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Found 1 result

  1. So I spent the last few weeks rebuilding one of my favorite maps from Nexuiz 2012: Strength. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6jbm1ppbylsks06/Strength.map?dl=0 Nexuiz was a community game before the devs took everything and joined up with THQ and made the version that I played. I still have no clue who orginally made the map and who to even contact, cause of all the limbo. So instead of waiting for them to get back to their FPS IP, I though why not remake the map I like the best? It is not quite a 1:1 remake and I am sure I have messed up the scale, spawns, and some of the jumps. But I am slowly getting there, as this is the first time I have made a map using this editor. The mainthing is I wanted to graduate most of the edges I can find into not a flat object. Which is why for such a small map there are lots and lots of extra polygons that have almost no signifigance except to kill edges. I am going to make it look much better than its current state but that would require a major overhaul and I am going to take a break for a bit... Might do that map challange on the fourms But If I have been able to get this onto someone's server mix I would be excited because I have had a hard time hosting any matches because I use public internet... So I tend to drop out too much. But I really like use of 3D space in this map as it is small enough to be a great 1v1 and still be very playable at 3v3. Though my favorite thing about it is the windows all over the map that can be used to jump through the top and with all the split paths already in side of the main structure it can get reall chaotic fast. I was surprised when remaking it the weapons were almost 1:1 thought I do miss having a racket launcher that would hoam and explode on command. I got everything pretty much finished except for the lights and texturing as it has been anounced that they will all be changing I might as well wait a little bit before putting a lot of time into the smaller details. Already tried to do a little balancing towards how Nexuiz plays, so there is a lot of health items as Nexuiz treated armor like a second health bar. Ammo drops would be nice but that is another thing I ahve to wait to get. So anyway, it would be amazing if I could get a few people to download it and play test the map to see how the ballancing is and report back to me so I can fix it when I do the next major overhaul