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Found 8 results

  1. F4ster

    sv_pure poll

    Hi, recently the developers have been talking about sv_pure(ill get to what this is in a sec)a fair bit in the discord channel. If you would like, you can read about it here I have seen alot of varied opinions on discord, and I wanted to make a poll so that the developers can accurately know just what opinions the majority of the community hold on this subject w/o having to decide based on who can caps lock the hardest in discord. What is sv_pure? Basically, its a lock the developers are planning on adding that will you restrict you(when playing on the competitive ruleset) to play on the default game, so any customized hud widgets,addons,sounds,changed material files,etc. Will not work. The console command r_lm_clear(clears the light map,see kyto's stream if you want to know what that looks like) will also be disallowed. You will still have access to all the ingame settings(sensitivity,fov,gamma,gfx,etc.) If I have made an error in what exactly the developers have planned for sv_pure please let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible. All the info I have gathered about this has been from the developers comments in the discord channel. Its still a possibility the developers will change their plans. Besides voting in the poll(please do) it would be very helpfull if you replied below using this form template. Its very similar to the one ramagan used in the custom ruleset poll which was very well done. Region:NA/EU/AU/JP/EA/SEA Highest rank achieved in matchmaking:Prime overlord/Overlord/Diamond/Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/:Yes/No Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?:Yes/No Why?Reasoning/Arguments/etc.
  2. Herro, I would like to share my Reflex 'competitive' pack, which replaces your current mother-in-law, sounds, visuals and has all the important competitive widgets included (imo). So what does this pack do? Does it mess up my Reflex? - Yes No (but be sure to read the disclaimer down below if you are a pc novice), if you extract this .rar into your reflex main folder, maintaining the folder structure, it will not override anything of the existing Reflex files. In fact, if you don't like a file in this pack you can just remove or rename it, and it will revert back to the old Reflex file (which is in your internal.pak, just don't ever touch the original internal.pak!) Okay sounds cool, so what's included in this pack? Will this make me pwn more players? - Well, yes and no (but mostly no). I included sounds from various sources (painkiller, quake 1/2/3, even a bit of warsow and some other misc sounds). Ofcourse the sounds are merely there to enhance your Reflex experience (i never appreciated the plastic sound of Reflex). However what might affect your gameplay the most is the rest that's included. This pack also removes all the smoke, sparks, blood and all that unneeded yadda yadda. How? By making all the files transparant, they are still there, you just won't see them anymore. Wtf, sounds like cheating! And isn't it illegal? - Well, i wouldn't go as far to say it's cheating, it just removes some of the excess obscuring effects that plagues you in close combat. Concerning the illegal part, well yeah, obviously these sounds weren't made by me so i guess it's *illegal* but i've seen similar stuff being posted around here so i'll take my chances. Those games are old, dead and forgotten anyway. Anything else? - Yeah, there's actually plenty of sounds to choose from. If you browse through the folders you will see additional files with an underscore such as _q3, just remove the _q3 to make it your default sound. For example for LG i included sounds from painkiller, quake 3 and more. To each his own! Also there are 2 files in the plasma and ioncannon folder, which will render them invisible (not just for you, also the enemy's beam, so you won't be blinded as much). Just remove _trans at the end of each file. Oh and there's also the alternative glowcore boltrifle from mikemartin, hope he doesn't mind. Lol that's nice and all but where's the actual goddamn file? - Mirror: https://mega.nz/#!IE5i2TJa!Hfkt2SwHxLsR6JDzOOYyJYIPHt9Uqj80UdDagZfG7NA Update 28/08/16: Added idle sounds for IC/Bolt (Quake 3), added Painkiller stakegun sounds, added QL killsound, added new RA pickup sound, muted burstgun particles sound Disclaimer: Do not use if you are a Call of Duty fan who values graphics over gameplay. Follow given instructions carefully. Padawan is not responsible for any damage done to your pc or if it ends up crashing into oblivion accompanied by a thousand Blue Screens of Death, nor if you end up with your dick stuck in a toaster due to unclear instructions. Use product at your own risk. Padawan endorses the use of Fatal1ty Gaming Food for the best possible experience.
  3. promEUs


    PRDM3 - RUIN prdm3-Ruin is a competitive combat oriented 1v1 (duel) map! Feedback is encouraged and highly appreciated WORKSHOP LINK REFLEXFILES LINK (OUTDATED) The Reflexfiles will remain the same (high performance/no meshes version) But I won't keep it updated gameplay wise. Some screenshots to bait people into downloading
  4. Here is a pack I been working on. 5 most known Quake 4 maps (duel) and I'm releasing it currently in an "as is" state since it would take too long to wait until the maps are done. So instead of me sitting on the maps because they are are playable already, I see no reason not to release them. other than Phrantic, the other maps still have areas where detailing is on the very start, or haven't been started at all yet. Original map designers: Lukin, Swelt and wviperw Map recreations by: spessu_sb Ps: Thanks especially to Lukin for making those maps, they have been a huge inspiration for me. -----ALL MAPS ARE WORK IN PROGRESS----- A Man Called Sun http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682369260 Galang http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682369360 Monsoon http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682380562 Phrantic http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682374821 Placebo Effect http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682374750 edit: Thanks to slikk for crafting that "20c soup" Monsoon billboard logo 17.5.16 -renamed maps Phrantic and A Man Called Sun with ending (Q4 remake)
  5. DuelTrio, a 3 map consisting map-pack designed for competitive 1v1 play. LIGHTCITY (ssbdm8) - Futuristic area http://reflexfiles.com/file/391Lightcity/ssbdm8 - Futuristic area Quake-style inspired, open designed, medium scale duel-atrium map that focuses more on tactical gameplay rather than brute combat. shards 12x ga 2x ya 1x mh 1x 5hp 3x 25hp 3x 50hp 1x rl 2x ic 1x br 1x sg 1x pg 1x gl 1x ::::::::::::::::::::: Notes for beta - revised pickups completely - new armor layout (mh+2xga+1xya) - revised spawn layout - added new terrain for more verticality and better flow - edited teleport exit locations - walled some openings since were op with bolt - added some visual detail :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: DESTRUCTED INSTALLATION (ssbdm9) - Terminated base http://reflexfiles.com/file/392 a rectangle shaped tri-atrium designed map with alot of ways to move around. 3x 5hp bubbles 4x 25hp 1x 50hp 1x mh 10x shards 2x ya 1x ra 2x rl 1x gl 1x ic 1x sg 1x pr 1x br ::::::::::::::::::::: Now optimized for 0.37 - changed boxes at ra for less troublesome jumping - clipped alot of stuff (including unclipped area at bg) - fixed ceilings that were too low for 0.37 - fixed bars at bg/ra by making them wider for bit less troublesome jumping through - added visual detail :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: REDRUM (ssbdm10) - Horror house http://reflexfiles.com/file/393 fastpaced map with alot of verticality 5x 5hp bubbles 4x 25hp 1x 50hp 1x mh 5x shards 2x ya 1x ra 2x rl 1x gl 1x ic 1x sg 1x pr 1x br Special thanks for playtesters: ivec, mdz, zokolate, pejjone, slikk, ez pz lmn sqz, maltek, beahhr, metzgore, promeus, stalast.. MAPS AVAILABLE ON SERVERS: TurboPixel official servers [EU] RC Reflex - newest Maps [EU] spessu_sb's DuelTrio (24/7)
  6. SickDownlink

    sickdm1 - Calculated

    sickdm1 - Calculated A competitive duel map with a focus on risk calculation. http://reflexfiles.com/file/445 This is my submission for Tehace's duel map contest. Short highlight of the testing :eggplant: gg Public Feedback: http://www.poll-maker.com/QCTIMY Huge thanks to Duck! This map would not have been nearly as good without this guy's help. Big thanks to Warlord Wossman, who helped bring the map's balance up to par for competitive play. Big ups to all the awesome players who helped play-test and give feedback: Guilt, Lonezilla, King, Zenmanifold, Gangland, Promeus, Eldrek, Skytoon, Meowgli, Mad_Jihad, and probably a lot more that I am too tired to remember right now. I had a blast making, testing, and watching fights on this map. Thanks all, Enjoy! ** Any feedback is greatly appreciated ** Happy Fragging
  7. Intro: The announcement of the duel map competition, has led me to study the “top” maps in Reflex. Including various articles on Q3A level design. Pat Howard the author of maps such as Goldleaf, Q and his recently released Trespass. Has done a very interesting article on the connectivity system of some maps. http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showthread.php?40787-Connectivity-Systems Analysis: It got me thinking: What is the general style of connectivity system in Reflex? The most played map on f3allready.com made by community members is DP5 by def, followed by DP4 of the same author. DP4 & DP5 Both have a top-level loop and one branch on the bottom. DP4 is still quite different to DP5. When you play DP4, you are getting into a lot more “forced transitions” as Pat describes it. Where as in DP5 you are freer to move around. Could this be why DP5 has higher ranking and used more in competitions than DP4? Let us look at some other tournament maps. The map ranked after DP4 is thct7. A map that’s thought to be one of the “best”, by the community, and appear in almost every tournament. Looking at the connectivity system it has a loop on the macro (lower level), which you can run comfortably. The high level consist of two loops with a branch between them (8 shaped). (The eight shaped loop appears in tehace’ other maps as well. Being most obvious in thcdm13 -- which is a map that receives a lot of playtime as well). Conclusion: DP5, THCT7 and THCDM13, are the most picked maps in tournaments, and their layout style are all quite similar. They also have almost the same world size (thcdm13 not so much though). Discussion: People seem to prefer small looped (circular), levels more than branched ones. How could this be? In Q3A / QL, people seem to play many branched maps. Pat says that “...heavily branched layout provides a lot of interesting opportunities for map control” when he analyzed Lost World. Why do we not see these types of maps being played/made in Reflex? Is Reflex not fit for branched layouts? Thoughts/insight? (If any information is wrong, please don't bash me) More by Pat Howard: Fundamentals of Gameplay I & II
  8. A competitive edition of the map FjoRXtourney1. Heavy cleanup was done to optimize filesizes, improve visibility and make lightmap builds much faster. There's still adjustments to be made but I'm very happy with this version! Filesize optimization; .map : 1363kb to 774kb .light : 43556kb to 14409kb (!!!) .probe : 1068kb to 668kb Come play this map at the TD servers! (Special thanks to Username for cleanup + texturing help~) Download (via ReflexFiles) Download (via Mega)