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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I will use this post to share the widgets that I have created for myself with the world! The repository where I will keep my up to date widgets (and configs) can be found here: https://github.com/ziel980/reflexfps-dnl Most aspects of my widgets are easily customizable by simply changing the CONSTANTS (denoted by ALL CAPS) at the beginning of the file. All newer widgets will make use of the in game widget options, some of the old ones need to be updated to use the in-game menu. dnl_ItemTimers Right click -> Save as EDIT: In its current implementation, pulsing large icons causes sizeable fps drops for me. If you experience fps drops when pulsing use a smaller icon size for now. A downward growing item timer widget. Features: icon pulsing on item pickup and / or spawn, item icons with shadow and timer text with shadow. In the below screenshot the RA was just picked up, while the YA just spawned. All aspects of the icon pulsing are easily customizable. dnl_SpeedOMeter Right click -> Save as A simple ups (units per second) meter. dnl_JumpSpeeds Right click -> Save as A simple jump speeds display. Displays all jump speeds from the past x jumps or from the past y seconds. dnl_PlayerAngles Right click -> Save as A simple player model angles display. Displays pitch and yaw. dnl_MegaHealthRemaining Right click -> Save as Shows you how much damage you can take before the mega health spawn timer begins if you picked up the mega health. In the below screenshot the spawn timer for the mega health will begin when the player takes 43 points of damage. dnl_SpectatorRadar Right click -> Save as A simple radar for spectators! Shows the player as a white dot, enemies as red dots and allies as green dots. This one comes with an in-game options menu so you can easily change the scale (zoom) of the radar. In the screenshot below, the player you see is the red dot on the radar. Please post any comments, questions, suggestions or requests here and feel free to use and modify these widgets!