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Found 6 results


    CPM Style round time/clock 4:xx

    Updated August 28th, 2016 MCPMClock options: Toggle clock to count up or down Toggle the CPM style seconds. This widget is visually very similar to the default clock/round timer with some extra options. Like the default clock It will show you the score difference on the right. Example "-10" if you are 10 points behind. It will show a "-" if you are in race mode or warm up. It will show the normal seconds unless you have the option checked and are playing in a duel with more than 30 seconds remaining. (CPM style) It will not disappear when you die like the default clock does. If the time limit is over 99 minutes it shows a "-" (looks better than 9 billion minutes left on race servers). Steam Workshop Link Old Download link
  2. NeuerGolf

    Analog Clock

    Suspicious things happening in the interwebs, anyway here is a repost of my Analog Clock widget. Installation: Put where you usually put your widgets for exapmple in /base/internal/ui/widgets https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-Nko3H9Bum2aUpaaDFfTE5mTzQ/view?usp=sharing The timer hands just show a static +25s and +30s offset. Shows your current time while in warm-up. Supports Multiple Clock modes (2 at the moment) 0. Shows a standard game-clock in analog format. 1. Streches one revolution of the minute hand to GameTimeLimit, seconds stay the same. 2. ...? pls look in the .lua for more customisations until I stop hating making option menus. (also tell me how to fix that stupid scrolling bug )
  3. Grybzt

    Clock TimerUp

    Hello, Couldn't find working one in forums, so there it is. Clock timer that counts up This is modified default Timer widget. TimerUp.lua
  4. quake3

    make clock count up

    hello, i must make my clock count up in quake it was simple, just cg_timer 1, 2, 3 whatever 1 counted up, 2 down, 3 something else etc how do i make clock count up in reflex thanks
  5. Ammazzabanane

    Clock type?

    I havent really understood this and i know there is a biiiig tryhard community ready to help me out. I dont use timers, i just use the regular count up clock, but lately i've heard and seen some people using the cpma style clock (i think thats what it is the one with no seconds 7:XX) and i wanted to ask, even tho now there are no restrictions on witch one to use, there surely will be in the future and i dont wanna waste time timing with clock if in the future only cpma clock will be avaiable. So witch clock will be future meta? witch will be used in the future in competitive matches? regular count one or cpma style?
  6. Pill_

    Seconds on the clock

    So now that newborn has stated item timers will be removed in the future, the next question becomes whether or not the game clock should show the exact second in comp mode. Personally I prefer no seconds, feels more like raw skill imo. If this topic has already been discussed ad nauseum, the mods can delete this thread, I won't make an esr thread defending my first amendment rights.