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Found 3 results

  1. As some of you may have noticed, since the last reduction in the ion cannon damage, even having nearly the best target tracking humanly possible whilst using the weapon will not reward one with the ability to sport higher damage output than they would using rockets, even though target tracking is virtually more challenging in Reflex than it is in any other FPS game in recorded history. In addition, plasma, the supposed ultimate choice of a weapon for combat in relatively narrow corridors and when being chased around corners and curved walls, consistently ubiquitously fails to provide more damage output than rockets. Arguably worse and most prominent, even at close range, achieving any arbitrary degree of damage output using plasma seems to require significantly more effort than it would to achieve the very same one using the ion cannon, while both weapons seem to share a common damage output ceiling at that range, making plasma about as useful as grenades, if not inferior to them. Hence, with the axe, burst gun, shotgun and grenade launcher serving as extremely circumstantial weapons, the Reflex metagame experience is, quite literally, brutally dominated by the usage of rockets and rails. Therefore, regardless of having not inquired into the existence of any option for fetching accuracy statistics records following a match in order to determine the degree to which my impression is influenced by the netcode and by my ideal ping on public servers, I would please like to ask the damage values of both the ion cannon and plasma be examined and increased, seeing how the fire rates of both are seemingly at their conceivable maximum. Also, I would appreciate any response to this post detailing any identification with or alienation by the impression depicted in it, as well as any support for or opposition to my request.
  2. I wonder what do you guys feel about the current correlation between the player speed and weapon dmg/range in relation to map size. I seem to struggle a lot with the 'scale' of things. Its like I would like to make a room that LG have range from one side to the other but If I do so its hard to include any meaningful jumps in it since the distances are so low compared to the movement speed/jump distances. With any decent speed I can make a stairs jump that goes for like 850+ units in ONE jump while LG have a range of like 730 or something. Than im making the room bigger but it shifts the weapon balance into Bolt being too strong. My point is that the balance of speed and weapon characteristics seems kind of off... either extend the LG range, speed up rockets to compensate the speed of movement or decrease jump distances/speed boosts by some margin I've got a feeling like they somehow doesn't feel right (and I would probably lean more towards uping the weapons).
  3. Claymation

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    I don't exactly know how much damage the different armor tiers block, but red armor is way too strong in my opinion. When I'm shooting at someone who just picked up RA, with any weapon, I feel like I'm trying to shoot a tank with a BB gun. Shards and Green armor are pretty weak, but they provide at least some protection. YA protects just the perfect amount IMO, making its wearer protected but still kill-able. Red Armor just kind of makes you invulnerable, I feel. Having RA makes steamrolling as a player in control much easier, while at the same time making it extraordinarily difficult to come back as a player who is not in control. This imbalance makes duels significantly less fun to play, as matches are usually totally one-sided, and are decided within the first two minutes. I'm not trying to blame the snowball-y nature of the game entirely on the way that armor is balanced, but it is one of the factors that cause it. I also understand that gaps in skill can cause this, but if a player is even somewhat good at locking down the map, it's almost impossible to knock a dent in their impenetrable fortress of armor and health, causing the score ratio to get blown into proportions where the losing player has absolutely no chance to make anything even resembling a comeback. TL;DR red armor op pls nerf EDIT: Tiered armor is fine. The hitsounds are broken though. They are not a good representation of how much damage you're doing to your opponent. Just wanted to clear that up.