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Found 1 result

  1. (slightly outdated footage, sounds no longer overlap) - recording a new video soontmS o I rewrote my kill-streak widget to be a fully featured announcer. If you have issues, message me on discord @meowgli Current Fully-Featured SoundPacks: Thanks @7ep3s for audio edits! Delementary - Voice lines recorded by @Delementary BornToDo - Voice lines recorded by @BornToDoStuff Meowgli - placeholder & testing announcer with shitty editing by yours truly.- use at your own risk Dave - Default text-to-speech voice with reverb. Daniel - MLG text-to-speech announcer for thoroughly dank frag streaks. PSSST: if you want incomplete soundpacks (quake, ut, ect) you might be able to get access to a couple files I have backed up - but I'm not allowed to put them through the workshop because of rights issues. If you wish to try your hand at recording ~75 voice lines for a new *official* sound pack, contact me on discord @meowgli Amateur's are welcome, and you can take it in any direction you want (comedy, serious, evil, etc.) ALL UPDATES AND FURTHER BUG FIXES WILL BE SOLELY DELIVERED THROUGH THE STEAM WORKSHOP. THE CURRENT VERSION IS ON THE WORKSHOP! SUBSCRIBE TO MGLI: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=881769417 Changelog 10: Added KovaaK announcer pack! cleaned up UI Consolidated all my active widgets into one repo Changelog 09: Steam Addon Shift Ripped out non-original content for the steam workshop guidelines. Get me in contact with the quake announcer guy if you want quake sounds :\ Ripped out legacy options & legacy functions, effectively reducing the concurrent run time for 99% of users. code runs better (optimization) added MLG daniel announcer from popular montageparody videos. added tts dave from windows text to speech as an announcer changelog 08: bugs changelog 07: OLD download if for whatever reason you want it:https://www.dropbox.com/s/uco2qk4n5relw49/Mgli_a.pak?dl=0 : QUEUES (no more overlapping sounds) award support on meowgli&Delementary soundsets Per-soundset config files to make adding soundsets more straightforward. got rid of certain old shit thats no longer needed & denoted legacy options cleaned up code (-200 lines) 50% more efficient changelog 06: random bullshit reduced ... secret changelog 05: fixed midair, denied, happening when you kill yourself. fixed a sound in the hellchick folder renamed an option to be more intuitive took out scalebyplayercount - it was broken and useless anyways added a setting to toggle debug mode fixed spam that got through the debug mode toggle broke victory/defeat beyond repair changelog 04: I FIXED THE NOISY SHIT AT THE END OF GAMES - logic doing loops.. also turned off debug mode, so no/less consolespam fixed some of the ut stuff added a quake-live variant other stuff that was broken is now fixed, and some things that were fine are now broken todo: tell me what to do common problems: if it says in console that "Dir" is erroring because it is nil, it is likely that your file path to the .pak file is too long. (over 40 characters IIRC)