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Found 6 results

  1. TornadoStorm

    Do prefabs affect performance?

    As the title says, for instance, if I have multiple prefabs used in different places, would it have less of a performance hit than not using any prefabs, but with the same number of effect brushes?
  2. TornadoStorm

    Quick question

    Hello, Is having 2 cube brushes just as laggy as having 1 brush with 16 vertices? I'm asking this because I'm wondering whether it's worth it for the devs to implement other types of brushes, or an editor of some sort, for brushes with more/less vertices.
  3. TornadoStorm

    Shield idea

    Hello! Got this cool idea that would add on to the game's tactics, shields! It's not a very original idea, but it would be pretty cool if there was a brush material that you can move through, but not shoot through. Came in my head once I looked at this image: It would mean people would need to be careful before going around corners through these shields, and would be useful for seeing enemies without the danger of being bolted from across the map xD
  4. Ammazzabanane

    [editor] selecting multiple brushes

    So i wanted to create a few prefabs, the problem is i dont know how to (such a newbie) select multiple brushes at the same time, i've seached online but i didnt find anything, could anyone help me? ty
  5. AEon

    Brushes and Materials?

    I am still not completely in the clear how materials and brushes work together. Basically, I wanted to recolour a brush to match that of the colour I used on meshes... meshes have material and colour. And apparently it is possible to set a colour, any colour, in the editor menu bar and apply that to the brush... but the brush will never show the material?
  6. Let's say you copy a teleporter brush 10 times for 10 different teleporter entrances. If you change the entity target on 1 of them they all change to the same target. You cannot copy a teleporter brush and simply change the target like any other entity currently. All teleporter brushes must be drawn individually. This slows down progress for training maps that require a ton of teleporter brushes. Have also encountered another teleporter related bug. After adding about 50 teleporters whenever I create a new one I cannot use capitilization in the target name. It forces lower case but it does this weird thing in the target box first. It's a really tiny lower case almost like a root squared kind of tiny character. I cannot get capitilization in the teleporter target box anymore. This is bad because all of my targets are capitalized and there's about 24 of them. A temporary work around is to find a teleporter target that has capitilization and copy/paste that into the other target box. This allows me to use capitilization again for some reason.