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Found 7 results

  1. Converted and fixed up a few things on one of my favorite CPM maps, while I know converts aren't super popular I don't exactly think it was a heavily played map compared to the big 3 at least. Either way I learned a lot about brushwork and how lighting works from working on this. In its current state I do not think that the map is overly balanced and I was playing with ideas of moving weapons around to allow the person off stack to have somewhat of a chance but that will come with time. Anyway here is a quick change-log and some screenshots. I was also unable to find any trace of Eizid being online since 2008 so I hope he's okay with me converting his map . :~) Steam Workshop Page http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=611578060 Current RefleFiles download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/542 Old ReflexFiles download: (Keeping this version for Legacy Purposes) http://reflexfiles.com/file/81 Initial release (12/19/14) / Changes from CPM version -Raised ground+ trim near lower RL 8u to allow jumps up the ledge -Raised the lower ledges on both sides of the MH 8u to allow a jump from YA ledge to GL bridge -Raised the 2x 25 ramp area 4u to allow jumps up to the SG/GA area -Redid brushwork above YA to try and fix some alignment issues. -Added a large amount of trim brushes -Added 2 5 health bubbles on the ledge across from RA -Removed a number of large brushes that I did not plan to use for detailing -Reworked the 2 lights near the 2x 25 ramp -Reworked the teleports using praximo's quad texture idea First Update (12/20/14) -Fixed pickups being 4u above the ground in a couple places -Fixed some texture alignment bugs near upper YA -Fixed some texture bugs above chaingun -Added some nolight textures to hidden brush faces Second Update (2/13/15) -Fixed texture bugs in main atrium near teleport exit -Fixed texture bug on ceiling near upper YA -Fixed texture bug near RL side of RA platform -Fixed small texture bug under upper YA platform -Fixed trim brush being too large on RL side of RA platform -Added trim near PG stairs -Added trim to stairs in main atrium -Added endgame camera -Redid brushwork on LG platform to fix a few lighting issues as well as add proper trim to the under side -Redid some brushwork in MH room to fix some lighting bugs -Fixed ceiling brush near GA not being properly nolighted -Fixed some wall brushes near MH not being properly nolighted -Added detail brushes to the 8u->16u trim connections -Moved light near under LG -Added light near under LG -Added light above GA -Moved lower YA more towards RA room -Added light above lower YA -Added light on GL bridge -Added light near dropdown to 25 healths -Nolighted more hidden faces -Added sky light near MH tele exit -Removed all pointlights -Removed trim brushes at the base and top of stairs -Lowered detail brushes above rail 4u to line up with trim -Lowered high trim above 2x25 health dropdown to line up with other trim -Redid brushwork on connector beam above the upper RL -Redid brushwork on connector beam above the GA -Redid cieling area above GA -Reworked the huge clip brush above the map slightly -Adjusted the angled brush above RA teleport Third Update (Workshop Publication) (1/30/16) -Renamed the map to "Outworld" (May change in the future) -Fully retextured and retrimmed the map -Added weapon symbol meshes under all of the weapon pickups -Reworked brush geometry outside the map to reduce and fix light leaks -Added a brush to better show the "pixelwalk" near GL ledge -Added light meshes to the inside of the brushwork lights to give dynamic light effects -Converted quite a bit of stuff to prefabs (Mainly stairs/lights)
  2. Benroads

    brrun1 - Simple run map

    Easy run map based off of (http://ws.q3df.org/map/r7-hog/). I have changed a pretty large amount but I actually lost the changelog where typed out all my changes from the converted map. If I can find it I will repost it here. Download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/106 Video: Screenshot:
  3. Converted and did a bit of reworking on another one of my favorite CPM maps. Trying to focus on changing the maps balance to work better in Reflex but with a lot of gameplay elements currently missing although planned this is somewhat difficult since everything is basically theory-crafting at this point. Hopefully people will enjoy the map enough to play a few matches and let me know how my changes helped/hurt the map from a gameplay perspective but enough of me rambling here's the change-log, some screenshots, and of course a download link. Initial release (2/4/15) / Changes from CPM version -Fully trimmed map -Changed stairs to be 8x16 instead of 16x32 -Added ramp to jump to second floor near lower YA -Added light on ceiling next to ramp at lower ya -Changed trim near 50 health bubble to go into the wall instead of leaving a small gap for lava -Reduced the height on a lot of the light brushes from 16->8u -Removed detail brushes near lower YA -Removed detail brush near exit of MH teleport -Modified/removed some brushes on the top level to allow the trim to allign properly -Removed a few brushes near upper YA that did not have any visable faces -Removed brushes that extended out from the wall in the upper YA hallway near jumppad -Reworked the stairs going in and out of the lava room to not have a 16u gap for lava between the ground and the stairs -Reworked detail brushes in lower RL hallway to prevent players falling into small lava pockets also added a few clipping brushes on either side -Rotated teleport exit for RA room to be facing more towards RA -Resized area near LG hallway to make it a bit more roomy -Removed 2x 5hp bubble near lower YA -Added trim edge on the wall detail near lower RL -Adding clip brushes around most lights to prevent catches when rocketjumping -Moved lights near GL around a bit to allow clipping to work properly -Added lots of pointlight to brighten dark areas up -Moved Brush over near upper YA to allow quick dropdowns to 2x 25 health -Moved spawn right next to MH to the little PG hallway/teleport (not sure if this wil be good or not) -Added spawn on upper level near YA dropdown (not sure if this wil be good or not) -Redid corner trim near MH hallway -Added reflex logo decal over RA teleport -Added some trim brushes in the room between lower RA and RA -Redid some of the detail in RA room so there are two full details instead of 1.5ish -Moved the wall details 8u towards the center on both sides to fix a lighting bug -Added a light effect/clip brush under the MH tele exit to allow for a trickjump across to area above RA -Added a light effect/clip brush near the jump pad to allow a trickjump to shards from main bridge -Added wall trim near the jump pad area -Redid brushes for stair trim to work with new wall trim better -Redid both teleporters to look a bit nicer -Redid the lava brush in the main atrium to fix a visual bug -Redid lava in RA room to fix a visual bug -Added game end camera in main atrium Reflexfiles download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/145 Here is a somewhat sloppy video of me doing the trickjumps that I have added:
  4. Another CPM map that I enjoyed a lot but was rarely ever played outside of "Kenya" tournaments, hopefully it will play well and can see a bit more use in Reflex. The color scheme is slightly changed from my normal one to provide better contract in the test builds (0.31.0/1). Removed the quad texture on teleports until I can find a replacement that doesn't look strange. Changelog, screenshots and of course Reflexfiles download link to follow. Reflexfiles download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/177 akumacpm1a->brakm1 CHANGELOG Initial Release (2/26/15) -Removed all weapon_decal/armor_decal brushes created by the converter -Recreated a few brushes not created by the converter -Removed some wall details to continue trim at the upper part of YA room leading to MH -Removed detail brushes on the MH platform -Removed/reworked some detail stuff on the opening above the MH pickup -Removed wall details in RA room -Changed RA teleport to exit where the 25 health was -Redid brushes on upper RA room to fix texture bugs -Redid brushes near GL leading to RG to fix texture issues -Removed wall details on hallways leading from GL to RG -Added trim brushes in SG/YA room next to the lip -Added trim brushes in YA/RG room near stairs -Removed detail brushes from RG alcove -Redid brushes near jumppad to fix texture bugs -Removed a detail brush near the exit of RA room leading towards YA/SG -Redid brushes for the frame of the RA teleport to fix texture bugs -Removed the exit tele in the wall near lower YA -Removed the exit tele in the wall near GL -Redid brushes near SG/YA room light in the corner above stairs -Swapped railgun with rocket launcher in the main atrium -Moved the 25 health that was in the upper part of RA room to the GL ledge -Removed clipping brushes around trim -Removed the trim brushes on the stairs leading to lower RL -Added ramps to replace the removed trim brushes to allow a jump to upper YA -Retextured trims near the start/end of stairs to normal floor color -Removed trim brush near upper YA at end of stairs -Reworked trim on stairs leading to MH room from YA -Removed a trim brush on stairs leading to RA teleport -Redid trim on stairs next to green armor -Removed 2 small brushes on RG pad -Redid the brushes above the jumppad to fix texture issues -Redid a number of brushes on the RA atrium ceiling to fix texture issues -Removed some caulk brushes from outside the map -Redid brushes in main atrium to fix texture bugs -Lowered lower YA platform by 8u to fix not being able to jump there -Removed a few brushes from lower YA platform when adjusting height -Removed brush from under the stairs at lower YA platform -Removed brushes from under stairs at upper YA near RL -Lowered area near lower RL 8u to fix jump issues near RA room -Redid trim on area leading to upper YA from lower YA -Redid the trim on the cieling leaving the RA room towards upper YA -Centered light in RA room entrence from upper YA -Added trim to cieling above 50 health -Added trim to the cieling on the level above the 50 heatlh -Added light prop in RA room to allow a jump to GL -Added light prop in upper YA room to allow a jump to SG
  5. Fairly simple map, circle jumps ranging from 260u to 420u increasing by 20u each "level". Teleports to reset and take you to the next level and the final teleport returns you to the first level. Almost no eye candy outside the teleporters. I left a little bit of wall on each side if you wanted to practice wallstrafing into circlejumps. Thanks to KovaaK and Praxismo for general help with the teleport texture I was messing with and to gr8stalin and Wari for general feedback. Screens: Download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/46 It's a pretty simple map so I'm like 90% sure I didn't fuck anything up but if I did let me know and I will fix it. EDIT: Quickly did a few changes to make a few things look a bit nicer and less blocky. Will update screens later. EDIT2: Released revised version EDIT3: Another revision released with some minor trim and two way teleport added
  6. People seemed fairly interested in strafe pads so I worked out a bit of a conversion and touchup from a q3 map. However I am unsure of the actual origin of these pads because the map I pulled them from originally (https://ws.q3df.org/map/w3spgaz_strafes/) does not seem like the actual origin of the pads since they're using cos____ textures so I am assuming that they are actually from this map (https://ws.q3df.org/map/cos1_beta7b/). Due to the large scale of the map I would really not recommend building lightmaps unless you are going to use r_lm_texel_size 10000000000 as I did in the screenshots otherwise you're going to be waiting a very long time for a very dark map. Other than that basic stuff the map is fairly bare bones right now and I will probably work on updating it when I have time. Download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/105 Screenshots:
  7. Benroads

    cpm22b - A touchup

    Due to some fairly serious boredom and far too much free time I did a fairly large cleanup on cpm22a Here is a somewhat general "changelog" CPM22a-CPM22b CHANGELOG: -Removed brushes outside of the map -Cleaned up brushwork under the RA stairs -retextured most colored trim -resized and make teleport triggers flush -removed brushes at teleport exits -removed brushes under spawn locations -removed and resized brushes near the upper area near jumppad -added angled brushes near the jail bars -added trim to most of the map -redid teles to mimic q3 cpm22 -added semi arc things near lower RL -added semi arc thing near YA -added semi arc thing near RG -adjusted semi arc thing near upper jumppad -adjusted wall near GL teleport to fix alignment issues in the main atrium lower area -nolighted a large part of outside the map -changed trim around teleporter bases -added diagonal brush/trim near lg ammo spawn -rotated lg spawn -added trim around octagon pillar year GA/GL -made clipping cover whole RA platform -nolighted all (most?) outward facing textures -added some clip brushes on the bottom side of RA platform Due to lightmaps being frustrating right now I would avoid building them unless you set your texel size to 100000000000 or something so it'd basically just be a flat gray light on the whole level. I might update this in the future when lighting is more workable but until now I am probably done with this for a bit. I might work on cleaning up cpm3 to be a bit nicer looking at some point as well. I'm undecided about the clipped corner as I believe it makes the RA jump far too easy but people seemed to want to keep it in so I guess it will stay unless people want to see it removed badly. Here are some quick screenshots Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8avzx5fic94h2v3/cpm22b.map?dl=0 Thanks to Eldrek for his conversion of cpm22 that can be found here: