people seemed to want to keep it in so I guess it will stay unless people want to see it removed badly. Here are some quick screenshots Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8avzx5fic94h2v3/cpm22b.map?dl=0 Thanks to Eldrek for his conversion of cpm22 that can be found here: