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Found 2 results

  1. I think it will a nice addition to have custom weapon models besides weapon skins in game. Some weapons can be created by our one and only dev team while few other can be generated by fan base. Additionally you can return a % of each sold item to the creator that way everyone wins. This can work not only with weapon models/skin but also items as well. Users can get creative as hell and submit their work to the workshop for you approval. A great place to look as a comparison is a game called ''Warframe'' they outsourced about 40% of all customization these days to the community and have routine voting on what items will be added to the game and everyone is happy because it is seen as them working with their talented fan base and their fans getting paid for items sold! Also you could give a shout out to id asking if it's cool with them if you can remodel their holy trinity in to Reflex, not as for profit item but something that can be obtained in game only and a sign of ''respect(?)'' and ''that you guys are awesome and good luck on your future launch''. Just a badly phrased food for though, hopefully you guys get the idea. Discuss?
  2. TornadoStorm

    Custom mapping content?

    Hello! I was just wondering, are there any plans for user-made content in maps, such as custom textures to put on brushes, or actual props to put in the map, maybe particle effects like dust for a sandy map? In connection to that, will there be any sort of workshop support for the game? It would be great having Reflex become an even more changeable game, just was quake was