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Found 1 result

  1. So it's already December and believe it or not, Christmas is coming. When I was playing around with the map editor, I got possibly the worst and the greatest idea at the same time; Let's build a christmas tree in Reflex. No, I'm serious. We have those neon light texture thingies we can take an advantage of. Some weekend (21st day perhaps?) we need to gather up in one server. Our objectives are 1. Build a massive and a nice tree. 2. Decorate the tree as much as possible. 3. Maybe add few present packages under the tree? 4. When everything else is done, finish the event with a star on top of the tree. I made this thread to check if people are interesting of doing this kind of stuff together. I mean surely this is possible to do alone, but everything is better with a party! Also we discuss here how we are going to build the tree and what kind of geometry are we going to use.