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Found 5 results

  1. Snowmane

    Bots will be fixed?

    As you may know, the bots actually are not working very fine and im wondering if you are working on it.
  2. GoaLitiuM

    Bot Feedback Thread

    Post anything related to bots here, feedback and suggestions are welcome! Here's something I noticed about bot's behaviour while two 50 skill bots dueled each other in Aerowalk: Bots doesn't seem to pay any attention to ammo, they would sometimes try to fire at the opponent when they have no ammo left Bots doesn't actually roam around the map but they will easily get stuck on waiting some particular item to respawn (waiting next to +25hp, essentially doing nothing) Weird prioritization over weapons, sticking with Burst Gun even after they've collected other weapons Not sure if this is intentional but bots are able to gain levels while they play
  3. Hi there, First time got a huge problem with reflex version 1.0.3. Since last update I cannot host a game or play with bots. When I click START it returns me to the first screen of the game -> press escape to continue.
  4. TornadoStorm

    [Long Term Request] Mission mode

    Hello! After doing a replay-through of Quake 1, I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have some sort of mission mode? It doesn't seem to difficult after the devs implement bots, turrets and map functions like moving platforms and buttons. There could be AI similar to Quake 1 such as the swordsmen that simply run at you with a sword, and maybe also those Lovecraftian ogres (those would be atleast easier to implement than the training bots that are planned). The main goal of the game can be to simply get through a certain door, just as Quake did it. I feel it will add a lot more playability to the game as it will allow people to have more fun with or without others, perhaps even playing with friends (I have no idea how coop would work, but seems it would be a good idea). Players can even play the mode competitively with there being leaderboards for how well people played the level, including the time and kills they achieved (This would also allow for some pretty badass speedrun videos :D) This will also allow Reflex as a game to stand out from the rest of its kind, with having the combination of having PvP modes, and PvE. While still having PvP the main focus of the game, the PvE could act as something players would play when they're not in the mood for race mode or PvP. This will also attract a much wider audience to the game as people will be interested in a game which has the option of PvE as well as PvP As stated in the title, this is a long term request. And by that, I mean really long term, after bots, turrets, and interactive environments have been added. This could take more than a year. I only wish to see the general demand for this idea, and if the devs will confirm it will be implemented What do you guys think? Mission mode anyone?
  5. While not filling the role of actual bots, the ability to place a killable, respawning entity in the game, that does not move or shoot, (Maybe making bot-only spawnpoints) would allow me to do some interesting things., for example: aim training using a mix of jump pads and teleporters. This would resemble something similar to csgo aim training. Different speeds, angles, even snap aim with rail or lg. Rocket predictions at different speeds and distances, ect. This would limit the ai/pathing /aimbot work thet classic bots might entail. ​Fyi I have no idea how much work this would be, however I suspect it might be possible to extrapolate on the bug that you could copy/delete players. As a spec