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Found 6 results

  1. Is there a way to save a certain way widgets are set up? I just want to be able to switch between two huds quickly without having to manually disable and enable all of the widgets, or repositioning them.
  2. z13l5ch31b3

    config file

    Hi folks, a long time ago I created some test maps for Reflex. Now I wanted to continue the work, but I can't even create a block, no mouse and stuff. Could someone upload a config.cfg (or whats its name now) which everyone can edit by her-/himself ? Thanks in advance!
  3. In my config I have lines with comments appended e.g. bind x weapon 1 // axe Although the above line somehow works, when checking my binds x is actually bound to 'weapon 1 //axe' Some other commands are not so lucky: bind mouse2 loadconfig zoom2 // zoom bind Which instead lectures me on the correct use of loadconfig. Right now the only command which fails like this that I've noticed is loadconfig -- other binds and all commands seem to work fine, I suppose because the config filename isn't predefined like other binds are. Still, it seems fairly sketchy that it's not ignoring it in my weapon binds even though they work anyway.
  4. This is made for maximum visibility. Since as of now we can only successfully re-texture the models to be completely black with green outlines, without disrupting the model lighting, i created a texture set of blank white/light gray textures that replace the default game textures to help make the blacks stand out. It looks like r_picmip 16 in quake live but with no browns. Video: Get it here: https://mega.co.nz/#!JMIxTIRA!ok-zkCxupnmurKPKwQvLzL-64PrZZkfrG8vlaw-zsKU Place the contents of wall_textures into Reflexbasestructuraldev Place the contents of enemy_textures into Reflexbaseinternalcharactershostile Be sure to back up your original textures before replacing them.
  5. as in the topic, if yes how exactly?
  6. Would like the option to have a server be dedicated to a particular map. Some type of setting in server cfg, for "sv_nomapvote" = 1 or 0