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Found 3 results


    CPM Style round time/clock 4:xx

    Updated August 28th, 2016 MCPMClock options: Toggle clock to count up or down Toggle the CPM style seconds. This widget is visually very similar to the default clock/round timer with some extra options. Like the default clock It will show you the score difference on the right. Example "-10" if you are 10 points behind. It will show a "-" if you are in race mode or warm up. It will show the normal seconds unless you have the option checked and are playing in a duel with more than 30 seconds remaining. (CPM style) It will not disappear when you die like the default clock does. If the time limit is over 99 minutes it shows a "-" (looks better than 9 billion minutes left on race servers). Steam Workshop Link Old Download link

    cpm3a port (Jan 13th update)

    Download Link on Reflexfiles.com Updates: Jan 13th 2016: Updated clips so they work as they did in cpma. (Headbump by jump pad is now possible and you can get on some lights) Added detail to the walls. (They are fullclipped so no funny nade bounces) Proper fullclips on the spotlight meshes. I started with a 1 to 1 port of cpm3a and ended up making only a few changes to adjust for player height. The goal was to keep to the aesthetic of cpm3a but simplify it as to retain a high contrast clean look with minimal visual distractions. Something to note, I will add slightly more detail to a few spots but it will look almost the same as it is now. Let me know if anything is messed up! The red armour ceiling is 8u higher and the jump pad is fixed so you don't bump your head. There is one spot where you used to be able to fall into the lava in cpm but in reflex your player is fatter so he doesn't fall in. I might change it later but it could be messy. All credit goes to the original creator Jude who made cpm3 and swelt who made the remix cpm3a.
  3. Im curious as to what things people mind or don't mind being different from cpm. As it stands there are lots of differences already but this poll is for what you want the most and least of in Reflex carried over from cpm.