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Found 9 results

  1. I just saw this idea on QC forums. So the idea is to make default weapon binds close to "pros" one, so new players will not think that everybody changes weapons by scrolling m wheel or by 123456. Just set it something like: Q - IC, E - rocket, C or R - Bolt, X - grenade, F - plasma, all the rest by default.(just for example) And also make a small text near weapon icon in weaponbar widget. (this could be an option) Something like this What do you guys think about it?
  2. I think it will a nice addition to have custom weapon models besides weapon skins in game. Some weapons can be created by our one and only dev team while few other can be generated by fan base. Additionally you can return a % of each sold item to the creator that way everyone wins. This can work not only with weapon models/skin but also items as well. Users can get creative as hell and submit their work to the workshop for you approval. A great place to look as a comparison is a game called ''Warframe'' they outsourced about 40% of all customization these days to the community and have routine voting on what items will be added to the game and everyone is happy because it is seen as them working with their talented fan base and their fans getting paid for items sold! Also you could give a shout out to id asking if it's cool with them if you can remodel their holy trinity in to Reflex, not as for profit item but something that can be obtained in game only and a sign of ''respect(?)'' and ''that you guys are awesome and good luck on your future launch''. Just a badly phrased food for though, hopefully you guys get the idea. Discuss?
  3. Ammazzabanane

    Golden weapons? Lets do some math!

    First of all, dont take this as me complaining, im in love with the ladder/golden weapon idea and im very happy about the release! That being said, i wanted to make some math about the golden weapons. lets say i win 50% of my matches (which i dont lul, prolly more like 1%) and manage to play consistently around 3 hours a day (which is probably above average) this means 3 hours ~ 18 duels (if i only play ladder, and only play duels which i don't) = 9 wins = 90 points. Considering a weapon costs 3000 pts. it means i would have to win 300 duels,therefore play 600, which translates in 6000 minutes (100 hours) which would be one month, With the full set taking 2100 duels to get with 21000 minutes of gameplay (700 hours) and therefore 7 months. Now considering a lot of people dont play 18 duels a day, more like 6 i would say, this means it would take 3 months for one golden weapon and still 6 a day is no joke. How do you guys feel about this? I like the idea of them being hard to get and all but it seems a bit overkill and i feel like probably i won't even get one, mostly because i suck lmao. were they intended to be this hard to get? Will they be available only for this first 3 months and then the next 3 we will get some other ones, making the current ones unavailable? Again im not complaining, im just interested. Keep on fragging boyz
  4. ZEMOS

    [0.49.1] Full MouseWheel rotation

    Just picked up the game and was wondering if there was a way to make the mousewheel go all the way back around to first weapon or all the way backwards (like it does in quake)? As it is I'm unsure of a way to get back around to 1 without actually cycling though or pressing the 1 key. Thanks in advance, Z
  5. I'm pretty new to the AFPS scene. I started playing Overwatch (not AFPS I know) at it's launch and have since moved on to better things with Quake Live and now Reflex. Before that I played mostly Dota 2 and other MOBAs. With that in mind most of my perceptions on balance come from a Quake Live perspective where I have 50 hours of gameplay in a mix of Duels and FFA. I might not have much time played and may not be the best player but I've gotten advice from many veteran QL players and watched some pro play for both QL and Reflex as well and I've gotten a basic understanding of the mechanics of AFPS games like map control, timings, weapon choice, and movement for example. As I said though I am new so I appreciate any constructive input to counter my newly formed opinions, but please let me know why don't just flame (I say this because of my experience on many other game forums/communities). Anyway I think Reflex is an AMAZING game with a boatload of potential, however I think a couple of the weapons struggle to keep up, and I have reason to believe that the netcode may need work in situations where ping gets extreme, I'll have an example of that later in my post. First I'd like to talk about 3 weapons: Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun, and Grenade Launcher. Rocket Launcher: To me this weapon feels just a little too strong. It seems like it hits for the max damage (100) or close most of the time, and this means often RL is the best weapon choice. The self damage (like when rocket jumping) is also pretty low which makes risk vs reward with the weapon low as well. If the damage isn't tuned down I think it could benefit from increased self damage. Plasma Gun: The damage feels too low though consistent. I believe it's 12 per hit for direct hits. I've been trying to use it to block chokes like I use the PG in Quake, maybe this isn't the best use for it? Anyway I feel like maybe a jump up to 14-15 damage for direct hits could make it more viable. Grenade Launcher: Something feels off about this weapons functionality. It seems like the grenades sometimes explode on impact and sometimes don't. It just seems very inconsistent. Onto a quick note about playing vs high latency players. I've had a couple matches now where I went into a 1v1 server and waited and my opponent that joined had 150-200+ ping. This is never desirable but I played the matches out. It seemed to me like the lagging player was favored in the matches. I would have shots go through him and have shots hitting me where they appeared to miss. I realize netcode in these situations isn't an easy task and will probably never be perfect and maybe it's just because of my low skill but it really seemed like the latency of these players was helping them out more than it was hurting them. Those are my thoughts! Overall the game seems great and even the weapons I mentioned don't seem overly strong or weak, just a little bit. Thanks for reading see you in game!
  6. TornadoStorm

    Will there be skin drops?

    Hello Can't wait to see the new update roll out, containing SKINSSS! (Or whatever they're called) But can't help to ask, will there be some sort of skin-drop system in future, where you have a random chance of getting a skin somehow? (For example, a very small chance of gaining an item every time you die in TF2, or when you rank up in CS GO, or simply logging in once per day) EDIT: By 'In future' I mean when the game gets a good number of skins, whether it's some time soon or in late future
  7. TornadoStorm

    Add smooth shading to weapons

    Hello, Wouldn't it be a bit nicer if the guns were smooth around the barrels rather than rigid? I mean, I know the art-style is all about rigid clean edges, but I'm a bit iffy about how the weapon models look :L An example is attached. I know this isn't the best example, but I tried Compare the two. I personally prefer the model with smooth shading. What do you guys think?
  8. TornadoStorm


    As AMAZING as the concept art weapons look, will the weapon have some sort of Steam marketplace support, like CS: GO? As in will there be weapon skins/character customization content available to earn in future? (Yes I am aware that you can change character color in 3 parts) This game is really fun, it's just that if it is to gain more playability and popularity, having some sort of customization/rewards for playing would be a great idea
  9. Reading the news about item timers becoming standard in some way made me think of this modification to how items work in games like this: how about when an item spawns, it doesn't give you its full effect yet. For example a mega would give you 75hp instead of 100, and if you kept waiting it would grow to 125? A more radical idea would be that [some or all of] the items have 0 base value at the start of the match and it starts growing towards their cap. So they're more like nodes to tap as you're passing by. Implications I can see: - You can leave a valuable item up for longer in order to make it even more useful to you later, but this risks it getting stolen. - If even 25 bubbles/nodes are less valuable at first, it means you have to use a more generic feel for which items might have been tapped recently by yourself or your opponent and a good player will be better at finding the ones that are likely to have been left alone for a while. - If you pick up an item that has more power than you can currently tap (i.e. you're near full health), like it is now, a skilled player might be able to utilize them better than one who chomps everything up straight away. - If there was no outwards indication of how charged up an item was you could try to pretend like you've picked an item up while you're actually hoarding it for later. - The spawn locations won't create imbalances as easily since even the major items only have a little bit of use at first. - The major items are still the most important to "time" or perhaps it's better to say "monitor" because they have the greatest potential. They could also recharge faster. This is far from the only way to reimagine items... you could also make the weapons be the items that appear more seldom or make them spawn with less ammunition inside. This would similarly balance the start of each match because even though you've picked up a weapon doesn't mean you'll have more than a few units of ammunition for it. In the meanwhile your opponent could be collecting all the ammo on the map and when they obtain the weapon itself they'll have gained the advantage. Hmm... I recall this is what Nali Healing Fruits did, but it was really just a little gimmick in that game because what ever prevented you from just waiting it out? You could even give the players item seeds [from the start] instead of items and make them sow them in spots they think they'll be able to collect them from after a while.