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Found 3 results

  1. wh1te

    wh1te-haze | The Echelon

    Map Name: wh1te-haze Weapon Restriction: On - Plasma ​Gametype: Race Difficulty: Medium Finishing time: Average Made by: wh1te Thanks to: Jukebox, Murk, Def, Tehace, Lasker and Holi for testing Download: wh1te-haze [03/08/15] Latest version Reflexfiles: http://reflexfiles.com/file/354 I have decided to start making race maps as there's not many people mapping for this gametype and few of you may know, I've been racing for about 10 years in both defrag and warsow race so I thought I'd give it a go and share my experience visually. There are more maps to come that I have already started working on. The difficulty will vary between medium and hard but nothing below that unless someone has a request to make a race map for the new players I have also attached screenshots showing the map and a video that is showcasing the map but also showing the gameplay and tutorial. Any feedback is welcome!
  2. As I was asked where to share Defrag videos / VOD's I thought it would make sense to get a collection going. This will be a collection of records over time. Please include a name above the video so we know before watching the video^^. Here are my shots at RRcup1 and RRbldf1 Happy RR'ing. Download Reflexrun over at phgp.tv here RRcup1: 00:28:00 RRbldf1 00:19:71
  3. phgp_zEv

    RRcup4 "Caelum" ready to run!

    RRcup4 "caelum" Details 4 sections 2 Strafe 2 Rocket jump Skill level beginner - expert ( depends on route ) Pickups Rocket Launcher 2x Mega Health 1x Red Armour Download it in the Phgp.tv Mapvault now!