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Found 3 results

  1. Jaguar


    Hey Thanks to @brandon's super useful HUD editor, I just spent some time creating a new HUD specifically for casting/recording. I aimed for something minimal and unobtrusive that displays all pertinent data in one area of the screen. Freeing up the rest of your display for all of those lovely frags and pretty pixels. Here's a screenshot of the current version. Feedback would be most welcome, then I'll probably release it. I had 1v1 games in mind when I made this HUD. It might well need tweaks for other game modes. I decided to remove the health and armour bars, in favour of the bars on the DP2HUD scoreboard. You don't get the numerical values that way, but I don't think that is important in this instance. Thanks to @Qualx for making the DP2HUD. Which I really like
  2. Check it out here: https://secure.twitch.tv/fractaljaguar/v/80296676 Check out the final, deciding game in the final between @Kyto & @HAL_9000 here. Hooray for timestamps. https://secure.twitch.tv/fractaljaguar/v/80296676?t=03h26m00s Videos on my youtube channel already but currently unlisted. Will set to public later, I don't think any players will mind the video being available so I might just do that now. I was quite tired by the final game, and my casting style isn't extroverted, but hey, deal with it There were a few particularly nice shots in the game, two instances with a rocket or IC attack pushing a player off the red armour. I really enjoyed those. If you can give me timestamps for 1) start of games and 2) any highlights, I'd really appreciate it.
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/fractaljaguar Please share! And if you can pop in to help me test the stream and the quality, I'd appreciate it