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Found 3 results

  1. Like in Windows if you hold down any Shift key it disables the numpad toggle. And makes it so that it run commands like: end, arrowdown, pgdn etc. instead of the binds like numpad0, numpad1 etc. Fixing this would be great, so that you can get the right i/o.
  2. I just downloaded Reflex and it crashes instantly on startup. I am running Windows 7 and have a GTX280. I sent the crash report in. I normally don't have problems running games so I am surprised that noone else, or not many, are having this problem. I have tried reinstalling but it made no difference.
  3. [logged] Game crashes on startup. (Windows)

    I just installed the windows 10 technical preview, and then Steam, and Reflex after that. Upon launching the game the window would appear, I'd hear a bit of music or well- the jumping sounds, and then the game would crash. I have the error report and can give my dxdiag.txt if needed.