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Found 18 results

  1. Hi there, First time got a huge problem with reflex version 1.0.3. Since last update I cannot host a game or play with bots. When I click START it returns me to the first screen of the game -> press escape to continue.
  2. jeromegood

    Reflex Freezes computer

    I am trying to get into this game and soon after I launch a match (just training missions right now) my entire computer freezes and completely locks up, requiring me to manually turn it off and on again. This happens in no other games and my overclock is stable. Kind of confused and frustrated at this happening because I want to get into this game. Thanks, Jeromegood System Specs: AMD FX 8350 @ 4.6 1070 Founder's Edition 16 GB DDR3 I am running windows 10.
  3. Hello, I had previously bought this game during the last Steam sale and whenever I tried to launch it would just not start, and also cause Steam to either freeze forever or simply crash. I then refunded the game after not being able to find a fix. Several months later I have now decided to try it again, and I still have the same issue... has anyone experienced this and found a fix?
  4. Pappawheely

    Reflex has stopped working when alt tabbing

    Hello I get the error "reflex has stopped working" when I alt tab out of the game, I also get this error when I quit the game. Im on windows 10 64 bit System specs: i5 4690, MSI GTX960 4GB, 16GB RAM Ive tried running reflex as admin but that did not solve the issue.
  5. TornadoStorm

    Game Crashing with 150+ ping

    Hello, When I join a server at 150ms, the game later gets more and more frequent ping spikes, until it eventually crashes, usually before I can finish a single match. I know 150ms is pretty high and I shouldn't be playing at that ping for Reflex anyways, but this kind of stuff does not occur for other games!
  6. Hello, I thought of letting you know as I've been encountering this on a daily basis. Basically what happens is that at some point of my gaming session the game just freezes my computer. No sound and the picture stays still at my screen. Computer doesn't take any input and the only way to get around it is to force restart the whole computer. AMD FX8320 16gb RAM Nvidia GTX750 Windows 10 Pro Edit: I found out that the overclocks of my computer were part of the reason, but still this problem only occurs in Reflex. Without any overclocks my CPU is around 70c, while in idle its 25c and in other games around 30-50c. Is there a way I could make my tempatures lower while playing Reflex? I also have some video footage of whats happening if It's any help.
  7. Brancaleone

    Game crashes frequently

    A few weeks ago the game has started to crash both when I'm playing and when I'm spectating a game. Here is the report. crash.zip
  8. SeeDborg

    Freeze at start

    We are currently in a LAN party. We wanted to play reflex, but 3 players out of 6 have the bug "black screen with music then freeze" (I seen other reporting it). We just noticed that this error occured only on laptop computers, maybe it's relevant for you. However, they have windows 7, 8 and 10. So it seems not to be OS related. Hope this will help to fix this bug. We sent reports too.
  9. I recorded a video of it happening twice, basically whenever I try and move the prefab to that specific location it crashes the game. In the video the moment it crashes both times is when I try and drag it with the mouse. But it also happens when going to the same location by inputting the numbers manually. It doesn't matter if I duplicate the prefab with G or if I place a prefab entity and then use the same prefab, once it goes into that spot it crashes. Here is a link to the map file. GPU GTX 980 Driver v353.06
  10. ch1LLmA


    o_ After a random time of playing ( few minutes to an hour or so ), my game crashes and I get the error message "NVIDIA display driver stopped working" also "reflex fatal error". It has happened since the last two or three versions of the game. My GFX card is Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti. It is not overclocked, I have tried 2 different driver versions: "347.25" and "350.12" -which is the latest driver at the moment. Any suggestions how to fix this is greatly appreciated.
  11. eval

    [HELP] I broke my game D: !

    Ladies & Gentlemen, good evening. It appears I just broke my game, somehow... while derping around with my UI. As of now, the moment I try to run the game it insta crashes & go into Reflex Error Report. I tried to uninstall the game twice, verify cache content (@ Steam) Any insight :< ?
  12. Hi, I think you already know this bug but mine server is already configurate for CA and I can't remove bdm3.map from it. I of course configurated the "sv_startmap" with an other map but the server can't be active without. Best regards
  13. I just downloaded Reflex and it crashes instantly on startup. I am running Windows 7 and have a GTX280. I sent the crash report in. I normally don't have problems running games so I am surprised that noone else, or not many, are having this problem. I have tried reinstalling but it made no difference.
  14. SquishyPon3

    [logged] Game crashes on startup. (Windows)

    I just installed the windows 10 technical preview, and then Steam, and Reflex after that. Upon launching the game the window would appear, I'd hear a bit of music or well- the jumping sounds, and then the game would crash. I have the error report and can give my dxdiag.txt if needed.
  15. As soon as I press "Play" on steam, an error pops up saying "reflex.exe has stopped working". My graphics card is weak, but I think I should at least be able to open the game up. I may be wrong. Attached some dxdiag file DxDiag.txt
  16. Furioness

    Server crashing if set wrong map cvar

    Server crashing if set wrong map cvar. Plus, I wanna to see available map list on current server. Like put "map " and u will get this list, or better "map" + double tab or "map" + first map name char (like default console commands).
  17. So I just got this game, I booted it up and set it to fullscreen 1920x1080, no other settings changed (other than binds) so I went on this server, I played for like 20 minutes, 100% of that time (or probably 95% with some 59fps/58fps drops...) I played with 60fps, not 1 sliver of freezing or anything, and out of absolutely NOWHERE, without any warning, my screen looked like this (but in 1080p, obviously): Click for better view. I could still hear the sound of people killing eachother perfectly fine for the next 10 seconds, it wasn't a loop, but then it all went silent from my PC. It was definitely still on, it appeared to be doing 'something', but it just showed that and I couldn't do anything. And yet, I can play MANY other graphically intensive games just fine, even when they are laggy they NEVER have something like that, never crash my whole pc. It didn't even feel very hot after the crash either (my pc) SPECS: Intel Core i5 2500k AMD Radeon HD 7950 8GB RAM Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Plenty of free space
  18. Stalast

    Game crashed

    Not sure why, but my game just instantly crashed during FFA with no particular occurrence. This has only happened once in the 3 hours I've played so far. AMD HD Radeon 7950 + CCC 14.9 driver. Windows 7 64 bit. // graphics r_dynamic_shadows 0 r_bloom 0 r_fxaa 1 r_dynamic_lights 0 com_maxfps 360 r_resolution 1920 1080 60 r_fullscreen 1