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Found 3 results

  1. loki_cpm

    Radeon Crossfire support

    Is there any chance Reflex will support Radeon Crossfire ?
  2. I used to play the game flawlessly with my AMD radeon HD 8700,the update switches,not even to the intel HD graphics but down to the Microsoft graphics Render,i've updated my catalyst and graphics driver to the most recent version,what happened?,what should I do.
  3. So I just got this game, I booted it up and set it to fullscreen 1920x1080, no other settings changed (other than binds) so I went on this server, I played for like 20 minutes, 100% of that time (or probably 95% with some 59fps/58fps drops...) I played with 60fps, not 1 sliver of freezing or anything, and out of absolutely NOWHERE, without any warning, my screen looked like this (but in 1080p, obviously): Click for better view. I could still hear the sound of people killing eachother perfectly fine for the next 10 seconds, it wasn't a loop, but then it all went silent from my PC. It was definitely still on, it appeared to be doing 'something', but it just showed that and I couldn't do anything. And yet, I can play MANY other graphically intensive games just fine, even when they are laggy they NEVER have something like that, never crash my whole pc. It didn't even feel very hot after the crash either (my pc) SPECS: Intel Core i5 2500k AMD Radeon HD 7950 8GB RAM Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Plenty of free space