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Found 4 results

  1. Speedbot

    Ammo in Reflex

    I think at the moment in Reflex ammo is very excessive and at the core of this problem is how weapon pickups stack your ammo. In Reflex if you pick up a weapon you get a set amount of ammo and the weapon will respawn in 10 seconds. If you grab the same weapon pickup again you will get the same amount of ammo again. So for example most Reflex maps have 2 RL, so I can pick both of these up without touching an ammo box and have enough ammo to easily spam without even giving a thought to ammo since there is still ammo boxes and both those weapon spawns will be back in 10 seconds. I know this isn't CPMA but because I feel CPMA has very good balance when it comes to ammo I'm going to use it as a reference for comparison. In CPMA picking up a weapon sets you to an ammo amount if you are below that, for example RL is 10. This means if I pick up one RL pickup I will have 10 ammo, if I pick up a second without firing I will still have 10 ammo, but if I pick up an ammo box it will increase me higher than 10 up to the cap amount. This means that weapon pickups cannot be used to stack ammo to the max amount and thus ammo boxes are given more worth along with making weapon and ammo control much more impactful. On top of this weapons in CPMA take 15 seconds to respawn. This leaves us with the question of what, if anything, should be done about ammo in Reflex? Do you think it's too easy to stack up ammo and spam? Too hard? Balanced? I don't think Reflex should necessarily just exactly copy CPMA but I definitely think right now it's ridiculously easy to get so much ammo that you can just spam without much thought and something should be changed.
  2. When playing experimental mode, if you pick up a shotgun, you'll immediately get the low ammo notification for it.
  3. Trist

    Add Ammunition to a Map?

    I want to add ammo boxes to my map, how would I do this?
  4. z13l5ch31b3

    actual ammo amount

    Hi folks and devs, pls think about a hotfix about the amount of ammo you got at start. For example the rocket launcher ammo size of thirty is very low. You can jump 2 rounds with speed in Vil's campgrounds-remix, after this you really have to deal with every shot, if you use them for covering-jumps, too. A size of fifty would be great. But thats one example, and cannot say something to the other weapons ammosize. Maybe if we discussed this this could be a useful hotfix wich improves tense and gameplay. cheers