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Found 7 results

  1. I just saw this idea on QC forums. So the idea is to make default weapon binds close to "pros" one, so new players will not think that everybody changes weapons by scrolling m wheel or by 123456. Just set it something like: Q - IC, E - rocket, C or R - Bolt, X - grenade, F - plasma, all the rest by default.(just for example) And also make a small text near weapon icon in weaponbar widget. (this could be an option) Something like this What do you guys think about it?
  2. Ammazzabanane

    "go up" bind for editor

    Hey everyone, quick question: I recently lost some of my editor binds and with them i lost the ability to "move up" (by default the jump button i believe), i cant find the bind name anywhere and even +editorvertical (witch i thought was the bind name) doesnt seem to work. What is the exact console command name? sorry for the potentially retarded question ty in advance!
  3. Q3SanD

    Cannot set Menu key

    Hi guys, Could it be possible to set the Menu key? Last time I tried it wasn't possible. I'm a left-handed player and I would like to bind the shaft to this key. Thanks!
  4. hello im trying to make my weapons feel like my good ol quake 3 config that means that I had the following setup "weapon 1;sensitivity 3.4;cg_crosshairsize 32;cg_drawgun 0;cg_drawcrosshair 2;cg_fov 100;cl_mouseaccel 0.25;com_blood 0;cg_zoomfov 80" and so on and so on so I had different sens, crosshair, fovs etc for certain weapons it was really easy, just type all the values separated by ; im trying and in reflex i cant seem to be able to do this
  5. Nitsuj

    Backwards binds

    When settings binds for mouse2 and mouse3 they are backwards. So to get mouse2 set I have to click mouse 3 and same goes the other way around. Its not a big issue once its realized but thought I'd mention it.
  6. Re-binding items in the menu ui will unbind items in the editor mode. For example rebinding rockets/6 in the UI will unbind "placing pickup items" in editor mode. Other than that - cheers for the great update.
  7. kelliegator

    Premanent key configs?

    So I've been trying out this game and it looks good so far, mostly testing some maps alone but I'll get more involved in multi-player soon enough. I have some problems with the binds, though. When I assign a command to a specific key it doesn't seem to be permanent. I used the console to bind the weapons to my preferred keys but then when I tried to enter a multi-player server, everything seemed to be back to default (except my assigning jump to the right mouse button and my mouse sensitivity settings). I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here, if I'm supposed to edit the .cfg file or not, 'cause that's what I tried to do when running the game for the first time (without success), but changing the controls via console seemed to work until I joined a server. Anyone know what the problem might be or how to fix it?