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Found 17 results

  1. Hey long time no see. I was an early user on Reflex and I really went crazy with it and made a single map that was great but I think it kind of got left behind as changes were added. But it seems that the game runs very stable now and I can consistently get 50 FPS. So I want feedback on my original map Crossroads... I sent it to map contests... I sent it to people that were reviewing maps but I never really got the good feedback I needed to make this map competitive. All I know right now is that it is kind of square and desperately needs rounding out. I do know there are themes and other stuff added to the game but it seems like I cannot get access to those for some reason... But I guess I can continue on and try to make some good pre-fabs to make up for that. Anyway here is a link to the map, I would love to get feedback as again I really just want to make is a great over all map that eventually can fit the quality needed to be included as part of the games map selection. Any help would be great!!! http://reflexfiles.com/file/65
  2. I've looked everywhere on the internet and in the game for a/the feature that lets you run the constantly updating experimental ruleset the developers are updating. Can't find anywhere on the internet where someone explains how to set it up and try it out. I'm sure I'm missing something really basic here so if anyone could tell me so I can start playing my roommate with these new changes that'd be awesome.
  3. LoubiTek

    Error Map Editor

    I have a fairly serious problem! I can not access the map editor. I thought it was me (maybe) but I uninstall and reinstall the game with the same worry. So I do not understand from where it comes from, if it's really my fault or not. Thank you to help me, because it is quite painful not to be able to have fun with the editor.
  4. LoubiTek

    Concept racing map

    Hi! I created this topic to help me in the design of a racing map. I would like you to give me your opinion and advice to encourage me and give me the necessary motivation to put this project. Here are some screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/dzlYb I also leave you the opportunity to test the map. Test.rar
  5. LoubiTek

    Need help for map editor

    I would like to design a map for the pleasure of learning. I know a little GtkRadiant because I used to inity me to create a map for Urban Terror. I wanted to know if it can be used instead of the internal editor. I saw that there was also a converter. I hope that in the future it will be possible mapped to an external editor. It would be easier for me. I do not fully understand the functioning of the internal editor and I was not the readme.html or editor.cgf. Are what the tutorial is too old, or at least was not updated? What I find unfortunate is not able to configure the buttons either directly from the interface or manually in a file. I do not know if it comes from my French keyboard "AZERTY". But I do not think. In any case, it is unbearable for me not being able to move freely with the "z" keys to the top, "q" for left, "d" to the right "s" to the bottom. I speak of the camera in the editor! I suppose it is possible with the binds. Not knowing what used file, I remain perplexed. Should you create a fichier.cfg it? Another thing, I wonder if we can start the editor directly thanks to a command in the paths either from the exe or steam. Already knowing all that, I would be able to start. Thank you for your help! Edit: I managed to take control of the map editor, this is the beginning of my map. http://imgur.com/a/dzlYb
  6. Hello potential helper I play on a low resolution so when using IC the damage indication numbers cover the entire enemy model. Any help in removing these would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. -Justin
  7. Hello, I'm completely new to shooters that require anything besides hitscan aim. Because of this I find aiming with rockets incredibly hard. I can't seem to hit much and most of the hits feel like random luck because I don't really know what I'm doing. The only tip I've gotten so far is to only use rockets if you can see enemy's feet. What other sort of stuff should I know about? When do I aim at the floor besides them and when do I go for a direct hit? When should I jump in a rocket vs. rocket fight? How fast should I be shooting? Is there a generally accepted "better" crosshair to use with rockets, I always seem to aim too far up. And as if that's not hard enough - what's the logic behind dodging? What kind of positioning should I utilize? Do people jump to dodge? How to figure out your opponent while constantly getting hit? I really wish Reflex had bots and aim maps, would make practising a lot more enjoyable. Thanks!
  8. arnold

    Map names?

    So 'cpmx' are from CPM games, right right. tchtX? dpX? bdmX? Do they have longhand titles or is just arbitrary letters? In the full release will map names be more fleshed out? It can be a little tough to remember the diff between all the dp's and thct's. Perhaps in the final copy have a UI option when changing maps with a thumbnail? Cheers -
  9. TornadoStorm


    Hello Is there any way I can have something other than cubes in the Reflex map editor? I mean, I know about adding props as effects, but how can I add more vertices to the default brush?
  10. kRVRKV

    Few quick questions

    Any help is much appreciated: 1. Is there any way to make a clip or full clip brush work only one way? e.g. you can enter but you can't exit 2. I remember game having some stone material (one that looked like rocks irl) a while ago, where did it go? 3. Is there any way to add more than one weapon into weapon restriction brush? 4. Is there any proper way to create a line of strafe pads? how many units should I add every next gap? 5. Why are the reflection probes needed? (if any of those questions were discussed quite a lot, you'd have to excuse me cos I simply haven't met these topics on forum)
  11. MeskY

    Memory usage locked to ~295.0MB

    As a result the game runs quite poorly on my GTX 770M which I forced the game to run on from the nvidia control pannel, so that isn't an issue.
  12. sane

    Help with website!?!

    With such great websites such as PHGP and many more! Who is willing to help me create a website for my lovely clan the commission ( #thecommission ) if anyone has or knows anyone who is great with websites and easy to access/edit/update templates etc, please message me on irc or reply here. HELP <3
  13. Hey everyone! I have been working on a map from Q3 To port over (Will keep it a secret). I took a break for about a month and after coming back, I noticed people using newley added models like chains, fans etc. How do I access these models and add them to my map? Cheers.
  14. metrical

    Is this an issue?

    My friends keep saying I'm wallhacking, and I've never touched anything in this game's configuration files aside from game.cfg and it was given to me from my friend. These player outlines have been here since I've installed the game, and I've paid no mind to them, but they say they don't have them. I have no VAC Bans on record, and I haven't had any trouble connecting to the servers, and I've been fully supporting this game since I heard about it. I'm legitimately not hacking and I'm worried something might happen to my account because of this. Is this a bug/glitch/exploit that I could have stumbled across? I'll reinstall tonight to see if it will still be there, but I want to prove that I'm not hacking. If I was, I wouldn't be just losing to everyone I play against, because I'm new to the Arena FPS Scene. Below is a screenshot I took straight from the game, I'm running it from my Steam Library. Speccy screenshot as well for those curious. Please help, and thank you. ~Metrical
  15. So I spent the last few weeks rebuilding one of my favorite maps from Nexuiz 2012: Strength. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6jbm1ppbylsks06/Strength.map?dl=0 Nexuiz was a community game before the devs took everything and joined up with THQ and made the version that I played. I still have no clue who orginally made the map and who to even contact, cause of all the limbo. So instead of waiting for them to get back to their FPS IP, I though why not remake the map I like the best? It is not quite a 1:1 remake and I am sure I have messed up the scale, spawns, and some of the jumps. But I am slowly getting there, as this is the first time I have made a map using this editor. The mainthing is I wanted to graduate most of the edges I can find into not a flat object. Which is why for such a small map there are lots and lots of extra polygons that have almost no signifigance except to kill edges. I am going to make it look much better than its current state but that would require a major overhaul and I am going to take a break for a bit... Might do that map challange on the fourms But If I have been able to get this onto someone's server mix I would be excited because I have had a hard time hosting any matches because I use public internet... So I tend to drop out too much. But I really like use of 3D space in this map as it is small enough to be a great 1v1 and still be very playable at 3v3. Though my favorite thing about it is the windows all over the map that can be used to jump through the top and with all the split paths already in side of the main structure it can get reall chaotic fast. I was surprised when remaking it the weapons were almost 1:1 thought I do miss having a racket launcher that would hoam and explode on command. I got everything pretty much finished except for the lights and texturing as it has been anounced that they will all be changing I might as well wait a little bit before putting a lot of time into the smaller details. Already tried to do a little balancing towards how Nexuiz plays, so there is a lot of health items as Nexuiz treated armor like a second health bar. Ammo drops would be nice but that is another thing I ahve to wait to get. So anyway, it would be amazing if I could get a few people to download it and play test the map to see how the ballancing is and report back to me so I can fix it when I do the next major overhaul
  16. spoonzor

    [known] Game will not start

    Hello, I purchased this fine game earlier today from steam, after the download was complete i tried to start it but it didnt want to. What happends is absolutely nothing.. sometimes it comes up the regular "preparing to launch game" but after that nothing.. nothing is showing in task manager either. My OS is windows7 so i dont think that would be the problem? Anyone with similar problem and hopefully a fix for it? Ofc i was prepared for bugs since its a game in early alpha or whatever but not even be able to launch the game is sadpanda :/ Thanks.
  17. Hi, whenever I pick a map like cpm3 a message pops up in the center of the screen saying : Lightmap invalid , please rebuild. Does someone knows how to "rebuild"? Thanks.