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Found 2 results

  1. ReflexRaceNet : technically possible ?

    * updated * Hello, is there a (RESTful) API available for Reflex, or any other way to extract data without running an actual client ? I'm looking for the following info : - list of all race maps - list of the time of all players for a given map The goal is to possibly rebuild something alike Racenet from Warsow. Somebody suggested to parse logs server-side which would probably work, but then we could only gather times from modded servers - is there an easier way to get such data (a REST API being the easiest) ? Thanks for any info !
  2. Hello, Can someone explain why nvidia gpu's are not able to take advantage of the vulkan implementation in doom 4? The guys at khronos said that the API is vendor and platform independent and that it takes advantage of the hardware more than the current API's. So one can deduce that it will take advantage both of nvidia and amd hardware. It will be good for everyone if someone with programming experience in game development will enlighten us. Thanks, Octavian