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Found 5 results

  1. This is my first post here, so I'll be quickly. I have customized sound pack from Quake Live and Quake World. Everything works perfectly nice except by 2 things, the mega and armor. I don't know why happen this. In a oldest version that I had it works perfectly. I have the theory that the name files aren't any more "health_mega_pickedup.wav" or "armor_color_pickedup.wav" So If somebody knows the current file name I could be placed. I need have the full mix of sounds for my reflex ^^ Ps: Yeah, I'm kinda perfectionist btw.
  2. LoNeZiLLa

    Tiered Armor and the Ion Cannon at 5dmg

    A friend and I tested the differences between YA and RA when hit by the Ion Cannon (which currently deals 5 damage per shot). YA absorbs 66% of the damage, leaving 34% to be taken away from your Health. RA absorbs 75% of the damage, leaving 25% to be taken away from your Health. This works well when dealing a lot of damage at once, but when you get down to 5 damage, YA is just as good as having RA. If you have 100HP / 100YA, and you take damage from the Ion Cannon, you lose 1HP and 4YA. So you have 99HP / 96YA. If you have 100HP / 100RA, and you take damage from the Ion Cannon, you lose 1HP and 4RA. Leaving you with 99HP / 96RA. I haven't been able to come up with a solution to this, other than, raising the damage of the Ion Cannon or somehow averaging the damage out.
  3. Qubit

    Spawning with Mega, RA, and Quad

    I'm making a map where I want everyone to spawn with RA, Mega, and Quad. Is there any way to do this? I actually don't even think spawning with 200-200 would be enough for what I want to do. Any way to edit a players base values for a map so they have like 400 health and 400 armor?
  4. Armour shards don't seem to be correctly updating the player's armour state to green if picked up on zero armour. Both the damage reduction and bar colour remain set at what had been picked up last.
  5. Claymation

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    I don't exactly know how much damage the different armor tiers block, but red armor is way too strong in my opinion. When I'm shooting at someone who just picked up RA, with any weapon, I feel like I'm trying to shoot a tank with a BB gun. Shards and Green armor are pretty weak, but they provide at least some protection. YA protects just the perfect amount IMO, making its wearer protected but still kill-able. Red Armor just kind of makes you invulnerable, I feel. Having RA makes steamrolling as a player in control much easier, while at the same time making it extraordinarily difficult to come back as a player who is not in control. This imbalance makes duels significantly less fun to play, as matches are usually totally one-sided, and are decided within the first two minutes. I'm not trying to blame the snowball-y nature of the game entirely on the way that armor is balanced, but it is one of the factors that cause it. I also understand that gaps in skill can cause this, but if a player is even somewhat good at locking down the map, it's almost impossible to knock a dent in their impenetrable fortress of armor and health, causing the score ratio to get blown into proportions where the losing player has absolutely no chance to make anything even resembling a comeback. TL;DR red armor op pls nerf EDIT: Tiered armor is fine. The hitsounds are broken though. They are not a good representation of how much damage you're doing to your opponent. Just wanted to clear that up.